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Translated by NightShade
Edited by Blue Blossoms

Chapter 62: Wei Wei In Danger

From the start, Murong Chang Feng didn't even get to say one sentence. He clenched his hands, till his nail dug into his palm.

Didn't she have feelings for him? Didn't she keep saying that she won't marry anyone else other than him?

And yet now she's involved with the third prince.

Murong Chang Feng gritted his teeth. His eyes emitted a dangerous cold aura.

The servant who was standing beside him noticed his expression and took the opportunity to speak, "Looks like this woman has her eyes on the third prince. Thank god Young Lord cut ties with her, or you'll also be humiliated again."

Murong Chang Feng didn't say anything. With a swing of his sleeves, he left.

The servant frowned not understanding why the young lord was angry. Shouldn't he be happy, since that woman had set her eyes upon somebody else, and won't be bothering the young lord anymore.

Then the young lord would have time to complete the 'important task' that Prince Murong assigned.

However, the young lord didn't have a smile on his face.

The servant hesitated, then hastily followed.

Behind the White Academy was the Spirit Forest, where spirit beasts were not the most terrifying things one would see, but rather the unusual terrain that could disorient people.

Thus, the people who actually went to the Spirit Forest to train, were not worried about the beasts or demons, but worried instead about getting lost.

In the past, someone went into the Spirit Forest and never came out again.

Therefore, the academy's elders were very cautious, only allowing new students to follow the planned route. It didn't even matter if they found spirit beasts, or not.

Even though spirit beasts were valuable, under normal circumstances, they didn't easily let humans form contracts with them, unless they were willing to submit to the humans.

Of course, there were several types of spirit beasts. There were good ones and bad ones.

The cultivator who established the contract had a great deal of influence on how good or bad the spirit beasts were.

The stronger the cultivator's qi was, the more powerful the spirit beasts summoned would be.

The fire qilin that belonged to the Third Prince was an ancient spirit beast.

It was said that ancient spirit beasts were the most difficult to control creatures.

If you could contract them, then that cultivator's future would be unlimited!

However, this time, the ones going into the Spirit Forest were all new students. They probably wouldn’t contract any spirit beasts. At most, they might bring a Storm Wolf back, and that would be counted as good already.

Other than those special genius from the Superior Compound, those young masters from distinguished families were just going for the fun.

Not to mention the good-for-nothing that couldn’t do anything!

Helian Mei glanced at Helian Wei Wei with disdain, then continued chatting with her friends.

"Don’t you think that someone will get so scared that she can’t even walk."

"Probably. When we went out to play, there was this dog barking, and she was so scared that she didn’t even dare to breathe."

"No way, I’ve heard that she is very obnoxious, how can she get scared of a barking dog?"

"She only does that in front of people. When it gets dangerous, she runs faster than anyone!"

"Then why is she going to the forest. Before she can even finishes the spell, she'll probably be scared stiff by the spirit beast, hahahaha"

The mocking kept getting louder. They seemed to be waiting for Helian Wei Wei to run away.

Helian Jiao Er smirked, pretending to worry about Helian Wei Wei "Big sister, if you can’t, then don’t force yourself, Spirit Forest is different from here, if you’re not careful, you may really die."

Helian Wei Wei ignored her, not wanting to deal with her right now.

Helian Jiao Er scoffed at her. She knew that this slut couldn’t change her old ways. She didn’t know her limit and kept trying to steal the spotlight. Did she think that her martial arts was capable of contracting any spirit beast? She was basically dreaming!

However, that wasn't bad. Everything was going according to her plan.

Helian Jiao Er slowly smiled. When she looked down, her eyes shone with an indescribable hatred.

Everyone was focused on the warnings. No one noticed that Helian Jiao Er and Minister Jing looked at each other, hatred written on their faces.

Since Helian Wei Wei that b*tch didn’t understand what it meant to know her place and mind her own business, then I’ll make her completely disappear!

In the evening, warm golden rays appeared from the horizon shining at the entrance of Spirit Forest.

An endless field of trees, thick branches creating shades.

The teachers from the academy reminded the new students again, "Do not stray from the path, go according to the map, and come back out in time. It doesn’t matter if you can form a contract with the spirit beasts or not. You have to abide by the rules."

Afterwards, the teachers handed out maps to the people who were going into the Spirit Forest.

Helian Wei Wei used her fingers to grasp the paper and immediately memorized the pathway. Originally, she wanted to ask Yuan Ming to analyze the terrain.

But somehow when Baili Jia Jue appeared, Yuan Ming became weak, and now he was in a dormant state.

Helian Wei Wei was 'slightly' worried about him, thinking after she came back out from the Spirit Forest, she'd bicker with him, so that he would be more energetic.

The new students went in one after another, including the third prince, but compared to the others, he seemed to be casually taking a walk in his backyard.

At the beginning, everyone was still together, but when they went deeper into the forest, they all started walking by themselves.

Helian Wei Wei walked on the path according to the map. As she started going deeper into the forest, she had this feeling that something was calling for her, thumping against her heart, " Come, come….."

She looked around, but there’s nothing unusual. Moreover, when she listened closely, that voice was gone.

"Weird." Helian Wei Wei took another step, but noticed that the path was gone!

Before she could even step back, her whole body was thrown into a gust of wild wind.

The teacher who was nearby panicked and hurriedly walked over, "Who strayed from the path?"

The strongest student Baili Jia Jue was already far away. Currently there’s only the normal students. They all saw the unbelievable scene and managed to stutter. " I….I think it was Helian Wei Wei from the Inferior Compound."

"Inferior Compound? Just continue following the path. Be careful, don’t stray."

The students from Inferior Compound were really stupid.

They already had the map, yet she still strayed away. It was unbelievable that the principal decided to keep them!

The teacher threw away the paper he was holding, not even caring.

Since it was that good-for-nothing, then there’s nothing to worry about. Even if she died, no one would care…..

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