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Chapter 190: Slaps To The Face

Not only was it too much, it's simply malicious!

The young misses and young masters were disgusted and one after another, turned to look at Helian Wei Wei. Each of those hateful eyes wanted Wei Wei, this evil girl, to be punished without a second's delay!

"Accused wrongly?" Wei Wei smiled, her voice neither anxious nor slow. "Whether you were accused wrongly is not up to you to say, a witness is needed." After saying this, she looked up, turned to Head Abbot Fang Zhang and curtsied. "Great master, ever since this commoner entered the temple, my heart has been disturbed. After I received this package of jewelry, I immediately asked that young master who followed by your side to help me perform a blessing, in order to pray for blessings and ward off evil spirits. I didn't expect that this would become the proof of my innocence. Is it possible to ask the young master to come now?"

What? !

Little Lian couldn't believe it as she looked up, that little face full of tear stains instantly paled!

Retired Emperor knitted his brows and didn't say anything.

Head Abbot Fang Zhang saw Wei Wei's eyes turn towards him, steadily and calmly, professing to have been pure and honest, peaceful and unmoving. He felt that this matter was quite interesting, so he laughed. "Of course it's possible, Wu Dao, you go call Wu Fan over here."

"Yes, Abbot Fang Zhang." The novice monk accepted the order.

Soon, he brought a person back.

"Abbot Fang Zhang, were you looking for me?"

"I'm not the one looking for you. It's this female benefactor who's looking for you."

The novice monk followed the direction of Fang Zhang's gaze. After he saw that it was Wei Wei, his fair and clear face became bashful. "Female benefactor, it's you."

"It's me." Wei Wei placed her palms together and bowed in respect. "Young master, please look at the things on the ground. Are these the jewelry I've asked you to bless."

The young novice monk didn't know why she'd asked this. As he looked at the jades and bracelets scattered on the ground, he couldn't help but sigh. "Amitabha. Having been blessed, they've become blessings from Buddha, how can female benefactor not cherish them this way!"

"Young master, you misunderstood. It's not that she didn't treasure them. Someone wanted to frame her, so they bumped into her on purpose, and even insisted that these things were stolen by her."

A deep, thoughtful voice echoed by the side of the door.

Everyone looked over and only saw Hei Ze, who hadn't spoken before, lazily leaning on the wood door, with hands crossed at his chest, as he looked up with a level gaze.

Once Hei Ze's words dropped, not only did Little Lian shake all over, even Chen Wen Wan's complexion became pale as she took a large stride backward.


Why did Young Master Hei speak on behalf of that girl!

The young novice monk stared blankly and intuitively answered. "These were all things that this benefactor." Saying this, he pointed at Little Lian, then pointed at Wei Wei. "Gave this female benefactor. At the time, I was fasting outside the room and personally saw it. How did it become stealing?"

"Then, in other words, someone indeed lied, and even kept saying that they've been accused wrongly without honor, nor shame." Hei Ze was wearing a smile that's not a smile as he glanced at Little Lian. "This maid of Madam Su really broadened my horizons."


The jade bracelet in Little Lian's hand dropped, forcibly broke into pieces on the ground, as her pupils trembled. With great effort, she suppressed the flustered appearance on her face.

She'd never thought that this girl would, in the moment that she barely left, she already asked someone to have these jewelry blessed!

This……was this still that same uncivilized girl who didn't understand anything?

How did she possess such profound shrewdness!

Little Lian lifted her head and looked over, only saw Wei Wei smiling lightly looking back at her. Within that gaze, there wasn't any bit of a smiling expression.
Suddenly, she seemed to understand something, as an unprecedented fear flashed through the depths of her eyes.

No, it couldn't be.

She couldn't possibly be that clever!

Yet the things that Wei Wei had done made her couldn't help but think that!

Since this girl had already asked the novice monk to bless the jewelry, then just now, why didn't she immediately ask the novice monk to come identify these jewelry instead of having her called to testify first.

Not until after she'd lied according to the madam's prior instructions did that girl say that actually, she'd already have someone bless these items early on!

Was she overthinking it?

Why did she feel that everything, everything was a scheme Wei Wei deliberately set up!

In order to beat them at their own game, she had them all gathered here!

Otherwise, from the beginning, Wei Wei could've called the novice monk over to prove her own innocence. She simply didn't need to be superfluous like the way she's been!

Thinking up to this point, Little Lian indescribably shivered from head to foot. Her body trembled as she looked at Wei Wei, a look that appeared as if she's looking at a demon!

However, Chen Wen Wan, who hadn't experienced these schemes before, still hadn't seen through the situation and only turned towards Hei Ze's direction to take a look. Her white teeth tightly bit on her red lips. "Isn't the Young Master jumping to conclusions too quickly in saying that? The novice monk said that he'd performed blessings on behalf of Younger Sister, but who's there to witness it? That pitiful maid even said that the jewelry she brought were different ones, also without anyone witnessing otherwise. How can we say that she's lying and not someone else who's being deceitful."

Hei Ze didn't even get a chance to speak.

That novice monk became angry and declared with a red face. "Benefactor, monks don't act with deceit. I'm a Buddhist disciple and disdain telling lies to cheat people! If you don't believe this, you can ask Abbot Fang Zheng. As long as an object has been blessed, a faint smell of sandalwood will remain."

"Ha ha ha, this disciple of mine is correct." Head Abbot Fang Zhang laughed heartily, then immediately bent over to pick up a jade bracelet from among the group, held it up to his nose and smelled it. "It indeed has been blessed."

The novice monk turned towards Chen Wen Wan and fiercely harrumphed, as if he's saying you can slander me, but you can't slander my Buddhist's integrity! Monks don't tell lies!

After they saw this scene, everybody became silent. Their gaze couldn't help but turn towards Little Lian, a maid who after she delivered the jewelry, she'd lied.

Everybody weren't fools. They naturally guessed that this matter wasn't so simple.

Looking at Helian Jiao Er, they also started to surmise.

How could Helian Jiao Er accept this kind of looks. 'Pow', she turned her hand over and slapped Little Lian's face, with an appearance of disappointment towards Little Lian, and spoke with trembling lips. "It's too bad that my mother trusted you as much as she has, how could you, how could you speak without thinking!"

That slap was even more ruthless than the one from Wei Wei.

When Wei Wei slapped her, she didn't intend to slap her speechless. After all, in this show, Little Lian was not the main character.

After Helian Jiao Er made her move, a humming noise from martial qi sounded out.

Little Lian's entire face became swollen, the corners of her mouth spilled blood. Don't mention opening her mouth to speak, even maintaining her kneeling position had become somewhat difficult. She also didn't dare to say anything, and only unceasingly knocked her head on the ground, beseeching Retired Emperor to be merciful. "It's this maid who's failed to live up to the miss and madam's expectations. It's just that the eldest miss ordinarily had such a fierce temper that this maid can't put up with it any longer. That's why I lied."

Wei Wei listened calmly, as she curved her lips up emotionlessly. So she wanted to suggest that Madam Su and Helian Jiao Er's innocent?

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