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Chapter 179: His Highness Drinks Vinegar

Nangong Lie smiled wickedly. "This actually is a secret that only I know of. Grandfather Hei is actually Hei Ze's maternal grandfather. Something happened to Hei Ze's father and mother that year beyond the Great Wall. He was brought back to be raised and soon after, he followed Grandfather Hei, changing his last name to Hei. Ah Jue, why are you suddenly asking this."

After he finished speaking, Nangong Lie felt his scalp becoming cold.

Not for any other reason than because even though the smiling expression on Baili Jia Jue's face didn't diminish, however, his gaze became darker and so deep the end of it couldn't be seen……

Early morning of the next day, a clear and boundless sky.

At dawn, every compound received news to proceed towards Hidden Spirit Temple. However, it would be different this time. During all previous years, the people accompanying him was the winning and second place finishing team. Yet this year, Retired Emperor personally chose the candidates. They were chosen from every compound. The Superior Compound's Helian Jiao Er and Murong Chang Feng. The Fine Compound's Hei Ze and so forth. Helian Wei Wei was also on that list of names.

It's just that she didn't want to go at all. That's why she didn't move very quickly, and dawdled awhile on her bed before she stood up, to discover that the clothes she was wearing differed from yesterday's. Who helped her change into her nightgown?

Wei Wei tapped on her own head, her thoughts were somewhat fragmented. Her first reaction was to inspect her own body, yet there wasn't anything unusual.

It seemed she's overthinking it.

However, in the future, she shouldn't drink so much wine. This kind of feeling of losing consciousness, experiencing it one time was already enough. This place wasn't like the modern times. Even though she had Yuan Ming for protection, however, under most circumstances, Yuan Ming just stayed inside the Celestial Boundary Space to cultivate. Only when Wei Wei was truly under attack would he sense danger and come out.

What's strange was that Yuan Ming, this guy, was clearly a demon, yet compared to her, a human, he respected his schedule even more. Everyday, as soon as the sky darkened, he'd sleep, and he'd awake when it's bright out. He even liked eating noodles, and was simply a model homebody. He didn't match that floating silver haired demonic appearance at all.

"Hey, Yuan Ming, nothing happened to me yesterday, right?" To avoid missing something she couldn't recall, while Wei Wei was gargling her mouth, she also made inquiries.

Yuan Ming lazily yawned. "What could happen to you yesterday, sleeping like a dead hog. In the middle of the night, you even hugged this veritable one into your bosom. Girl, let's be truthful. Between me and you, even if you're very interested, I don't have that notion towards you."

"Thank you, I also don't have that notion towards you." Wei Wei spit out the water in her mouth. "Also, what I was hugging was the ancient book, not you."

Yuan Ming coldly humphed twice, looked in the mirror, and asked again. "This veritable one, compared to that deskmate of yours, actually, how am I lacking?"

"In what aspect were you focusing on?" Wei Wei tugged at the towel and creased her long, shapely brows again. Why was there a moist towel here?

Yuan Ming's chin tilted up slightly. "Appearance!"

"Of course." Wei Wei casually flicked that towel over the wood rack before responding. "Very lacking. Will you sober up. Don't dream, dear. Is my deskmate's kind of appearance something you can achieve? What are you thinking?" Even though Yuan Ming was also quite good looking. However, upon further inspection, her deskmate's face truly was immune to everything. That guy, from head to toe, was seriously perfect. Wei Wei almost suspected whether his body had been artificially altered.

While Wei Wei washed her face, she's also mocking him in her heart, and was somewhat absent-mindedly sluggish.

Yuan Ming paused. Originally, he was going to say something, but his spoiled heart swallowed the words back into his stomach. Since you won't amuse me to make me happy, then I won't tell you how you almost got eaten up by a certain someone, heh heh heh……

Every time any of the single girls from nobility left the house, they prepared quite a bit, including what clothes to wear, what jewelry to wear, how to style their hair, trying everything many times, even the fan they held in their hand needed to be several times more refined and eye catching than other people's.

What made these young girls feel so excited was that this time, it wasn't merely Retired Emperor who wanted to go to Hidden Spirit Temple, even Third Prince also was called out. His entire body dressed in military attire, like a god, standing in front of the troops. As the grandson Retired Emperor loved the most, when Retired Emperor lighted incense, he naturally needed to be there.

But included among these reasons, was also another intent that Retired Emperor, that elderly person, concealed. Otherwise, he wouldn't have chosen so many young girls from influential families to come along on this outing.

Moreover, apparently this time, the students coming along also needed to stay over at Hidden Spirit Temple for one night. Their food, housing, and transport had also already been taken care of. That's why regardless of whether they were young ladies or young sons of noble families, they all brought along their maids and attendants.

On the contrary, Wei Wei traveled lightly by herself, only bringing along one change of clothing, and didn't bring any other useless thing.

From her point of view, those other young ladies all were doing useless things. Since Third Prince was accompanied by a squadron, he naturally would always be in front, and wouldn't have time to see what the heck they're wearing.

After they'd signed that agreement last time, she and Third Prince hadn't met each other again. Their meeting this time was perfect for discussing matters regarding the armament components……

Because the road to Hidden Spirit Shrine wasn't short at all, Retired Emperor had already prepared carriages on behalf of the students.

If the males were willing to ride a horse, they could ride a horse, if not, they could sit in a carriage.

The slaves waited upon them thoughtfully, a fluffy cushion was placed in the carriage, extremely comfortable to sit on.

Yet in ancient times, the men were hot blooded. Those men mostly didn't ride in carriages, instead, the four of them rode on the warhorses. Lined up, each of them looked outstandingly handsome, making those young ladies walking slowly with their maids blush.

Today, Wei Wei originally was going to ask her deskmate again about what happened yesterday. But searching as far as her eyes could see, even her deskmate's shadow couldn't be glimpsed. Her long, shapely eyebrows couldn't help but crease. Was she the only one chosen from the Inferior Compound?

"Sister Jiao Er, look at her glancing around everywhere. Truly is extremely low class." By Helian Jiao Er's side, was a daughter from the Liang family, who'd recently become rather dominant in the capitol. She's also someone from the Fine Compound. Due to having been in closed door meditation, she didn't participate in the recent competition at all. Some people were saying that if she'd participated, the current results might not have been what it was. However, the competition had already ended, so it's pointless to say anything more.

Helian Jiao Er clapped her hands and walked towards Wei Wei in small steps. She's wearing clothes made of seven kinds of beautiful light colored damask cotton. Concealed in the depths of her eyes was a poisonous intent that only Wei Wei could see through. "Eldest Sister shouldn't be so flustered later, in case you do something that provoked Retired Emperor, that wouldn't be good."

Wei Wei lazily lifted her eyelid apathetically, as if these two people weren't of any importance to her.

Helian Jiao Er coldly harrumphed. As her long skirt rotated, poisonous thoughts seeped.

Even if she's strong at armaments, so what. Not knowing how to interact with people, not understanding how to contend with schemes, this slut would still die as before!

Helian Jiao Er looked up as the corners of her eyes slowly slid across the wheels at a not distant place. Her body brushed past a girl from the Good Compound who was born of a concubine.

The smiling expression at the corners of her mouth became increasingly wider. Apparently, Mother had already arranged for everything properly.

On this journey to Hidden Spirit Shrine, she wanted Helian Wei Wei to never be able to free herself from her lot from this moment henceforth!

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