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When the Fire Qilin pushed the door open, it immediately saw this scene.
It somewhat could not believe what it saw.
Apart from the Fire Qilin, who else would dare to get close to the Master when he was in a raging fury?
It blanked out for a moment before quietly shut the door.
After that, it concealed its figure and stood guard outside the door.
Helian Wei Wei used her hands to prop herself up on the ground, intending to stand up.
But Baili Jia Jue pressed her back, "You're getting up, what about me?"
Helian Wei Wei did not understand his meaning and wrinkled her slender and elegant eyebrows. 
Baili Jia Jue pointed his slim finger to his arm.
Helian Wei Wei only then realized that her reckless movements during the previous scuffle had hurt His Highness. "Oops, let me dress your wound."
Helian Wei Wei felt that the thing she most often did whenever she was with Baili Jia Jue was dressing his wounds.
"Lift up your fingers."
Helian Wei Wei heard this command unresponsively. She could not make sense how a certain Royal Highness wanted to bandage her instead. Her finger only had a grazed wound.
For how much longer would the Third Prince take to tie the bow?
The armament auction had already started outside.
The time it took an incense stick to burn had already passed. However, the Third Prince was still struggling with a thin strip of cloth. His long eyebrows slightly wrinkled, his scholarly mien doubtful. 
Helian Wei Wei wished to say, "Release me, let me go."
However, she was afraid of being too blunt and made the Third Prince think that she was mocking his intelligence. 
Well, that was not true.
It was her intelligence that was ordinarily mocked.
At long last, His Royal Highness managed to tie a not too shabby bow. He pursed his thin lips, "Did you normally use this type of thin cloth to dress my wounds? Not very convenient."
Helian Wei Wei: …Trust me, it had nothing to do with the cloth. It was totally your problem!
"Has the Highness never bandaged anyone before?"
"Then, when you got injured during martial arts training, somebody else dressed your wounds?"
"No, when you got hurt then you got hurt."
When hearing His Highness' flat tone, almost immediately, an image of indifferent and handsome little prince took form in front of Helian Wei Wei. His forehead was still bleeding, but his eyes were unblinking with a peaceful expression. He followed his own path with no one at his side, but he owned a strength that can uphold the sky.
Was he lonely?
Because he was born in the royal family, he was doomed to guard against schemes and plots from an early age, thus making him look incompatible with the world around him.
It seemed a bit exaggerated…
"Stand up, walk two laps." Baili Jia Jue said dryly.
Helian Wei Wei snorted and really walked two laps.
Baili Jia Jue put down the cloth on his hand, "It doesn't look stupid."
Helian Wei Wei just wanted to retort.
She heard Baili Jia Jue said in a faint voice, "I'm sorry."
For a moment, she thought she had heard wrong. Turning her face to the side, Helian Wei Wei saw that he was holding her left hand. She could only see a faint outline of his face.
Some people seemed cold on the surface, but warm and fuzzy deep inside. That's you, Your Royal Highness.
Helian Wei Wei beamed at him. Simultaneously, the first bell started to ring outside the door!
It seemed that the chaotic situation earlier did not affect the normal auction of the armaments.
It's all thanks to Hei Ze's innate talent in strategic decision-making and management ability, and also Profound Heaven's well-trained staff.
The audience was still in doubt, but they still focused all their attention on the armaments that were about to appear on the stage.
In the bright and dazzling room, an absolutely lethal folding fan came into being.
Chen Yifeng gasped in surprise. He could not believe what he saw, that an armament can be this exquisitely made! Holding this armament in hand would definitely make one look very eye-catching.
Hei Ze also liked that armament a lot. He wanted to gift it to that clueless woman. He regretted that his old man locked him up and made him unable to see the armament beforehand.
But that didn't matter, because he could get half off of the auction price.
"We start the bid with 500 thousand taels!"The auctioneer stroke the small hammer.
Immediately someone raised his hand.
"This guest accepted the bid! Are there anybody who can outbid that?"
" 501 thousand taels!"
"512, any more bids?
"600 thousand taels!
"700 thousand taels!
After Hei Ze called the bid for 700 thousand taels, nobody else countered it. Because even though the armament was of good quality, they had to also consider the price.
The armament that Master Wu Shuang created with his own hands also would not exceed 1 million taels.
"700 thousand taels going once! 700 thousand going twice!"
"One million taels." Baili Jia Jue leisurely walked forward. His eyes half squinted. 
One million taels?
Everyone gasped, that sum was enough to buy a mansion!
This armament was worth this much money?
Hei Ze saw that it was Baili Jia Jue who made the bid. His brows slightly raised. Did he plan to snatch it from him?
"1.1 million taels." Hei Ze lifted his eyes and met Baili Jia Jue's sight. 
Baili Jia Jue brushed his sleeves, "2 million taels."
Hei Ze felt a sudden rush of blood to his head, "I bid 3 million taels!"
Baili Jia Jue raised his eyebrows and looked at Hei Ze. Sure enough, he kept quiet after that. 
The auctioneer started closing the bid, "3 million going once!"
Hei Ze looked intently at Baili Jia Jue. However, Baili Jia Jue did not make any move.
The auctioneer continued, "3 million going twice!"
Helian Wei Wei frowned. Did this man deliberately plan to put this bid from the beginning?
Bei Ze was dizzy with this hard-earned victory. He turned his head proudly at Helian Wei Wei and smirked as if saying "I, your elder brother, am freaking awesome! I got rid of the Third Prince." 
Baili Jia Jue looked at him and said softly, "You got the cash?"
Hei Ze was petrified and froze in place.
Baili Jia Jue continued speaking slowly and unhurriedly, "Allegedly, Master Hei broke the bank, what will you use for payment?"
Only then Hei Ze reacted, he was ensnared by a certain royalty!
Profound Heaven had never let anyone buys on credit, not even him!
Now what! This got him in a bind.
"Three million going thrice, sold!"
Damn it!
Hei Ze cursed savagely!
He had to force himself to do it willingly.
Helian Wei Wei watched his friend's handsome face crumpled. She heaved a long sigh, it was an utter and complete defeat.
There was no way out for him.
Hei Ze could only steel himself to ask Nalan Hongye to help pay for the armament.
This was the first time ever, under everyone's gaze, that a woman bought an armament for him.

This royal person had bad intentions!
But for the next four armaments, Baili Jia Jue paid the highest bid and gifted all of them to Helian Wei Wei.
This made Hei Ze even more determined that just now His Highness was deliberately causing him trouble.
Just, why on earth he wanted to do it this way.
Could it be…because of Wei Wei?

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