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Happy Tuesday Bonus Chapter 

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Mu Linzhu invited Yan Lingchang and Wen Ruhan to come, and from the private room's door they saw an erotic scene. They can't help but shriek and cover their eyes. Hong Xia completely did not expect the scene inside, she momentarily stood at the door scared and not daring to move. At this time there were many guests who heard the screams, one after another they ran to the number four private room. The situation earned a burst of sounds showing displeasure. The crowd included the veiled Mu Yunjin. Mu Lingzhu and Mu Yiyang originally already lost their awareness, but after hearing the screams they immediately sobered. After they've come around, they saw the situation and two pair of eyes, one big and one small suddenly creased.


Mu Lingzhu saw the person in front of her is not wearing clothes, she screeched in fear. She immediately pushed Mu Yiyang, hiding at one side. Hong Xia then reacted as she dashed to pick up Mu Lingzhu's robes and draped them over Mu Lingzhu's uncovered body.

"All of you go away!" 

Hong Xia cried out in fear and rage, soon after she closed the door of the private room with a bang! Outside the door, incessant cries are heard. 

"I am not mistaken right? The woman is not the Fourth Miss Mu, is she? Who is the man?"

A curious guest suddenly asked. 

"That woman is really Fourth Miss Mu. The man looks familiar ah."

"I remember! Isn't that man Second Young Master Mu? Why is he and Fourth Miss Mu dressed in underclothes and hugging each other? Isn't he supposed to be with the Third Miss Mu?"

At this point, Mu Yunjin, pretending to be a passerby, timely gave voice.

"The rumor must be wrong, it is not Third Miss Mu but the Fourth Miss Mu."

"Yes, that's right, that must be it."

Hearing this, Mu Yunjin continued to speak.

"Today we saw the truth clearly, Third Miss Mu suffered grievances for nothing."

Everyone nodded in agreement. 

At this moment, the two invited guests, Yan Lingchang and Wen Ruhan are still standing in front of the door of the private room. They glanced towards each other frowning. Soon after, Wen Ruhan sneered first.

"Lingchang, What does she mean by intentionally invited us over?"

Yan Lingchang shook her head, replaying the scene on her mind with disdain.

"I'm afraid that she can no longer maintain the title of Xi Yuan Country's number one talent."

"This is truly ridiculous, let's go."



An hour later, within the Butterfly Flower City, everyone are correcting the matter one after another. 

"Wrong, wrong, it is not Third Miss Mu rather the Fourth Miss Mu. Just a while ago someone saw them at Ming Yue Restaurant. They are in their undergarments and cuddling together it is very erotic."

Mu Yunjin gave a shallow smile and went home perfectly satisfied. 


The rumors spread quickly. In Mu Xiang Fu, Mu Xiang and Su Biqing are in the middle of discussing important matters with Mu Yunhan. The housekeeper suddenly entered and kneeled down.

"Lao ye, Fu ren, it's not good, something big has happened."

"What happened?"

Mu Xiang appeared calm as he asked this question. These days he already had enough to feel vexed. Now something has happened again! The house keeper swallowed hard, he looked at Mu Xiang and Su Biqing but unable to continue to speak. 

After a long time, he timidly reported.

"It is said that the Fourth Miss and Second Young Master was seen at Ming Yue Restaurant. They were seen by many guests, hugging intimately inside a private room. Now, there are rumors all around about the Fourth Miss Mu and Second Young Master's incestuous relationship."



Mu Xiang and Su Biqing exclaimed together, their face turning an ugly shade.

"Where is Zhu'er?"

Su Biqing creased her brows and asked the housekeeper. The housekeeper replied, a little distracted.

"After the incident, Fourth Miss ran to the outskirts to seek refuge at the lake. Fortunately, Hong Xia is there to stop the people from going to the outskirts."

"Quickly, take me to Zhu'er!"

Su Biqing, not caring about anything else, directly dashed out. Left behind, Mu Xiang felt pain like having a heart attack, he clutched his chest, paralyzed as he sat on his chair. 

"Misfortune, Family's misfortune...."

Sitting at the side, Mu Yunhan saw this scene, his eyes contemplating. After a moment, he instructed the old servants.

"Go and take Father back to rest."

"Yes young master."

By the time Mu Yunhan went into the gardens, he saw a figure gracefully descending the walls without any effort. 

"Mu Yunjin."

Mu Yunjin has just descended from the walls when she heard someone call her name. She was stunned, and she turned around to see Mu Yunhan standing behind her.

"Eldest brother, it's you ah."

Mu Yunjin faced Mu Yunhan, a little guilty.

After all, Mu Lingzhu is his blood sister, and she had just ruined his younger sister's reputation. She doesn't know how her big brother will deal with her.

"En, your wall climbing skills is pretty good, it seems that during my absence, you always stealthily go out."

Mu Yunhan looked askance at Mu Yunjin as he spoke.

Mu Yunjin pursed her lips, embarrassed, she smiled.

"Eldest brother over-praise."

"Do you have anything to do with Lingzhu's matter?"

Mu Yunhan continued to ask. Although she is unable to guess Mu Yunhan's meaning. Mu Yunjin still generously admitted.

"I admit. Yesterday's matter is because of her. I am only returning what she did. That's all."

She originally thought that after hearing her, Mu Yunhan will begin chiding her. Who would have imagined him to laugh softly.

"Not bad, you actually know how to strike back."

"However, this move is too troublesome, it would be better to beat and cripple them straight."

Mu Yunhan indifferently said. Mu Yunjin is puzzled, She looked at Mu Yunhan. Is this still her elder brother?

While the two were chatting, a noise suddenly erupted.

"Quick, go and find a doctor. Zhu'er's mind is unstable."

Su Biqing's frantic voice is heard. 

"Mother, I don't want to live. I am absolutely embarrassed to keep on living. Let me die! Let me die!"

Mu Lingzhu's cries followed. Upon seeing this, Mu Yunjin raised an eyebrow, a little proud. She faces Mu Yunhan and waved her hand.

"I'm tired, I'll go back and rest."


Mu Yunhan faintly nodded. He looked at Mu Yunjin's departing back, his eyes filled with thoughts.


Nightfall, The door of the Ascending Flower Pavilion is kicked open. Su Biqing aggressively walked inside followed by several hired guards. Mu Yunjin seems to already foresee Su Biqing's arrival. At this moment inside the Ascending Flower Pavilion is brightly lit and Mu Yunjin is sitting in her courtyard, and two cups of tea are on top of the stone table. 

"Mu Yunjin, you are a slut! Your heart is really vicious to come up with this despicable move to harm Zhu'er. Really despicable without any sense of shame."

The moment Su Biqing saw Mu Yunjin. She started to curse in rage. Mu Yunjin's lazily lifted her eyes to look at Su Biqing.

"I've never heard someone curse herself like this."

"This matter, isn't it you the mother-daughter pair who have come up with it? Now that it is happening to you, I am despicable and shameless?"

Mu Yunjin raised an eyebrow and spoke in an easy manner. When Su Biqing heard her, she sucked in her breath and with scarlet eyes she spoke again.

"You are just a bastard child. How could you compare to Zhu'er! For many years, out of kindness, I let you live in as the Mu Family's daughter. Let you live comfortably in this manor! I did not expect to raise a thankless wrench that will readily bite me!"

"Su Biqing, I already warned you, don't challenge my bottom line. If not, I will attack Mu Lingzhu, your most treasured daughter."

"You've forgotten. Again and again, you kept challenging my bottom line."

Mu Yunjin raised her cold and terrifying eyes. 

"This time it was your heartless move to put me to death, I only counterattacked, that's all. It is purely Mu Lingzhu's fault for courting trouble. Don't blame other people."

Mu Yunjin lazily opened her mouth as if telling a ridiculous joke. Su Biqing breathed hard, she is shaking and suppressing herself from getting hysterical as she opened her mouth to talk.

"Someone come and teach this person a lesson, this cheap slut who does not know the immensity of heaven and earth."

Behind Su Biqing, several hired guards came forward carrying rods. When Zi Xiang saw this, she immediately rushed forward.

"Big Madam, you cannot beat the young miss. She is about to marry the Sixth Prince. You cannot afford to raise an accident."


Su Biqing's expression darkened as she slapped Zi Xiang on the face.

"How dare a slave talk back to me!"

"Someone come and beat this slave to death!"

The several hired guards divided into two, each groups faced Mu Yunjin and Zi Xiang. Mu Yunjin's eyes flashed with killing intent, she flipped her wrist a d the Phoenix Tail Whip immediately broke free. In the dark of the night, a golden light flashed through. Mu Yunjin waved her Phoenix tail whip, twisting it in the neck of a hired guard, and lightly pulling, and the hired guard broke his neck as he fell dead. Upon seeing this, the remaining hired guards got scared to even dare to move. 

"You know martial arts?"

Su Biqing incredibly looked at Mu Yunjin. Just now her skills were direct and efficient, even an amateur can see that her martial art is not low. 

"Are you concerned?"

Mu Yunjin coldly asked, she turned towards the hired guards. 

"Who wants to die next? Give it all you got!"

The hired guards subconsciously looked at the dead on the ground. No one dared to come forward. Su Biqing looked at the hired guards standing stiff. She thought in her heart, how useless. Is there really nothing I can do to get this cheap slut?

No, she doesn't believe it!

However, today's move is insufficient to Mu Yunjin, since that is the case, she has no other alternatives but to cut of her means of retreat!

Finished thinking, Su Biqing suddenly turned to leave. Those hired servants saw Su Biqing run, as if they received an amnesty they immediately followed Su Biqing out. Outside the Ascending Flower Pavilion, Su Biqing gloomily turned towards Aunt Li. 

"Go and send people to get Mu Yiyang's life!"

"I want the whole Butterfly Flower City to know that Mu Yunjin, for the purpose of self-preservation, incited Mu Yiyang to dishonor Zhu'er's reputation. I want the whole Butterfly Flower City to know that Mu Yiyang died in Mu Yunjin's hand....."

"Since she will not let me and Zhu'er have an easy time, I will also pull her down and will not let her free and unfettered!"


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