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Chapter 104: Won't Let You Off

"Boss, that's the boss, hooray!" The little winged beast sounded more and more like a young girl, so much so that it even lowered its head to ask Helian Wei Wei. "Don't you feel that the boss looks very handsome? That soaring horn, those sparkling scales, and also that beautiful red fur. Everyone said that when he transforms into a human, he's even more handsome, you know."

'Bleh'. Wei Wei 'bleh'd a couple of times and smiled apologetically. "Sorry, I really don't get your sense of beauty."

"It doesn't matter. There's nothing great about a human's way of looking at things." The little winged beast shrugged its shoulders and bluntly stopped its movements.

Wei Wei 'hehe' chuckled a couple of times and helplessly said. "Should I thank you?"

"No need. I also can understand." The winged beast's eyes shined, and in a flash, it made a U-turn.

"Hey hey hey, you can't fly back." Wei Wei's arms were still in the winged beast's grasp. She was caught somewhat unprepared by the abrupt change in their situation.

F*ck sh*t sh*t sh*t!

What the hell was that fire qilin or whatever doing coming out here!

Was it really a good thing for it to sell its sex appeal in this way!

"Girl, in a little while, we will have flown back there." Yuan Ming was greatly amused as he curved his thin lips. "If I were you, right now, I'd carefully consider how I'll face that Third Prince's wrath."

Wei Wei didn't say anything, only her eyes radiated more and more anxiousness, while reflecting on her current situation.

To her left was a precipice. To the right side was White Academy.

Based on the way the winged beast was flying right now, it was as Yuan Ming had said. Not more than a minute from now, she could already be directly surrounded by Third Prince's imperial bodyguards.

The distance was getting closer and closer, so close that she could already see the back of that guy's pure and cold lonely figure.
That won't do, she must hurry and make a decision!

Wei Wei surveyed the trees which formed a forest at the summit and suddenly exerted force on her left hand as her body rapidly rotated. In a flash, she escaped from the boy servant's coat and from high in the sky, rapidly descended downward!

She could even hear Yuan Ming's egotistical low roar by her ear. "Girl, you're crazy! A mortal will die falling down like that!"

"If I'm not crazy, I wouldn't be a devil (nothing ventured, nothing gained)." While Wei Wei responded to Yuan Ming's statement, she still didn't forget to throw out the armament she carried on her body. Piece by piece it layered and fastened upon the cliff's rock wall allowing her to feel less of the force of the descent.

The white cat was also dizzy. If it weren't for the fact that its powers currently hadn't recovered, it could have immediately turned bigger and already carried Wei Wei to a stop.

The crucial point was that it was still stuck in its own predicament. Let alone carrying Wei Wei to a stop, right now, it had a problem even protecting itself!

The wind was too strong, it could only tenaciously grab Wei Wei's shoulder and didn't dare to loosen its paw at all.

Between the armament and the rock wall screech, screech, screech, sparks were set off.

The white cat fiercely absorbed qi, and basically didn't dare to breathe out.

Besides being able to sense her own left hand getting numb and her right hand getting sore, all of the cells in Wei Wei's entire body were subconsciously figuring out how to stop this kind of torment!


As the last screech sounded, Wei Wei increased her entire body's qi. The nearby atmosphere started changing and formed the shape of a whirlwind, supporting and dragging her entire body upwards a bit!

After that, Wei Wei made use of a portion of the wind force and beautifully and gracefully flipped sideways in the air, then beautifully halted, avoiding that broken tree directly in her path!

"Close call." Even though he was an emissary of the devil, Yuan Ming also couldn't help forming some cold sweat due to Wei Wei's bold moves just now.

Wei Wei, though, only shook off the numbness in her hand as her thin lips slightly arched. "Beautiful escape."

"I'm afraid there's one more obstacle." The white cat looked at the huge silhouette appearing before its eyes. Within its amber colored eyes flashed a trace of pure cold light.

Wei Wei could also detect the danger as she turned her head around and faced that huge figure's eyes, her eyelids blinked. "Demonic beast?"

"As long as it's not a fire qilin then it's fine." The white cat proudly jumped, jumping onto Wei Wei's shoulders. "Go, eliminate it!"

Wei Wei 'heh heh'd twice, this……just who was the human and who was the beast!

However, that demonic beast simply would not give her the opportunity to look down on it.

Hungry to an extreme extent, it already went berserk. After smelling meat, it could only think of eating a nice meal!

But what it didn't know was that Wei Wei was also going berserk. This was the first time she'd been pressed on by someone so urgently. She needed to vent!


Wei Wei immediately made use of the wind power to launch from her original position, like a sharp knife suspended in the air which straightaway grabbed at the area of the demonic beast's throat.

That spirit beast casted a glance at her, as if it was mocking her for overestimating her own abilities, and was going to open its big red blood basin of a mouth to swallow her entire body into its stomach!

That demonic beast was the kind that preyed on the weak and feared the strong. Seeing that her left hand was inconvenienced, it immediately faced her left hand and bit in that direction. Its attack was concentrated on Wei Wei's left hand.

Seeing that it was going to pounce over, Wei Wei clenched her teeth as she caused her qi to surge and harmonize. Her two fingers simultaneously approached the top of its neck and used qi to shoot out white photoelectricity, absolutely not soft and disorganized like before, and instead resembled a swift and fierce knife blade, containing a cold light which completely poured into that spirit beast's throat.

That spirit beast first paused, then was in violent pain as if it was dragged back and forth by winds from all sides. The move took merely a moment, before it was torn by those winds to lose all of its strength

howling and whimpering ——— the spirit beast raised its head for a long, last loud cry at maximum volume, prolonging the turn of events. Its body shook all over as if in much pain then eventually seemed to be pressed from all sides, its huge body loudly fell to the ground, crushing countless shrubs. Dust flew upwards while the moonlight poured down in torrents. Between the empty sky and vacant land there only remained one human and one cat, and the back of their incomparably elegant figures……

At the other side, all of the winged beasts halted within the Superior Compound's courtyard, cute and obedient, as if they'd been tamed by someone, indolently extending their own paws.

Basically, those young lords and young ladies who were snatched away all returned safely. Just as they landed, they draped on a cloak. All of them were reduced to a shadow of their former self and cut a sorry figure.

However, it's just that Wei Wei was not among these people!

Eunuch Sun was a bit afraid of looking at His Highness' countenance, only swallowing saliva as he looked at a little servant boy's coat hanging from the claws of a winged beast.

It didn't take much thinking to know who had recently worn it.

The rain had already stopped. The black clouds had scattered completely.

Baili Jia Jue calmly stood there. His long sleeves floated in the air. Thousands of strands of black ink hair against his silver mask outlined an acutely cold light. A long time passed before he spoke. "She's still alive. I'll find and bring her back."

After he stopped speaking, he apathetically turned around as heaven's violent qi welled up in his entire body and overflowed while his white clothes and ink black hair collided and flew towards the sky, similar to a silhouette of the devil.

Pitter patter, the raindrops fell down, making people couldn't help but look and look again.

The fire qilin hidden within the Dark Illusionary Space opened its mouth to speak in a very deep voice. "Master, she's the female phoenix."

"So what?" The tip of Baili Jia Jue's tongue slowly slid over the wound on his own thin lips as vicious demonically cold currents accidentally were completely revealed. "No matter what, each and everyone who provoked me, no matter who, will not be lightly let off by me."

The fire qilin had never seen its master reveal this kind of expression before.

Several hundreds, no, for even over a thousand years already.

Master had consistently treated everything as a game in the human world.

It's not that he hadn't shown interest in other things before, but those kinds of interest were too weak, too short lived. The kind of big fuss like the one that occurred this time simply happened too infrequently, too infrequently……

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