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Chapter 131: Directly Pressure People

Hearing that, the burning hot fire in Cheng Xiong's heart roared even fiercer. Ordinarily, he indeed taught his daughter that way. As the vice-chairman of the Armament Guild, having some privileges was naturally only a matter of course, but those are to be spoken of privately. Certainly, it's not for her to declare such a thing noisily in front of so many people!

"You!" Cheng Xiong seemed as if he was genuinely angry. He pointed to the personal guard by his side and said. "Go quiet the young lady, and have her leave the house less in the future. If she speaks another word, then have her go to the ancestral hall behind the mountain!"

It's not known whether the personal guard's words were finally relayed, but over where Cheng Cheng was, it at last became totally quiet.

Cheng Xiong breathed a long, long sigh of relief, and turned his head to face Uncle Zhang as he said. "This daughter of mine really is too outspoken, Uncle Zhang absolutely must not take it seriously."

"Elder Cheng, I've already said just now, I am but a manager." Uncle Zhang smiled and continued. "But our boss has a few more words that she wanted to send to Elder Cheng. As a person, it's still better that we be a bit more subdued."

The smile at the corners of Cheng Xiong's mouth became stiff as he firmly clenched both hands. It's the first time he'd been threatened by a little girl whose hair hadn't even lengthened evenly. What's even more abominable was that the little girl basically wasn't even here and only had the words relayed, yet he couldn't even make the slightest move against them.

Speaking of which, why would that girl view his fondest daughter with so much disfavor.

Could it be that Cheng Er truly committed an offense against her?

Cheng Xiong couldn't figure it out, but only within a short hour of time, all of his efforts during the past few days had been transformed into froth and shadows.

Actually, the Cheng family hadn't produced any remarkable armament masters during these recent years. On the surface, the Cheng family appeared as if it was the same as in the past, possessing an influential position in the world of armaments. In reality, only he knew that the current Cheng family already could no longer be mentioned on equal terms with the family they used to be.

And Profound Heavens momentum was just right. He looked for Profound Heavens precisely because he wanted to borrow their momentum and shake-up the Cheng family.

If Profound Heavens didn't cooperate with them, the Cheng family's future would be a difficult path to tread.

However, to have him bow his head to a little girl, he was still absolutely unwilling!

Uncle Zhang also perceived Cheng Xiong's way of thinking. When they'd just started, the boss already didn't approve of the collaboration with the Cheng family. It was because of his meddling. He felt that the Cheng brand had a long-established reputation and was absolutely influential in the world of armaments. So again and again, he made the proposal to the boss, asking her to consider it further.

Right now, it seemed that Cheng Xiong not only didn't guide his own daughter well, even he, himself, also carried that kind of superiority complex that viewed everyone else to be inferior to himself.

This kind of person would not be able to amount to much in the business world.

Uncle Zhang took his hat and placed it on his head without saying a single additional word to Cheng Xiong. Just as he left the inn, there were people who chased after him.

"Uncle Zhang, please wait." It was Helian Jiao Er. Compared to Cheng Cheng, she was much smarter. At the very least, even though in her heart, she looked down on these subordinates even more, she wouldn't show it on her face. Her bashful smiling expression contained a trace of gentleness.

Uncle Zhang was an even smarter person, and has already been an advisor for two generations of the Hei family. These young ladies within the capital might not recognize him, but he was well acquainted with each of them.

Sigh, this also originated with the old father's recent determination to have the second young master get married. Ah no, it's to have the second young master marry a daughter-in-law into the family.

Yes, this Helian Jiao Er, he could only say that this person really knew how to conduct herself.

Helian Jiao Er saw that he stopped, so she motioned for her maid to send the item she was holding in her hand over to him.

Without looking, Uncle Zhang already knew what that item was. He raised his lips into a smile, yet didn't go forward to receive the item at all.

Helian Jiao Er, seeing that he didn't take the money, knit her long shapely eyebrows.

"My Lady, what do I do with this?" That maid hadn't seen someone not want money before.

Helian Jiao Er cursed him silently for failing to appreciate her kindness as the corners of her mouth curled. "Uncle Zhang rejected it because the amount was too little?"

"Miss Jiao Er has misunderstood this servant's meaning." Uncle Zhang raised his head, neither indignantly, nor meekly. "Maybe Miss Helian still isn't familiar with those of us at Profound Heavens. People in the armament world all know that those of us at Profound Heavens don't accept these."

Helian Jiao Er gripped the handkerchief in her hand exceedingly tightly and responded again. "I really don't have other ideas, and only wanted to buy an armament that your boss has made personally. The matter of price can be discussed satisfactorily."

Uncle Zhang laughed. "In regards to the people that can have our boss personally make an armament, money is one condition, but ability with armaments is also necessary."

"In terms of this condition, you certainly don't have to worry about it!" Helian Jiao Er hadn't spoken and the maid standing by her side already opened her mouth. Contained within the arrogance was a concentrated smugness. "My Lady is actually the Helian family's successor, White Academy's superior student, the genius everyone admires. Not to mention these ordinary people, even those prestigious armament families within the capital may not necessarily win against My Lady!"

Uncle Zhang glanced at that maid and suddenly smiled. "I forgot to say the third condition. It is also a condition that Profound Heavens has recently added."

"What? No matter what you say, My Lady can still fulfill it!" The maid looked at Helian Jiao Er's complexion. Seeing the praise written within the light in her eyes, her words became even more haughty.

Uncle Zhang's voice was smooth and steady as he spoke, pausing after each word. "We at Profound Heavens will also not sell to those who are arrogant and haughty."

After hearing that, the expression of smugness on the ends of the maid's mouth abruptly stiffened. She couldn't help but turn towards Helian Jiao Er and looked over.

Sure enough, Helian Jiao Er's complexion was even more unsightly than hers. That little face which originally feigned cordialness, during that split second, became incomparably malevolent! It seemed as if it was making the utmost effort to resist great waves of rage!"

"What the hell!"

Helian Jiao Er didn't immediately flare-up until after Uncle Zhang already left. She fiercely threw out the handkerchief in her hand!

"My Lady, please don't get angry." The maid hastily said. "The master had already gotten in touch with the person in charge of Profound Heavens early on. This manager must not have known who you are. That's why he dared to be rude to you in this way. Wait until we reach the capital, the master will give you the armament to bring back. At that time, we'll see if this manager could still be well-regarded by that boss of his. Who in the world do they think they've provoked!"

After hearing the maid's words, Helian Jiao Er deeply breathed in a breath of air, and seemed to have been placated quite a bit. "A group of country bumpkins without eyes!"

"My Lady is right." The maid by her side nodded fiercely and at the same time, and couldn't help but breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she remedied the matter promptly. Otherwise, if the lady's temper flared, she also won't spare her helpers.

Helian Jiao Er straightened her cuffs a bit. "Let's go back. Wait until we have reached the capital before speaking of this again."

People from Profound Heavens had eyes without pupils like this, sooner or later they would regret this day!

How could she have known that her adversary certainly weren't people who 'had eyes without pupils', but rather, they simply didn't consider selling armaments to her at all.

There was a boy servant who even asked after he watched Uncle Zhang. "Uncle Zhang, isn't that the Defense Division's Second Miss?"

Uncle Zhang glanced at that little servant. "Don't ask about the things you shouldn't inquire about."

The boy stroked the bridge of his nose. "I didn't want to make inquiries. I only wanted to ask about what she said to you. She looks really pretty close up."

"Is that not making inquiries?" Uncle Zhang's voice was neither quick nor slow. "Fine. It's about time to go back. The boss is also here. She met Cheng Xiong and was quite dissatisfied with the Cheng family."

The boy's pupils shook. "The boss? She's here? ! Where?"

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