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Mu Yunjin originally thought that they will stop in the middle of the Front Hall. Unexpectedly, Chu Li went all the way to the gardens of the Sixth Prince Fu and then entered a room. Just as Chu Li put Mu Yunjin down to sit. Outside they heard a joyful voice.

"Ceremony completed."

Hearing it, Mu Yunjin pulled down her red veil and narrowed her eyes towards Chu Li.

"What does it mean?"

"You and I aren't really sincere in marrying, there is no need to do more than is required, worshipping heaven and earth."

Chu Li hooked up the corner of his mouth and looked askance as he took a seat at the edge of the bed beside Mu Yunjin.

Mu Yunjin paused, her eyes suddenly displayed a peculiar brilliance.

"In other words, you and I did not pay respect to heaven and earth. We are not regarded as a real husband and wife. Then, later, if I meet someone I like I can still get married as I wish?"

Chu Li did not expect Mu Yunjin to speak out openly. Hearing the words 'getting married as she wishes' he slightly frowned before faintly replying.

"It is so."

"You seem to have a little conscience."

Mu Yunjin felt much comfortable. Suddenly, Mu Yunjin asked.

"Oh but your royal brothers and sisters are all outside. You and I, not worshipping heavens and earth, aren't you afraid that they will gossip?"

"It is this prince's own arrangements."

Chu Li replied. Hearing Chu Li's words, Mu Yunjin no longer pressed to ask. She surveyed all around her, and looked at all the furnishings while thinking for an opportunity.

"Then, should we not live together?"

Hearing what was said, Chu Li indifferently nodded. 

"You and I will live in a pavilion. This room is set aside for you, and this Prince will live next door."

"En, very well. Like this, it is unlikely to arouse other people's suspicion."

Mu Yunjin happily replied, all of a sudden she felt that she never encountered something this good. Not only does she have a separate place in the Fu, but she can still freeload in the Prince's fu. Isn't this considered as a mandate from heaven*? 

(considered as being lucky*)


The day passed, Mu Yunjin is left sitting alone inside the room, listening outside to the buzzing noise of people coming and going. Mu Yunjin's mood is very good, sitting in a place filled with pastries. Beside her is a round table with a cup of wine and bite-sized pastries, not in the least perfunctory. Until a matron pushed the door and entered.

"Aiyo, my Xiao gunainai* how come your eating and drinking by yourself?!"

(*It translates as Little Great Aunt but in other translation it says sister inlaw mistress of the house, a respectful way of address; so maybe it means Little Mistress or Little Madam. I am not sure so I just wrote it as Xiao Gunainai)

"It is still early before dusk time, I have to sit here for half a day, with nothing to eat."

Mu Yunjin opened her mouth to talk. The matron smiled upon hearing her words. 

"After today, you are the *Huangzi Fei* from now on your days of life will be filled with lavish meals. You should not care to be hungry this afternoon."

(*Sixth Prince's wife)

After speaking, the matron walked over to Mu Yunjin's bed and put a plain white silk cloth on it. Seeing the white cloth, Mu Yunjin slightly wringed her eyebrows.

"What is this thing?"

"This is what Qin Tai fei instructed this old woman to inspect tomorrow morning."

The old matron grinned with her vague words. Mu Yunjin immediately understood it all. Suddenly, she was feeling a little embarrassed. She looked slightly red and no longer spoke to the matron. Before leaving, the matron looked at Mu Yunjin to warn her again. 

"This is a nuptial wine, do not drink it all, otherwise, in the evening you will be unable to have your formal exchange of cups of wine as bride and groom."


Mu Yunjin lazily replied. After the matron walked out, Mu Yunjin got up and grabbed the plain white cloth and looked away.

The color of the sky gradually turned dark, and the voices of the guests outside gradually faded. The door of the room once again pushed open. Chu Li entered the door and saw Mu Yunjin's pair of cheeks are very red, as she lied down on top of the couch. Her meticulously combed hair worn in a bun is already dismantled and is now messily spread out but it did not affect her beauty. When Chu Li saw the empty jug of wine on top of the round table, he could not help laughing.

"Really heartless."


The next day, Mu Yunjin is awakened by Zi Xiang. 

"Miss, quick, wake up. Today, you must enter the palace to offer tea to Qin Tai fei and visit the parents."

Mu Yunjin pensively opened her eyes and looked around the unfamiliar surrounding. Suddenly, she recalled that yesterday she finally married into the Sixth Prince's Fu. Zi Xiang saw that Mu Yunjin has woken up, her small face huddled.

"What is wrong with you? Who bullied you?"

Mu Yunjin worriedly looked at Zi Xiang. Zi Xiang shook her head and feeling wronged, she opened her mouth to talk. 

"The Sixth Prince did not share a room with Miss. Didn't you know what he meant? Was he deliberately humiliating you?"

"Stupid girl, what nonsense are you talking about?"

Mu Yunjin walked out of the bed. 

"Could it be that consummating a marriage is considered as humiliation?"


Zi Xiang is dumbstruck and unable to reply to Mu Yunjin's words. 

Mu Yunjin stretched her body. 

"I'll take a bath first."

Soon after finishing her bath, Mu Yunjin walked towards her wardrobe and casually picked some clothes. Seeing Mu Yunjin choosing clothes, Zi Xiang helped Mu Yunjin choose a light purple brocade clothes. 

"This servant saw the Sixth Prince wearing a magnificent purple clothing earlier today."

Mu Yunjin glanced at the lilac colored brocade dress, and without saying anything she unhurriedly changed her clothes. After washing up and dressing, Zi Xiang helped Mu Yunjin pull her hair into a bun and she put a few beaded hairpin to support her hair making her look bright and moving.

"I don't like this hairstyle."

Mu Yunjin looked at her pulled up hair and suddenly felt older.

"Miss, you are a married woman now, today you will enter the palace to pay your respect to the Emperor and Empress. It is important that you look dignified."

Zi Xiang explained. Mu Yunjin slightly wringed the space between her brows, her thoughts stayed on Zi Xiang's words of being a married woman. She is only sixteen years old ah, in the modern times at most she is a senior high school student. But in the ancient times, she is now a married woman. After combing Mu Yunjin's hair, they started to walk out but Zi Xiang suddenly stopped and asked Mu Yunjin.

"Miss, earlier, the Fu's Shen Momo asked this servant to bring with me a piece of white handkerchief. What is that white handkerchief?"

White handkerchief.....

Mu Yunjin helplessly walked over the couch and picked up the white cloth. With a slight frown, she bit her finger and dipped some blood on it. Seeing her blood on he white cloth, Mu Yunjin felt a little sullen. Walking out, Mu Yunjin looked around and out of the corners of her eyes, she glanced at the diagonally opposite room. She slightly raised her eyebrows, that must be Chu Li's room. It seems that it is really close. Zi Xiang seems to be almost familiar to the topography of the Sixth Prince's Fu.  After Mu Yunjin left the door, Zi Xiang started introducing Mu Yunjin to the place.

"The place where Young Miss and His Highness lives is called the Glass Spring Pavilion. It is taken from His Highness the Sixth Prince's Palace called the Glass Spring Palace. When you go out of the Glass Spring Pavilion, to your right is the west side of the gardens, and beyond that there are several vacant lofts to..."

Zi Xiang felt that she is speaking too much, so she did not continue to speak. Mu Yunjin raised her eyebrow when she heard it.

"It is intended for concubines later."


When Zi Xiang and Mu Yunjin arrived at the Front Hall, Chu Li is already sitting there and Ding Xian stood behind Chu Li watching Mu Yunjin come out from the gardens feeling like there was a mysterious fantasy. Soon after, facing Mu Yunjin he smiled.

"I pay my respects to the Huangzi fei."

Mu Yunjin heard the appellation and she put an act of nodding her head and said nothing. She then looked at Chu Li.

"When should we enter the Palace?"

On the other side of the hall, Shen Momo immediately opened her mouth to talk.

"Huangzi fei, if you wish to talk with His Highness, you should add 'His Highness' these two words. This is the basic rule."


Mu Yunjin lightly snorted, her eyebrow slightly raising as she looked towards Chu Li. 

"When should we enter the Palace?"

Shen Momo's complexion immediately became ashen. Chu Li saw that she did not attach importance to Shen momo's words. He did not feel any surprise.

"Eat breakfast first."


Mu Yunjin nodded her head.

At the breakfast table, Mu Yunjin unhurriedly ate her bowl of red bean porridge. At the side Shen Momo put on a fake smile.

"Huangzi fei, did you bring the silk handkerchief with you?"

Hearing about the silk handkerchief, Chu Li looked towards Mu Yunjin and his brows softly wrinkled. Mu Yunjin is aware of Chu Li's gaze, she casted a blaming glance towards Chu Li, before taking out a piece of white kerchief and handed it over to Shen Momo. Shen Momo took the white handkerchief, and looked at the dark red smear on it. She can't help but smile.

"This servant congratulates the Huangzi and Huangzi fei."

Mu Yunjin lowered her eyes as if she doesn't hear anything. Chu Li looked at the white handkerchief, and immediately understood as he glanced at her wounded finger. He looked at her lowered head and stared at her for a moment. After the breakfast is finished, Mu Yunjin and Chu Li went out of the Fu and took a carriage to go to the Palace. As soon as they got into the carriage, Mu Yunjin, not in the least caring of her image, pulled up her legs across her seat and yawned. Her face looked tired. Chu Li looked at Mu Yunjin and slightly pursed his lips. 

"Put your legs down."

Mu Yunjin, hearing him, opened her eyes, and in a bad mood, looked at Chu Li. Still, she really put down her leg. She secretly scolded herself, truly becoming more and more terrified. After going down of the carriage, Mu Yunjin followed Chu Li closely as they went inside the Palace. Fortunately, today she will only offer tea to Qin Tai fei, if she would also offer tea to Zheng Tai hou or the Emperor, don't know if they might deliberately make things difficult for her. Passing through the imperial gardens, many palace maids and court eunuchs saw a purple figures walking shoulder to shoulder, Chu Li and Mu Yunjin. They can't help but sigh, these two people really is too well matched. Chu Li led Mu Yunjin towards the Plum Blossom Hall and entered. Inside the Hall, Qu Momo approached to welcome Chu Li and Mu Yunjin.

"Tai fei niang niang is in the Plum garden."

After entering the Plum garden, Mu Yunjin saw Qin Tai fei  sitting in the pavilion looking at her with a smile. 

"Greetings grandmother."

Chu Li calmly voiced greeted the Qin Tai fei. 

Qin Tai fei looked at Chu Li and Mu Yunjin with satisfaction. Then, her line of sight fell onto Shen Momo's hands; the white handkerchief. She smiled before nodding at Qu Momo. Qu Momo understood and opened her mouth.

"Requesting the Huang zi fei to offer tea."

Once the words fell, a palace maid walked in carrying a tray with a cup of tea. Mu Yunjin moved forward a few steps, soon after, held a cup of tea and knelt in front of Qin Tai fei. 

"Grand daughter-in-law Yunjin asks grandmother to drink tea.….."

Mu Yunjin's speech is a bit sloppy, Chu Li's lips slightly curved, he didn't expect that this little fox also has her nervous moments. Qin Tai fei looked at the cup of tea Mu Yunjin has offered and couldn't help but smile.


Then, she took the cup and took a mouthful of the tea. 


Hi guys,

Just a thought but as far as I know of chinese tradition on marriage is that the tea ceremony and visiting to the bride's family is done three days after the wedding. I am confused because she clearly stated when she woke up that she got married "yesterday" and she is now supposed to go and offer tea to her inlaws and will visit her paternal home… or is that just a figure of speech like it feels that she got married yesterday and not literally yesterday. But then the white cloth needs to be turn over the day after the wedding coz you know.. *ahem* its for proving they did the deed *ahem*…..  Anyweiz as I said it was just a  thought and it was as far as I know of this matter… and it is thanks to reading a bunch of english translated chinese novels mostly Lolz…

Anyway, this will be my last release this month. I'll be back mid-April. 



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