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Chapter 84: His Highness Was Jealous

It didn’t even take a day for the news that the Hei family’s second young master wanted to marry Helian Wei Wei to spread throughout the entire White Academy.

Reportedly, when Elder Hei heard Hei family’s second young master raise this kind of notion, he was so angry that he almost banished his most beloved grandson from the clan.

How could a descendant of the grand Hei family marry an infamous good-for-nothing.

This simply was a joke.

“Your Highness, you don’t know it, but this academy’s started to get noisy.” While Eunuch Sun was recounting the rumors he heard, he was shaking his head. “What do you think? What ability could that miss from the Helian family possibly have, with such swarthy looks, that Master Hei would take a fancy to her?”


The black chess piece rang sharply as it fell on the chessboard, Baili Jia Jue flicked his sleeve and stood up, his tall and straight back was as straight as a pine, so emotionless and detached it made people to feel not the slightest warmth from it.

Eunuch Sun was flabbergasted. The hand pouring tea froze in mid air. Just now, His Highness became……angry?


Eunuch Sun started to backtrack to find what he did wrong. Could it be because he accepted the Superior Compound’s invitation without permission?

Mm, couldn’t be. His Highness clearly also agreed to go.

Then what else was there?

Eunuch Sun wracked his brains, but he still couldn’t figure out where the problem was. While the carefree and leisurely Nangong Lie wickedly laughed, “Somebody unexpectedly didn’t have his eyes open and touched the house pet he most recently was interested in. Ah, I really want to wrap it up quickly and go see what he’s going to do.”

“High Priest, who are you referring to?” The Eunuch was puzzled as he looked at the reigning divination genius and slightly raised his eyebrows, “Is finding him going to resolve the drought this time?”

Nangong Lie coughed fiercely twice as he recalled that he was in the middle of divining a prophecy. He waved him off in a wide arc and continued to mutter to himself.

-At the Inferior Compound-

As usual, Wei Wei was leaning over the wooden desktop, fiddling with those armament components.

Every one of the surrounding students was gazing pensively at her as they whispered and gestured.

They also didn’t know why whenever they faced this good-for-nothing’s gaze, they’d subconsciously feel scared.

Actually, Wei Wei really didn’t have any intent other than wanting to know what this group of people were up to. They were abnormally excited today.

Yet, before she even opened her mouth to ask, a messenger came to say that Third Prince wanted to use his handkerchief, the one that was blown away by the wind should’ve been washed already.

People with OCD get attached to some of their personal belongings. Wei Wei understood this.

That’s why Wei Wei didn’t sell the handkerchief this time, and after seriously washing it, she brought that handkerchief and followed Shadow to head for the Superior Compound.

Indistinct sounds of bamboo drumming, green orioles (type of bird) chirping. The fog was rising; beneath the carved white jade arch bridge extended a pool of freshwater. Within this kind of weather, not only was there no ice cold chill dispersing, on the contrary, heat was steaming and curling up.

No need to think about it, the mouth of a hot spring must be nearby.

Third Prince indeed was someone who knew how to enjoy the pleasures of life.

“His Highness has entered the palace to accompany Retired Emperor for a drink earlier and is now still resting inside. Miss Helian, please eat some pastries first, I’ll go and report your arrival.” Shadow helped Wei Wei settle down on a decoratively carved hardwood chair in an outer room. Next to the chair was a wooden table. On top of the wooden table, all kinds of desserts and nuts were arranged exquisitely and invitingly, yet with no indication that they’ve been touched. There was even a purple ceramic pot placed next to the fruit plate. A lotus flower was carved on that pot. The workmanship was particularly exquisite. Under the teapot, was a small hot plate. The fire in the hot plate wasn’t very big, just right for keeping the water boiling.

Wei Wei happened to be hungry, so she picked up the pastries and ate them without reservation, yet she could still still hear the barely audible noises from inside.

“Allow her to come in.”

That voice seemed to carry a mixture of sounds, even the hoarsely deep and low tones were sexy to the extreme.

“Yes. Your Highness.”

Shadow led Wei Wei inside. The faintly discernible dividing curtain outlined an aloof figure.

“Come here.” Baili Jia Jue was actually sitting on the floor, his body covered in a classically styled black nightgown. His clothes half exposed the long and wavy dark black hair flowing down messily along both sides.

When Wei Wei entered, what she saw was that scene. The aloof and remote Third Prince really just sat on the brown floor, his back was leaning against the wooden bed, his two long legs casually bent up, his two arms resting on top of his knees. Even a somewhat powerful posture like this, when he was the one in this position, it also gave off a domineering gracefulness.

After hearing the sound of movement, he turned towards her direction and took a glance. Within the long and narrow phoenix-shaped eyes, floated a hint of wine. His thin lips opened then closed, as if he was mulling over something.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he glimpsed Wei Wei’s puzzled expression. Baili Jia Jue smoothly took out a piece of unopened candy from within his gown and threw it at her while indifferently saying, “Go ahead and eat.”

As it turned out, she was in the middle of eating a malt sugar candy.


As Wei Wei looked at the thing in the palm of her hand and looked again at the man pulling on his collar, she was absolutely certain that Third Prince was quite possibly drunk.

No way. As reserved as he was, he absolutely wouldn’t take snacks that he carried on himself and throw it to someone else to share with him.

Baili Jia Jue saw that she didn’t eat the thing he gave her. He apathetically, calmly, and slowly scanned her face and seemed like he’d identified her after moment, then said as if it was completely unrelated, “Don’t call me Your Highness,” paused, his tone carried a trace of annoyance, “Each and everyone of you address me this way. Have you guys been teaming up?”

Wei Wei: …….

He really was drunk.

This……the drunk Highness was a bit too cute, OMG!

Wei Wei impishly looked at him. “I’ll help you get up first.” Taking advantage of a moment when no one’s around, she’ll remove the silver mask from his face, and have a good look at what in the world he looked like.

But she didn’t expect to be brushed aside indifferently by Baili Jia Jue in the end. He rubbed and rubbed his forehead, appearing very guarded. “Go pour water.” His voice carried a kind of slight hoarseness, resembling the finest cello’s timbre flowing out as it’s being played, a graceful, deep and profound texture.

Truly deserved to be Third Prince. Even though he was drunk, he still wouldn’t allow anyone to manipulate him, so much so that the innate leadership aura he emitted even became more and more distinct. The order he gave certainly was very clear.

Pouring water was but an effortless and undemanding task. Wei Wei brought the cup over and stooped down to give it to him.

Nevertheless, Baili Jia Jue didn’t take it and only bent his head down low, long eyebrows furrowed fiercely, within the pitch-black phoenix eyes there originally was only deathly stillness, yet upon her attentive gaze, there emerged a bit of a devilish aura. Sizing her up in an indifferent, inquisitive manner, “Who are you, so obedient.”

Wei Wei:……

She’s been busy rushing there and here, yet he didn’t even know who she was.

Should she say of Third Prince, ‘important people have short memories’ (said with good-natured sarcasm), or should she say that he drank so much that he’s lost his mind.

No matter what it was, the handkerchief had already been delivered, the water had already been poured, so she also should leave already.

It’s just that, she didn’t anticipate that as she was just about to get up, her wrist was pulled by the palm of his hand……

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