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Chapter 208: That Man

After they've had their fortunes told, it was time to fulfill a promise.

When the imperial family offered incense, it wasn't necessary for them to perform as big a ritual as the common people. Retired Emperor only held three incense sticks while he faced Buddha and bent at the waist without kneeling. It's even more out of the question for him to kowtow.

Head Abbot Fang Zhang then accompanied the entire journey down the mountain. They only walked through forest roads.

Basically, because he was still thinking about the fortune sticks that Head Abbot Fang Zhang clearly appeared somewhat distracted.

Retired Emperor retained him and had every aristocratic young lady first enter their horse carriages.

"What do you think about this Helian Wei Wei?" Retired Emperor walked to the side of the forest with Abbot Fang Zhang, watched that figure move far away in the distance, before he opened his mouth hesitantly.

Head Abbot Fang Zhang looked down, deferential and respectful, yet also somewhat concerned. "I've always felt that she and that maid who was by His Highness side are a little alike. Maybe too much time has passed, so I can't be sure."

Retired Emperor's eyes also deepened. "You're saying that he chose Helian Wei Wei because of that maid?"

"I have no way of answering you, Retired Emperor. Because I'm not His Highness, so I can not be sure what His Highness is thinking."

Head Abbot Fang Zhang's voice immediately slowly lowered. "Or maybe, he's simply interested."

Retired Emperor clenched his hands. "If, if Ah Jue's unable to get Helian Wei Wei, what'll he be like? Maybe one day, that maid returns, what'll Helian Wei Wei be like?"

"He would……I think you know, Retired Emperor, in regards to that maid's existence, there's no way His Highness wasn't aware of it at all. Even if he doesn't know now, there'll also be people who'll find a way to let him know. What the situation will become at that time, is also something I have no way of predicting."

Head Abbot Fang Zhang paused, then said again. "Didn't you say that right now, His Highness very possibly already recovered his qi. This being the case, I think, based on his habits, once there's proof, he wouldn't want a substitute. What's more, as of this moment, both you and I still haven't figured out what kind of attitude he has for this substitute, when all's said and done. Maybe it's like what you started to say, he's only using Helian Wei Wei."

Having heard what was said, Retired Emperor contemplated for a short period of time, then retracted his gaze again and responded. "Anyone is possible. Only that maid, I unconditionally won't permit her to approach Ah Jue again. She's simply a scourge to the imperial family. At that time, I should've employed every method to kill her. If I did, nothing would've happened."

"Amitabha Buddha." Head Abbot Fang Zhang's palms faced each other. He didn't like talking about murder at all.

Retired Emperor steadily pondered when he opened his mouth again he already appeared unflustered, wise and farsighted, like he'd always been. "In that case, before he finds out that maid's coming back, let's help him obtain Helian Wei Wei."

Head Abbot Fang Zhang frowned. "Isn't this too unfair to Helian Wei Wei." She's clearly only a substitute, no, maybe it's more appropriate to say fighting over a hoe, yet Retired Emperor was pushing her into the pit of fire.

Retired Emperor didn't say anything.

Head Abbot Fang Zhang knew that he'd already made his decision.

The imperial family had always been ruthless.

People who'd reached a high position were particularly so.

Retired Emperor faced his gaze and seemed to pledge. "When the moment came, if she truly can't change Ah Jue, I will allow her to withdraw absolutely safely."

Head Abbot Fang Zhang was thus astonished. "Retired Emperor believes that girl from the Helian family can change His Highness?"

"Let's make a gamble." Retired Emperor looked at the figure at a not so distant place. "Ah Jue's not the kind of person who could lose his head over someone. The methods those elders thought up might not necessarily be effective on him, but I'm nevertheless leaving him something to think about."

Head Abbot Fang Zhang stared blankly, he suddenly felt his body growing somewhat cold.

What Retired Emperor said about regarding something to think about sounded pleasant to the ear, but in fact, if that maid's image had always been kept in His Highness' heart.

Then, as far as Wei Wei's concerned, even if she's living a better lifestyle, she's still merely a substitute.

Even if one day, His Highness personally killed that maid, it'd still be the same.

It's just a pity, such a great fortune stick.

Logically speaking, someone who could draw that fortune stick, her road in the future absolutely wouldn't become this way.

Head Abbot Fang Zhang again looked up and turned towards a not so distant place to look over. He only hoped that in the midst of this game, that young girl with a special way of handling matters wouldn't get stuck too deeply.


Retired Emperor saw Head Abbot Fang Zhang's appearance with his hands in prayer and extended his hand to have the accompanying eunuchs lend an arm of support to help him leave.

At that moment, he felt that he's truly old.

If he's still young, he also absolutely wouldn't have used Wei Wei, this girl.

The more he saw of her, the more he truly felt that this girl's character's good and was sensible.

But, it couldn't be helped, his grandson needed this kind of person by his side.

Even if it's the fire of hell, he also could only push her forward……

And at this moment, after they left the temple, Yuan Ming could talk at last. However, his voice still sounded a bit unusually weak. Lazily sheltered in the Celestial Boundary Space, it seemed as if he didn't plan on coming out for the time being.

Wei Wei's eyebrows were raised. "What's going on?"

"I also can't describe it." Yuan Ming thought about what happened just now. "I just feel that at the time, there was a very familiar aura. However, when you shifted position, just when you bumped into that Third Prince, that kind of aura disappeared, but the shaking was too great. Nevertheless, you should give this venerable one a bit of time to recover my physical ability."

Wei Wei narrowed her eyes. "What aura?"

"I still can't be sure, wait till I'm sure and I'll tell you." Yuan Ming waved his hand and directly blocked their mental communication. He's still hiding something.

He didn't know if it's his misperception.

In that split second, he unexpectedly felt that man's aura.

Heh, how could it be possible.

That man was already destroyed by those ancient spirit tools, how could he still exist in the secular world.

He must be overthinking it.

Yuan Ming yawned and freely rubbed against the new book cover that Wei Wei changed for him, and started to engulf spirit essence, cultivating his life force.

Wei Wei saw this appearance so also didn't continue to ask more questions. She wouldn't expect a demon to always tell her the truth.

Telling lies was part of a demon's nature.

Since Yuan little Ming didn't want to say it, she also didn't have to dig it out.

It's just that it's rare to see this appearance of his. It gave Wei Wei a bit of trouble understanding what really happened a moment ago. Clearly, it would appear that the temple was a picture of harmony. If she must take note of something, then it's that Third Prince appeared to be a bit unhappy.

Wei Wei recalled that scene inside the temple hall and slightly concentrated her brows.

"Miss Wei Wei."

As she was thinking, she suddenly heard someone call her, when she turned her head around, she saw Eunuch Sun standing behind her, hesitation on his face. "There's something I'd like to trouble you to help with."

Wei Wei withdrew the hand lifting the carriage's curtain and smiled faintly. "What is it
Just now, when Retired Emperor was burning incense at the temple, His Highness' hand was wounded, but until now, he still hasn't applied medicine." Eunuch Sun spoke anxiously. When he faced Wei Wei's gaze, he breathed a long sigh." His Highness had probably forgotten, but once he saw the horse carriage, he issued a command not permitting anyone to approach. The weather's so hot, I'm just afraid pus will form on His Highness' hands."

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