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Translated by Blue Blossoms

Chapter 56: Consort Selection Starts

"Highness, Your Highness, your subordinate didn't say this. I’m only reporting it." Shadow wiped at the cold sweat forming on his forehead.

Baili Jia Jue unhurriedly straightened out his sleeves. He was sitting as leisurely as before and gave people the impression of a dignified monarch who ruled the land. "So those two people are actually birds of a feather."

"Yes,……" While Shadow replied. He was also lowering his head, really not knowing how to open his mouth. Basically, those two people didn't talk much before, but after His Highness was mentioned, they then acted as if they found a common language.

Your Highness, what kind of enmity did you actually have with Huan Ming Xiang, to make him vilify you, heavens!

"Continue to observe. If there's a problem, then come report to me again." Baili Jia Jue's posture was graceful as he propped up the side of his face. He was just like a rare breed of Persian cat. There wasn't a single movement in his every gesture that wasn't obviously noble.

Shadow lowered his eyes. He originally faced outside and already walked a few steps, yet he turned and returned again. He'd endured and endured again, yet in the end couldn't endure anymore and finally asked, "Your Highness, that year Minister Huan asked you to join Battle Spirit Forces, why did you refuse the old person."

Baili Jia Jue yawned again, then said in an indifferent tone, "Because if I consented, I will have to wake up early."

Because if I consented, I will have to wake up early……

Because if I consented, I will have to wake up early?

Because if I consented, I will have to wake up early! ! !

Your Highness, so because of this kind of reason, you offended Huan Ming Xiang, a minister who'd served three emperors.

Shadow's face stiffened. On his forehead, three threads of sweat streamed down.

The other shadows concealed in covert places glanced at each other confused. They were clearly speechless……

Sure enough, their mighty highness was exceptional in everything he did!

Baili Jia Jue certainly didn't take these things seriously. He shut the ancient book in his hands and stood up from the wood chair, "It's time. Let's leave the academy."

"Yes." Getting to the main business now, all of the shadows' expressions became serious. Like ghosts, they scattered and hid at every nook and corner of the academy.

At the foot of the mountain, a leading purple-gold phoenix style palanquin overshadowed all others in glory. Luxurious and resplendent, it was stationed beneath the shade of trees.

That palanquin's size was exceptional. Tassels floated around its perimeter.

Beside the palanquin stood all of eight shadow guards dressed in dark clothes, their hands grasping curved swords. The fur capes draped over their bodies were billowing, indescribably gravely and sternly.

The palanquin servants were dressed even more perfectly. Not one bit like an ordinary official was journeying, yet they were even more low-keyed than one can imagine.

However, their every movement revealed a kind of precision that any regular person certainly would not be able to accomplish.

That was an imposing manner that only the imperial family's people could maintain.

Suddenly, a fine steed sounded a long neigh. Everyone simultaneously stood up.

That person casually came from from the mountain. One hand was indolently and carelessly inserted into a pocket. One hand was twirling a silver mask at the fingertips. The side of his face was as handsome as if was carved with a blade. Filled with purity and nobleness that's impossible to describe, as pure and refined as fragments of crystals, features that no one can compare with.

With a muted swish sound!

Shadow guards in dark clothes simultaneously kneeled on the ground in salute. Such a scene was indescribably soul stirring, "Your Highness."

Baili Jia Jue glanced levelly at the various people as his hand raised and turned the silver mask over his face and said only three words, "Enter the academy."


Again with a muted swish sound, the darkly dressed shadow guards resumed their previous positions, hands holding curved swords. They mounted the horses from the side, smashing all of the fallen leaves on the ground.

Evening lights were lit. A bustling night scene. Probably only White Academy could have this kind of liveliness.

For the sake of welcoming honored guests, the elders from Superior Academy already arranged everything early on.

Servant girls and boys shuttled back and forth among them. Their hands were holding fruit bowls as they hastily became neat and orderly again.

Each of the distinguished ladies' belt sashes were fluttering, their bearing as graceful as willows, as if they appeared from a painting. They were located within another red walled, green glazed tile courtyard. Each was like a blooming flower bud.

Amongst them, only Wei Wei was not made up. She was even wearing the school uniform of black robe over white clothes. Only the student's hat was not worn. She was holding a book in her hand, and even yawned often.

Unlike Wei Wei, all of the other young ladies' hearts were racing. They held handkerchiefs in their hands with tightened grips and had coy looks on their faces. The light within their lowered eyes jumped about from impatience.

One should know, the one who was coming soon was indeed the Third Prince. The man so many girls have yearned for in their dreams.

Because of today, there were already no small number of people who had already done their utmost in secret.

Even though nothing could be seen from the surface, but beneath the surface, hidden waves were brewing.

A banquet like this actually helped give them opportunities to make connections.

All of the clever people were mutually exchanging greetings, whispering smilingly.

Many young ladies from distinguished families were encircling Helian Jiao Er, facing her as she sounded out something that the elders had said, her clear and melodious voice was very easy on the ear.

Helian Jiao Er's thin lips laughed, as if she's the moon among a host of stars. Originally, she was feeling wonderful, until she saw Wei Wei at the corner. Her pupils suddenly constricted!

How did this slut come, too? !

People from the Inferior Compound really shouldn't have had the qualifications to participate in the consort selection. What's more, she already had maternal grandfather make arrangements early on. As of now, her name should've already been struck off from the register in Eunuch Sun's possession!

How could she be here right now!

Helian Jiao Er grasped the handkerchief in her hand as coldness emerged from her delicate little face.

Everybody noticed that she'd stopped. They naturally turned towards the direction that she was looking at and looked over.

"Hey, isn't this the Helian family's eldest daughter who was chasing after Lord Murong a couple of days ago? It's really true that hearing about it a hundred times can't be compared with seeing it once. She gets involved in everything." The young girl who's talking was also a student from the Superior Compound, the minister of revenue's daughter, Fang Ting Ting, and Helian Jiao Er's bosom buddy. She looks soft and delicate, yet was extremely sarcastic in her speech. Relying on her family's influence, she'd previously bullied Wei Wei to no small extent. In any case, Wei Wei was but an orphaned girl, and didn't have anyone to stand up for her. Fang Ting Ting relied on this point and laughed in a mocking tone, "Some people really should have some self awareness. Which occasion they can participate in and which they should avoid, they don't even know how to properly judge!"

Helian Jiao Er pulled at her sleeves. Her white teeth bit at her lips as she shyly said, "Sister Fang, don't say anymore."

"Second Sister, don't hold back Fang Ting Ting. There are some people who deserved to be beaten and to suffer!" Helian Mei gnashed her teeth as she spoke. It was all because of this slut, that her forehead was cut after it was knocked at. She had no choice but to let her hair down. She couldn't even comb her hair. Originally, today was to be an opportunity for her to present herself, because not only would Third Prince appear, even those young masters from prestigious families will also be coming. She'd already admired Young Master Lie from the rumors for a long time now. So much that she'd rushed to order a lake blue tasseled embroidered dress just so that she could dress up elegantly and beautifully enough.

And all of this had been destroyed by that slut.

Fang Ting Ting clapped her hands and swept a glance at Wei Wei in disdain, as if she was some kind of trash who led people to do evil. "Fine, I won't keep talking. In any case, Sister, it's also not worth it for me to lower myself to the same level as a slut who's previously been rejected."

"Hearing Ting Ting say that, I actually feel surprised. Surely, a girl whose marriage had been cancelled shouldn't have the qualifications to participate in the consort selection."

Other misses from influential families also sourly followed along and stood up, "Actually, she fawned on Grandmaster Zi Zun. If Grandmaster Zi Zun helped her put in a few good words, wouldn't everything be taken care of."

"Mm, what you said is also true, heh heh. But this kind of girl, I reckon the Third Prince wouldn't even bother taking a look at her."

Wave after wave of mocking laughter followed.

Helian Jiao Er stood among them, her smile hidden. Her beautiful eyes watched Wei Wei to wait and see her making a fool of herself……

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