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Chapter 82: His Highness A Bit Angry

Helian Wei Wei laughed unhurriedly, "Elder Huan, you've forgotten a saying."


Wei Wei's eyes gazed towards the location of the Superior Compound not far from them, her voice clear, "For all martial arts under heaven, only speed is invincible!"

Huan Ming Xiang was startled, looked at the little girl standing in front of him. Within his blood vessels, it seemed as if something was ignited once again.

He believed that within Dragon War Empire, a successor will emerge after the Third Prince.

Because right now, this genius had already started to display her astounding abilities and was already preparing to do something big.

He couldn’t wait and couldn't help but imagine what kind of scene would unfold when the big martial qi competition comes around not long from now!

-At dusk. On the east side of the Superior Compound-

"Master, you came back?" Murong Chang Feng looked at the old man who hadn’t appeared for ages sitting on the seat of honor. Within his pair of eyes, light shined.

The old man's body was all worn out, and appeared as if he'd travelled to many places. He first quickly drank a mouthful of water before replying, "The recent period of time, had certainly been terribly busy for me."

Naturally, Murong Chang Feng could tell. However, "Is the armament genius that Master wanted to find going to appear?"

"Your guess is correct." The old man lifted his head, his white beard flourishing. Who else could it be but Master Tu Lao, who disappeared recently. His face expressed an unprecedented excitement. "Master has investigated it. At Phoenix Tower during that time, we focused on drawing people from the capital. That's why that girl must be in the capital. She certainly was not from the south nor other areas. To have made me take so many wrong turns. This time when I came back, as I entered the capital, I heard that the martial qi competition has been shifted to an earlier date. I have a premonition that the girl will appear at the martial qi competition for sure!"

Murong Chang Feng didn't understand why his master would be so strongly attached to a young lady he'd seen only once. However, he also wanted to be able to find the person as quickly as possible to have a good look at her, and see who the heck she was……

Wei Wei finished reading today's books and bid farewell to Huan Ming Xiang at once. When she arrived in front of the Inferior Compound's doors, she couldn't help but stop in her tracks.

Not because of anything other than a crowd of young people from the Superior Compound who, don't know what insanity they've caught. They could've stood anyplace else, yet surprisingly ran to the Inferior Compound. Wei Wei shrugged her shoulders and planned to detour around these people, except that at this moment, the most indolent and luxurious man in their midst lifted his eyes. Bits of sunlight filtered through the tree leaves shined upon his body, as if rays of light circulated within his body and burst forth.

It's the Third Prince……

She was seen?

Wei Wei's eyebrows jumped and curtsied as required by etiquette. Her posture even revealed somewhat of a temper. After curtsying, she then got ready to leave……

"My handkerchief, have you washed it?" The man's voice was as before, very pleasant to hear. Within its poise was a magnetism that made people captivated. All of those sons and daughters from noble houses surrounding him were amazed as they turned towards him and looked over, almost as if they couldn't believe there'd be a day when the always aloof and indifferent Third Prince could actually take the initiative to talk.

However, there was a split second when no one knew to whom these words were directed to.

Only the departing Wei Wei paused her steps, turned towards that man with the remarkable disposition, and looked over. She only saw that a small tea cup was held in his hand, his ten slender fingers were graceful, as if even his fingertips faintly dispersed rays of light.

His eyes didn't seem to look at her at all, instead turning the small tea cup, his voice was as unfeeling as snow.

Wei Wei curved her lips and laughed. Even though she was facing such an imposing and valiant Third Prince, not a bit of franticness could be seen, "It's certainly been washed, but last night the wind was strong and I don't know where it's blown."

She was lying. Last night, she already took the handkerchief and sold it to a merchant. Things that the Third Prince had used was of course a sensational item.

However, she's not as dumb as to tell the owner of the handkerchief the truth.

"Blown away by the wind?" Baili Jia Jue repeated as he pondered these words. After that, the hand turning the small tea cup paused as he commanded Eunuch Sun, who was serving by the side. "Go bring the thing here and let her see it."

"Yes. I'll take my leave,then." Eunuch Sun accepted the order, strolled towards the pavilion outside. When he passed Wei Wei, he glanced at her with hidden meaning.

Since he woke up this morning, he already had a bit of difficulty seeing through what his master was thinking.

As much as Baili Jia Jue disliked a ruckus, not only did he accept the Superior Compound's invitation to reside there, he even took the flower show originally bestowed upon the Superior Compound and transferred it to the Inferior Compound.

It seemed as if this was done deliberately for the sake of someone.

Eunuch Sun shook and shook his head. It couldn't be. It must be because he thought too much. His Highness must've felt that the Inferior Compound contained less people and was more quiet. That's why at the last moment, he planned to come here instead.

However, those aristocratic young girls didn't think of it this way.

Their hearts welling up with jealousy, which, as a matter of fact, already quickly caught up to their faces.

Especially Helian Jiao Er, who was tightly gripping the small teacup in her hand while densely packed within her beautiful pair of eyes, maliciousness was brewing forth.

She sat next to the man for such a long time, yet didn't hear His Highness say anything.

This slut had just come and unexpectedly received this kind of treatment, wasn't it all because she took a handkerchief from His Highness previously.

How did she not know before that this slut had so many tricks up her sleeves.

Previously, when she stuck to Murong Chang Feng, she only saw that girl get close to Murong Chang Feng and no matter what the occasion was, she'd create a commotion, spoiled and vulgar just like commoners.

But right now, she unexpectedly made use of a handkerchief to make His Highness break precedence again and again. The fact that her scheming was quite deep, could be seen somewhat.

"Your Highness, what thing did you ask Eunuch to fetch for that girl to see?" Behind one of the generals, a girl sweetly asked. Last night, Eunuch Sun actually came to look for her. That's why in His Highness' mind, she must be special.

Can't help but say that a certain girl was too confident. If it weren't for her having purchased a handkerchief that was claimed to have been used by Third Prince from a merchant last night, Eunuch Sun wouldn't have looked for her.

"Your Highness……" The one behind the valiant general seemed like she wanted to say something more.

Baili Jia Jue's tone became chilly and interrupted her. "Nothing to do with you."

Five ice cold words penetrated through the bottom of her heart.

That young girl withdrew and was so scared she perspired cold sweat.

"Rou Er." Helian Jiao Er's hand that was placed on the back of the girl's hand gently patted, appearing concerned, yet sneering endlessly in her heart. She was only a general's daughter, yet had a fantasy that she shouldn't have. Unable to perceive the situation and striking a conversation with His Highness, she deserved to be hated!

Liu Ran Rou actually didn't know anything and was moved by Helian Jiao Er comforting her. Bit her lower lip begrudgingly as she shook her head.

Wei Wei looked at this scene that was of no concern to herself. The corners of her mouth pursed into a mocking arc.

A crowd of girls, because of one man, exhausting their minds in this game. Didn't they get tired of it?

If it were up to her to say, even if that man was respected, of what use was it.

They still had to share him with other women.

She certainly couldn't stand this.

In her opinion, a woman only needed to be rich and make up her face, and she wouldn't be afraid to go anywhere.

As far as family, if she could come across a person who could pair with her for life, then she'd marry.

If she didn't meet such a man, then she'd have even more freedom on her own.

Apparently, that bit of uncaring attitude was finally captured on the corners of her mouth.

The hand that Baili Jia Jue was drinking tea with paused and a never before seen chill surged into his eyes……

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