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Chapter 57: His Highness Appears

What she didn’t expect was that Wei Wei only indifferently sat there, one hand braced behind her. Her black robe over white clothes spread upon the ground, indescribably pure and beautiful.

From the start, she’d already not taken them seriously.

This made Helian Jiao Er’s complexion change immediately. If this was before, this slut’s temper wouldn’t have been able to be restrained early on, and she would’ve already flipped out. If this happened, then anybody would know how spoiled she was.

But now, she unexpectedly ignored them like this!

Helian Jiao Er fiercely clenched her teeth. Could it be that day when she was pushed into the water vat, her brain was injured? Making her forget even her basic reflexes?

Clearly, whenever this slut used to hear, “Lord doesn’t want her” and so on, she would always go crazy.

How could she be this quiet today!

Murong Chang Feng was sitting at another end of the long table. After he noticed the commotion on this side, he cautiously thought of going to see Wei Wei’s response. When his gaze fell on Wei Wei’s face, without prior warning, his heart jolted. Unexpectedly, she could draw out this kind of reaction…..

Like a spoiled cat, she actually seemed to tickle a person’s heart, yet was cool and aloof. Because she was smiling, her eyes were slightly narrowed. Her bewitching bright thin lips glistened in the candlelight, making men want to rush over and kiss them.

She’s no longer the skin glue paste that used to make people fed up. Her body emanated a kind of disposition that was unfathomable.

These few days, he hadn’t seen her and clearly also rarely thought of her. Even if he did think of her, it also hadn’t absurdly confused him like this.

He briefly thought of the variety of ways he’d seen her before. They were all nothing but her being noisy and bothersome. The feeling of her pestering him still lingered. Towards him, she was shamelessly and foolishly annoying……

He was the majestic Princess Murong’s heir. How could he marry an orphan who’d lost her power.

There were countless numbers of powerful and influential ministers in court. Unfortunately, she stuck on to him.

She undoubtedly was the only stain on his body.

No matter how he thought about it, he was unwilling.

That’s why he made such a decision.

Yet he didn’t expect that because of a the annulment, she withdrew all her previous gestures. So much so that even the way she spoke or looked at a person was not the same as before.

The current her, surprisingly made him feel unfamiliar. So unfamiliar that he somewhat……didn’t know what to do.

Fang Ting Ting naturally noticed Murong Chang Feng’s gaze. She gripped the handkerchief in her hand. Her heart was full of jealousy.

The one Lord usually detested the most was precisely that love-struck fool.

How would he use that kind of gaze to look at her today. It seemed as if he actually liked her…..

She obviously was an ugly and lowly good-for-nothing!

If it wasn’t for the Helian family’s hundreds of years of glory, how could that kind of lowly slut enter Lord’s vision!

“Sisters, let us all be quiet and avoid having a person become unhappy and run sobbing to Grandmaster Zi Zun to complain.” Fang Ting Ting said it this way simply because she wanted to remind Murong Chang Feng what kind of girl Wei Wei was.

Sure enough, Murong Chang Feng furrowed his dense brows and a look of disdain appeared on his handsome face.

On the other hand, Helian Mei actually approached with a totally righteous attitude, “If she complains, then let her complain. Who would be afraid of her, is that even possible? In this world, one always need to speak with reason and fairness.”

“Third Sister.” Helian Jiao Er pulled at Helian Mei’s sleeves. Her pair of eyes was brimming with moisture. Her long eyelashes lowered downward and seemed very touchingly kind-hearted. In reality, her heart was already bursting with joy.

Fang Ting Ting laughed lightly, “Jiao Er, you certainly need not let these house flies that loiter here influence your frame of mind. In a moment, the Third Prince will be coming. You’re the only one who has already come in contact with him in the palace. We’re certainly just waiting for your good news, you know.”

“Sister Fang!” Helian Jiao Er coyly stomped her foot. When she turned her head around, she looked in Wei Wei’s direction with obvious complacency.

Wei Wei didn’t even bother with her at all and continued to yawn lazily. She knew early on that even though this was a consort selection, however, in everybody’s heart, they already determined had an answer. Baili Jia Jue definitely would choose Helian Jiao Er. Therefore, the banquet this time, was only for appearances.

The reasoning is precisely as the elders have already reckoned. That person was a man born from the royal family. What he valued most was obtaining the country.

Helian Jiao Er wasn’t merely complete in both talent and looks. She also brought power and influence behind her, which also could not be overlooked. Looking at it from this standpoint, Third Prince certainly would choose a girl like her.

Even if it wasn’t like this, Wei Wei also didn’t have much interest towards the consort selection. Today, she only came to go through the motions. In any case, it’s not related to her. So long as she appeared at the banquet like this, it could be counted as not letting down Master, who fought for this spot for her.

Seeing that the time was about right, each and everyone of the masters already sat at their seats. Piping hot pastries also were arranged absolutely exquisitely.

The legendary Third Prince who was choosing a consort still didn’t even show up yet.

This was indeed in line with the common saying: Mr. Perfect’s arrogance would always be extraordinary.

Right when they were thinking of this, a high voice bursting forth was heard coming from outside, “Third Highness arrives!”

The entire compound instantly calmed down. Everyone turned their gazes towards the location of the entranceway. Wei Wei also slowly turned her head over.

At the time that tall and straight clear shadow of a person appeared at the doorway, a faint moonbeam was cast on the silver mask on his face from the side.

As if a deity from antiquity was arriving, graceful and cool, aloof and remote.

A black cloak was draped on him, beneath that was a purple horse-riding outfit. His trousers were stuffed inside the black war boots. On the considerably valuable outfit, a totem of clouds and dragons was embroidered using silver threads, exquisite and extraordinary. Like a Chinese ink painting, his wavy hair draped over his back, yet not effeminate in the slightest, it instead made him seem even more indolent than usual.

Everyone was dazed, whether male or female.

Their gazes and exclamations of admiration didn’t produce even the slightest ripple on his body.

His expression didn’t change in the slightest, and seemed as if he didn’t hear those sounds. Within the dark black colored eyes like an ancient well, so deep one couldn’t see the bottom, seducing people, emitted a faint feeling of self-discipline.

This person of his had almost always been like this. No one could approach him, forever indifferent and aloof from above.

What Helian Jiao Er was most infatuated with was this appearance of his. Like her, all the young girls from influential families greeted according to protocol. Pure white sunflowers embroidered on her long dress scattered slightly, in contrast to that pretty lucid pair of eyes of hers, which seemed as if water could drip from them, “Your Highness.”

Minister Jing laughed out loud. When he faced Baili Jia Jue, he seemed completely respectful, “Your Highness, please sit.”

Baili Jia jue actually didn’t say anything. The pair of eyes under the silver mask appeared as if they were looking for something. When they fell in the corner, there then streaked a trace of contemplation.

Eunuch Sun focused on his master’s reaction the entire time. He was afraid that this Jing Wu Wang might speak some nonsense again, and make His Highness thoroughly banish him into the ‘Cold Palace.’*

Therefore during this banquet, he was more nervous than anyone else. On his forehead, there already appeared a thin layer of sweat. Now, looking again at his master’s thin lips displaying a smile that was not a smile, he almost couldn’t bear it anymore, and felt like kneeling instantly!

What kind of a situation was this?

The way his master just smiled made all of the skin on his head tingle!

(* translator’s note: cold palace was an area within the harem’s living areas that’s extremely deserted. Often, high ranking consorts who committed crimes were banished there.)

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