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Chapter 119: The Result of the Competition

Helian Jiao Er at first sounded like she was making considerations on Helian Wei Wei's behalf, but in fact, when these kind of words were spoken under these circumstances, everyone not only wouldn't sympathize with Wei Wei, they would even believe that she'd just finished inspecting the armaments so quickly only for the purpose of drawing everyone's attention.

As expected, once the sound of Helian Jiao Er's words dropped, the gaze everybody used to look at Wei Wei immediately became even more disdainful.

"Some people really know how to act."

"Isn't that just the way it is. This is merely one trick after another. No wonder she could curry Grandmaster Zi Zun's favor."

"Clearly doesn't even know what an armament is, yet still putting on an act there in order to arouse the judging panel members' attention. Truly is disgusting."

One by one by one, the sounds of mockery circulated over. Helian Jiao Er's pair of eyes slightly lowered as her vermillion lips curved into a smile. What she wanted was exactly this effect……

Even if this slut wouldn't fly into a rage like she used to.

Her aim was still achieved. She just wanted this slut, who was a thorn in her eye in all aspects, to have a taste of being disdained by a crowd of thousands!

However, there wasn't a trace of change on Wei Wei's face, and as before, only clearly carried a perverse smiling expression as she raised her wide and spacious red sleeves, as red as blood and seemed as if she was a blood lotus in the mortal world.

After that, she opened her mouth.

Pausing after each word, as weighty as a thousand pounds.

"The judging panel members haven't announced the answer yet. Aren't you guys a bit too noisy?"

Wei Wei took the 'umbrella' in her left hand and propped it up on the floor. That unruffled appearance, seemed to have the spirit of a queen, natural and at ease. She stood there lazily yet just like that, actually gave people a kind of formless feeling of oppression.

Having heard what was said, a young man was sitting within the private room as a trace of difficult to perceive color streaked across the tranquil depths of his eyes. It's impossible to decipher what this profound tint of color meant. Merely that, those two sexy thin lips seemed to have risen slightly, prominently manifesting a perverse trend.

The red haired man standing by his side rubbed his own eyes of a beast. "Master, just now, you……smiled?"

The young man didn't speak and only looked at him, the dark black pupils slightly constricting.

The red haired man pulled back his claws, and stroked the bridge of his nose as he muttered in a whisper. "Isn't it OK if I just didn't see it correctly?

The young man then finally withdrew his gaze and said in a cold and detached voice. "You've already lived for far too many years. It's difficult to avoid your eyes becoming blurry. This Highness can understand the plight of the elderly."

Red haired man:……

That's why they say whichever kind of master one might serve, don't serve one with such a poisonous tongue that when serving him, it made you itch to grind your teeth!

It's simply infuriating to be angered to death, yet he couldn't be killed for it!

How was this spirit beast old!

That's right!

It had lived for several thousand years or more, however, among spirit beasts, it was still desired after, alright? !

Every time those small spirit beasts saw it, their cheeks would blush and their ears steamed.

It was only because it was too devoted that it hadn't thought about the issue of finding a mate. Master now unexpectedly said that it was elderly!

Huff huff!

See how it'll transform into a younger person tomorrow!

The young man's expression was unchanging as he just let the spirit beast behind him scratch the wall. His gaze placed in the distance fell again on the stage.

At this moment, all of the competitors had already finished choosing their own set of armaments.

All of eighteen armaments were held in the palms of the competitors' hands.

An elder from the judging panel stood up, his voice loud and clear. "It looked like everybody is ready. Then right now, let's have Young Master Wu Shuang come and announce the correct answer. Who in the actually held the armament personally made by him in their hands, we also don't know. He-he. Young Master, please!"

Jing Wu Shuang faced that elder and smiled, as warmly and elegantly as jade. When he walked, a medicinal smell drifted from his the cuff of his sleeves, and made everyone hold their breaths.

Originally, people thought that he would stand by Helian Jiao Er's side.

Because he already reached that spot.

However, nobody anticipated that in a moment, he surprisingly stood before Wei Wei.

The two people's eyes looked at each other.

Wei Wei's eyebrows jumped.

Jing Wu Shuang merely smiled and coughed gently. "I would like to ask. Miss Helian, why did you choose this one."

Wei Wei also smiled, however, she refused to answer this question, while the ends of her mouth raised indescribably willfully. "It seems that the competition doesn't have a rule requiring the competitor to provide a reason for their choice."

Regardless of whether it was the modern day or in olden times.

To really determine whether a weapon was good or bad depended only on two words: killing spirit!

Wei Wei was a person who was used to handling guns and ammunitions. It could shamelessly be said that in regards to any weapon in her presence, she merely needed to touch it to be able to ascertain whether this weapon had a 'martial spirit'.

The 'martial spirit' spoken about here certainly didn't mean that the weapon actually possessed a spirit inside.

Rather, it's referring to that kind of blood-thirsty demonic nature as if it was ready and waiting for action.

Eighteen armaments. When Wei Wei first looked at them, her gaze also gravitated towards the green jade long double-edged sword that Helian Jiao Er chose. However when she truly approached these armaments, she then actually realized which one was truly the best.

The green jade long double-edged sword, regardless if it was martial qi or the way it was put together, was just perfect. It's possible to tell that it came from a great master's hands.

However……too gentle!

Maybe a lot of people thought that Young Master Wu Shuang truly was indeed a person who stood aloof from worldly affairs.

After all, in the past, each and every armament he'd made was this way.

But Wei Wei didn't believe at all that he was that gentle.

Merely from how he stepped out to help her escape Baili Jia Jue's pursuit, one could tell that he wasn't like the kind of person rumors made him out to be.

On the contrary, having been plagued with an illness for years, with regards to a young master born into a prestigious armament family, there must be a little something hidden deep in his heart.

This also signified that his most perfect work of art, absolutely wouldn't be that lukewarm!

Of course, what's most important was that this 'umbrella' in her hand simply wasn't a genuine umbrella!

Having thought to this point, Wei Wei's thin lips curved up as her fingers slid over a delicate push button. The corners of her mouth reflected a trace of devilishness.

Now this, was where the crux of the matter was.

If she didn't guess incorrectly, this 'umbrella' should be similar to the 'Wing of the Night God' that she made previously, possessing the best outcome from different approaches.

And again, Little White had already said that the world's best material for making armaments was in Jing Wu Shuang's hand. Just how was this material different than other materials, besides Jing Wu Shuang, no one knew.

Perhaps it's hidden within this 'umbrella'.

Wei Wei again pushed the umbrella forward, faced Jing Wu Shuang's somewhat deep eyes, and smiled. She didn't pay the slightest attention to the noisy surroundings.

Jing Wu Shuang softly coughed a few times, then he shook his head, truly somewhat helplessly.

Beneath the stage, sounds of curses again surged.

They didn't think that this girl who didn't know anything could be so proud!

"What're you doing, the young master only saw that she's too pitiful, so he's just helping her out by asking her for the reason she chose the umbrella. She's a character, all right, really taking herself seriously."

The personal maid standing by Helian Jiao Er's side disdainfully pursed her lips.

Helian Jiao Er narrowed her eyes and didn't speak. Within her eyes was varying degrees of self-satisfaction. No matter what was going on with that slut, this time, the person who won would certainly be her!


No matter what, Helian Jiao Er couldn't imagine that Jing Wu Shuang unexpectedly, following the next cough, would pick up the umbrella in Wei Wei's hand!

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