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Chapter 93: Didn't think

Blass heard the sound of a sword slashing through the air and turned around to look. However, it wasn't a sword.

Opposite of Dohyuk, Blass witnessed something that was impossible. Everything was being distorted. Everything that Vehume had in is possession was caught up in a storm, sucked away into a different dimension, including the door. Even the distorted space within was being sucked away.

Blass moved. When he reached the center of the storm, he saw Casita's needle. The one who laid waste to the land and transferred Vehume's power into this region was now taking it all back.


Through the sound of everything being vacuumed away, Blass heard a familiar voice within.

-There's! There's more! This isn't my only region!!!

Vehume. It was the god that Blass almost gave up fighting against.

-Don't think this is the end…

"It is. For now," Dohyuk firmly stated as he walked up next to Blass. "And next time, it will be more f*cked up for you."

He then raised his hand to show the gem in his hand.

"Oh, and thanks for the gift."

[email protected]#@(@#(!!([email protected](!)!!!!!

And with that, everything was gone and disappeared. Dohyuk slumped down again. It seemed he had really reached the limit now.

"Sword," he said with his bloody mouth. "Not aiming at me again?"

Blass did not answer. Dohyuk then felt blade touching his neck again and smiled. He reached out and grabbed the blade.



Light engulfed Dohyuk's body and he was fully recovered. He rose up.

"You… You are…"

"My name is Yoo Dohyuk. You call me whatever you like."

"What are you?"

"I'm the one who achieved the goal you only dreamed of."

In short, Dohyuk summarized what he had done in the past. The story that he himself could not believe as he did not remember, making the response very simple.


"Yeah, I feel the same way." Dohyuk nodded, "It's the truth. Well, at least that's the only solution I know for now too."

"…What are you…!"

His metal hand grasped Dohyuk's neck. His full power was impossible for Dohyuk to resist in his current state, however…

"You killed him? …and returned…? That… You think I will believe…"

Dohyuk did not panic since he knew it wasn't dangerous. Blass was only grabbing his neck; if he exerted more power, Dohyuk would die immediately.

"I think I know what you need most right now."

"It's time. Time to organize your thoughts." Dohyuk looked at Blass, "I needed it too. When I heard it for the first time, I couldn't believe it. It took time for me to accept it. …but I understand you and I have different circumstances."

Dohyuk then raised his hand, "If you relax, you will at least talk it out with me, even if you don't believe what I said."

Blass then let go of his hand.

"Get it? Take a break for now. We'll talk later."

"You… talk of nonsense…" Blass frowned.

"I don't need time to calm down. I'm fine as is. Don't think you can buy time and…"

"No, you need time."

And, Dohyuk currently had the power to decide.

"Digest," Dohyuk said as he grabbed Blass's wrist. As he said himself, Blass was the labyrinth and labyrinth was him. The digest was instant. Dohyuk was now alone in the area with the uncomfortable fullness within him.


Dohyuk glanced around. He had to leave this place as soon as possible. It was his region now, but it wasn't like the city. Without his rules in place, it was just barren land. Also, even if Ilhu did not send someone to alert Jung Ilgyu, two large earthquakes were probably enough to let Ilgyu know something had happened at his treasure storage.

It did not take long for Dohyuk to choose where to go. He had to travel through Giwon's old region to his city. As he began walking, he saw something at the distance.

It was a human. Dohyuk walked up to him.

'Too young,' Dohyuk thought, perhaps a few years younger than Heeyun. He couldn't tell if the child was a boy or girl, but they were extremely starved. Their skin was very pale and the body was very bony. The hair that was too long to be a boy's and a bit short to be a girl's was dirty.

'Didn't die yet.'

It was weird. Dohyuk wasn't sure what happened while he was inside the labyrinth, but he knew Ilhu had killed every one of his men outside.

'He killed everyone except this kid…'

It meant that this child had something worth saving, even for Ilhu to stay put in 'that state'. Dohyuk reached down and picked up the child.

'I'll take him for now.'

He could guess who this child was.

And he departed, but something stopped him soon enough.

The middle region that Giwon watched over was now empty. All men under him now had left the region to find a new leader to follow. Dohyuk was able to easily sneak into the underground tunnel that Giwon used as his hideout. He put down the child and grabbed the gem he was holding.


It was the Godly Item he took from Vehume. It squirmed like a living insect, but it was easy to oppress it with Dohyuk's grasp, only until he picked up the kid.

'Works as a parasite to give 'Vampiric' Nature to the host.'

Dohyuk moaned. As the description indicated, it was originally buried into the ground to have the region work to make it vampiric before it was given to Ilhu to turn him a new being. As Dohyuk held the item, it couldn't take a 'god' as its host. Therefore, it was squirming to try to take the child as its host right now.

'It's not like the orb. This kind of thing won't be helpful to my city.'

There was only one choice left, so he ripped the ticket. Before Marie Kruger could start off with her usual introduction, Dohyuk handed the gem over.



The blonde girl jumped in shock. She panicked because of the red squirmy thing in her hand, but she quickly realized its value.

"W-wait! I n-need to…"

"You have to go back and check how much you can get for it?"


"Go on. Be quick."

Marie nodded and disappeared. But even when Dohyuk told her to be quick, she didn't return. After waiting for an hour, Dohyuk almost tried to rip another ticket when she appeared.

"I'm SORRY!!!"

Dohyuk frowned as he tried to speak, but he couldn't.


"Uh… Like I said. Our president… the lord of our world wants to meet with you."

The news she brought made Dohyuk dumbfounded.

"H-he wants to offer you a partnership…"

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