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From this chapter on…all your happiness is translated by Blue Blossoms…

Chapter 85: His Highness' Tyrannical Kiss
The slender, yet distinctly jointed fingers gently came in contact with the top of her wrist. Baili Jia Jue lifted his head little by little and looked at her, a pair of eyes possessing the allure to bewitch one's mind……
Wei Wei at this point then became conscious that two people were getting too close to each other, so close that their eyelashes were touching one another's.
Wei Wei knitted her long, shapely eyebrows, and was going to pull her hand back, but instead was pulled by him to fall back directly towards the ground, and just so happened to land on his chest.
He lowered his eyes to look at her. That pair of beautiful eyes beneath the mask was like a deep, ancient well, nonchalantly noble and unfathomable.
That simple silk nightgown draped on his body had two buttons unfastened, exposing a deeply sunken, exquisite collarbone. The opened collar appeared to contour an extremely slender neck.
Wei Wei wasn't on guard as he willfully extended his arm and just led her entire body to finally wrap her in his chest.
Her face was practically buried in his chest, within his slightly cool skin, faintly feeling his heart playfully pulsing.
It's just that the posture Third Prince used to hold her wasn't at all like a man embracing a woman, rather, it was exactly as if he was holding a human shaped house pet.
"Wait until I clipped your claw, see how you'll still go stir up the bees and incite the butterflies."
He leaned against the side of her ear, and spoke a line of undecipherable drunken words. Wei Wei only felt that after that breath struck her ear, she was limp and numb and slightly tickled.
Wei Wei was just about to say, Third Prince, you've recognized the wrong person.
Baili Jia Jue suddenly pushed her away, his fingers tightly covered his abdomen. His long eyebrows furrowed deeply, "Feeling unwell."
Wei Wei was really going to just walk away. However, thinking about how the Third Prince also helped her previously, she moderated her temper and asked, "Is it a stomachache?"
Baili Jia Jue didn't make a sound and only closed his pair of eyes tightly. The color of his lips seemed to turn a bit cold.
Wei Wei felt that this master was truly hard to please and sighed as she held a teacup and had him drink a bit of warm water. "Does it feel a bit better now?"
After Baili Jia Jue heard her voice, he opened that pair of long and narrow eyes. A smiling expression streaked across the corners of those usually indifferent and chilly eyes.
A person like him, once he smiled, could very easily shake heaven and earth. An indescribably pure and charming tricky devil, slightly raised his brows and eyes directly looked at her, expressing the hint of an inquiry.
Wei Wei swore to herself, if this drunk Third Prince still failed to recognize who she was, she'd definitely take the entire cup of tea and splash it on his face, making him……
This idea of hers didn't even get a chance to come around when an unimaginably cold, faint scent of sandalwood, ice-coldness, just like snow, stamped on her lips.
Wei Wei's mind blanked out.
Seeing this expression of hers, on that rather dark little face, Baili Jia Jue didn't know what, just what possessed him to move forward and leaned his body to increase the strength of the kiss.
The taste was indeed even better than what he imagined, both sweet and soft.
Baili Jia Jue couldn't help but suck and suck, there was a faint taste of osmanthus pastry.
Eunuch Sun just happened to be knocking outside the door. It made Baili Jia Jue's sanity somewhat readjust. This actually wasn't the time for womanizing.
Yet Baili Jia Jue still enclosed her within his chest, raised her whole body and forcefully used his tongue to open up Wei Wei's lips and teeth, just like a hurricane, attacked and rolled up that sweet taste.
Wei Wei's first reaction was precisely to struggle. However, before she'd thought of what move to make, she had yet to take action.
He already firmly restrained her pair of hands and had her entire body pressed into a corner.
Her attempt at extending her hand not only didn't allow her to escape from him. Instead, it made the distance between the two of them become even closer.
He embraced her tightly, her softness separated from his hard chest only by layers of clothes. Baili Jia Jue smelled a young woman's unique delicate fragrance from a section of Wei Wei's neck, a smell no outsiders had smelled before. His fingers started to roam.
Men innately possessed an aggressive nature, even more so a man who was drunk.
Even though Baili Jia Jue was finally aware that these actions of his were improper, not only did he not withdraw, on the contrary, he became even more intense, forceful, and unrestrained. In response to the louder and louder sound of knocking on the door, there was a kind of bizarre, perverse feeling of stimulating excitement.
All of Wei Wei's sensitivity was gathered entirely on her tongue. She felt her mind go blank. Much less in this lifetime, even in the previous lifetime, Wei Wei hadn't even experienced a kiss before. That's why when Baili Jia Jue kissed her, she froze for a period of time.
What's more, when she first met Baili Jia Jue, she already didn't consider, nor looked upon him as an ordinary male. It could be said that he was regarded as someone who didn't have that kind of desire found in regular males.
An obsession with cleanliness, elevated and cold, also distinctly noble.
Ordinarily, these people all would be consecrated within a shrine, their desires wouldn't be aroused by anyone.
But now, Wei Wei had become aware of the 'danger' coming from his body.
Could it be because he was drunk with wine?
Wei Wei said 'f*ck' silently, and wanted to bend her leg to kick him away, but maybe because her physical strength was not enough, or maybe the opponent's position was used well, the more she struggled, the more Baili Jia Jue's hands restrained her tightly. It finally led to her entire back being lifted up as his hand followed by sliding under her jacket…….
The slightly cool sensation made Wei Wei's entire body tremble. She ferociously bit at his lips while her right hand reached for the silver knife within her sleeve and backed it out, ejecting a dazzling beam of light!
Baili Jia Jue dodged as he forcefully gripped Wei Wei's right hand that was holding the knife and stabbing at him, forcing her body to spin half a circle and inclined her backside against himself.
Her back was stuck snuggly against Baili Jia Jue's chest. There wasn't even a small crack between the two of them.
What made Wei Wei's pupils slightly constrict was that Baili Jia Jue's other hand was just not being very honest!
Her heartbeat was like thunder, her ears no longer able to hear anything. The air inside her mouth was continually being sucked out by the other person, until after a while, when her eyes started to blackout was she finally able to breathe again.
Wei Wei seemed like she had no bones, like a person stuffed with cotton, as she weakly fell down. Baili Jia Jue then immediately supported her waist to stop her fall, thin lips pressed against her, his voice brimming with wickedness, "This won't do, really so useless."
The sound of knocking on the door already faded away, Eunuch Sun was faintly heard calling out perplexedly, "Third Highness."
Wei Wei's heart constricted. If this moment was discovered by someone, she'd certainly be expelled from White Academy. She'd even lose the qualifications to enter the grand martial qi competition!
A woman's purity was regarded with extreme importance during ancient times. Even prior to entering the academy, the entrance notice very clearly stated that during their time at school, no matter whether male or female, they mustn't do anything against social customs.
After all, the young masters and misses were living together at the same academy.
Even though they were separated by rank and quarters, still, no matter if rules were stricter, it's difficult to avoid some illicit sexual relations.
Those able to enter White Academy were all prosperous clans well-known within the capitol. Males could still be talked about. But if, by chance, a female really was violated at White Academy, the teachers wouldn't be able to face her parents and justify it.
That's why, in regards to this, the academy's punishment was exceptionally harsh!
Speaking frankly, it's a similar justification for why dating was not allowed within modern high schools. Merely, the teachers' ideology were even more conservative. Not to mention romantic relationships, even holding hands wasn't allowed, let alone the kinds of things that they were doing at the moment……
Note from author - For the benefit of the readers: hope you'll like this book, muah muah, strokes head.

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