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The Aloof Prince Chapter 42 - Sending Brocade Clothes

Mu Lingzhu is startled at her own way of thinking, she slightly blanked out for a moment but can't help but be excited as she inwardly wants to expose Mu Yunjin, she smiled smugly.

This trip to the Shui Yun temple is not in vain, she finally have information that can be used against Mu Yunjin. 

Humph! Mu Yunjin said that my heart had the Sixth Prince therefore is not fit to marry another prince, what about her? This time let's see if the Sixth Prince will still want to take her as a wife!


Mu Yunjin soon sorted out her thoughts, putting away her original red rope, before again finding a new red rope, she picked up the writing brush dipped it in the prepared ink and staggeringly write a few words for good health while avoiding to look at her own handwriting.

Thinking of what she wrote a moment ago, Mu Yunjin again felt cold, and can't help but get a layer of goosebumps. This is an important place for Buddhism. She is shocked that there are still such an extraordinary thing, next time it is better to refrain behaving surprisingly. 

Just as she was thinking, a ridiculing sound was heard.

"Ai yo, aijia is thinking that Third Miss Mu is fiddling for a long time to write a grand ambition, taking up a long time then writing just a few words."

"Ai jia will look. What is the content of what you have written? How is it comparable to a three-year-old child?"

Not knowing when Zheng Taihou walked beside Mu Yunjin, her line of sight fell on Mu Yunjin's messy handwriting with eyes filled with disdain.

Pausing for a moment before Zheng Taihou gave an embarrassed laugh.

"Oh but the words cannot be said you have no sense in culture, this matter the whole Butterfly Flower City knows to restrain. This few words are already a tough job for you."

"If you have time, it will be better to let Zhu'er, this meimei, to properly teach you. In any case, you are about to be the Huang Zi Fei (Prince Imperial Concubine) you should not allow Li'er to lose face. If Zhu'er has no time, Ai jia will ask Huang'er (Emperor Son) to let you enter the palace and with the young prince you will go to the Grand Tutor to study."

Zheng Taihou's ridicule is heard by every person in the courtyard, everyone's sight completely fell on Mu Yunjin's red rope on the stone table.

Mu Lingzhu also supported this drama, she is thinking on how to use Mu Yunjin's mysterious secret so she spoke.

Mu Yunjin stood there, her face is indifferent and neutral not even slightly affected by Zheng Taihou's words. She just glanced at her side to look at Qin Taifei who already walked to her side.

Surely unexpected not having to wait for her to talk, Qin Taifei is already unable to bear her feelings.

"My goodness Taihou, you are watching Mu Yunjin attentively this much. What are you making a fuss for?"

"As the proverbs say, 'Women are pleased to have their own capacity, to see this harem of three thousand beauty the most favorite will still not be the first rate beauty'. So much talent and learning to employ what are the use? Is it possible that you still hope to enter the Imperial court to take the place of Huang'er to pass judgment on everything?" 

"Qin Taifei you're presumptuous! In any case Aijia is still the Empress Dowager. You are just a Taifei and to speak to Aijia you still have to be a little polite."

Zheng Taihou said to Qin Taifei, suddenly infuriated. At that moment she angrily stared at Qin Taifei.

Qin Taifei sneered in response, her tone is unhurried as she replied.

"Don't start a play if you can't afford to lose. In any case a cornered dog will jump over the wall, and Aijia is presumptuous? Indeed, Aijia feels sorry for Huang'er's indulgence of you, if you are still unconvinced then let us go find Huang'er to argue."

Qin Taifei temporarily silenced the surrounding area. Even the angry words of Zheng Taihou are stuck up on her throat. 

Yes ah, thinking about it, the Emperor is Qin Taifei, this lowly woman's own son. Even though she is the right and proper Empress Dowager for so many years this old woman keeps pushing her down tenaciously. 

Mu Lingzhu did not expect Zheng Taihou to be defeated yet again, for a moment her heart is distressed. Immediately she walked beside Zheng Taihou and spoke quietly.

"Taihou niang niang (Empress Dowager Mother) I've heard that this Shui Yun Temple rear mountains has a sea of flowers, it is a very magnificent scenery, we should take advantage of today's good weather and see it okay?"

Zheng Taihou heard Mu Lingzhu come out and help her out of her trouble, she faintly let out a sigh before nodding her head as she turned around to leave.

When Zheng Taihou walked out, Qin Tai fei looked at Mu Yunjin proudly.

"Jin'er, Aijia is amazing right?"

Mu Yunjin gave Qin Tai fei a thumb's up.

"Humph! Zheng Taihou this old woman, for many years she quarrels everytime with aijia. Despite that lowly mouth provoking aijia with few words, really asking for trouble accepting that Mu Lingzhu. Although she is the number one talented girl, her eyesight is muddy to see exactly her intentions, she is not an upright person. Sure enough, birds of a feather flock together."

Listening to Qin Taifei's words, Mu Yunjin's lips curled into a smile. She can't help but admire Qin Taifei's insight.

Before leaving, Mu Yunjin walked towards the back door of the courtyard. She halted her steps then subconsciously looked back behind her towards the Ancient Tree. She pursed her lips as her hands stretched to her sleeves and lightly clutched the four words she had written.

I have come back.

In the unseen world of the spirits, is it a hint to something?


At this moment in Shui Yun Temple's back mountain. Zheng Taihou's face is filled with anger, she walked in front with a gloomy expression. At her sides are tender and beautiful flowers. She reached out her hands to pick a single flower and knead it to pieces.

Mu Lingzhu looked at this scene and knows that Zheng Taihou's anger at Qin Tai fei is not small. Therefore, she put on a brave face and walked to the direction of Zheng Taihou. 

"Taihou niang niang, Lingzhu have a matter to say concerning jie jie, I do not know if it is appropriate to say."

"What matter?"

"Earlier Lingzhu was inside the courtyard of the Ancient Tree I saw Jie jie..."

Mu Lingzhu a moment ago caught sight a play, she sincerely and solidly spoke allowing Zheng Taihou to listen with pondering eyes.

After a short period of time, Zheng Tai hou brushed away her sleeves.

"Return to the Palace!"


Mu Yunjin returned to the Fu, from her sleeves she took the thin silk kerchief (the one with the written words) and put it in the candle flame to burn.

Sitting on a rattan chair, Mu Yunjin's heart is still depressed, thinking of the strange thing that happened earlier that day. She can't help but to carefully obtain clues. Zi Xiang helped Mu Yunjin pour a cup of water as she looked at Mu Yunjin, thinking that she is still at a loss with Zheng Taihou's ridicule earlier. She can't help but open her mouth to talk.

"Miss, you do not have to take Zheng Taihou to heart, Zheng Taihou and Qin Taifei are enemies. Her words are not usually pleasant to hear."

Mu Yunjin hooked the corner of her mouth, and she withdrew her hand and replied.

"It is not worthwhile for me to take part in her schemes, even if her teeth are all rapidly falling, that person can still live a few more years."

"The miss spoke extremely it's just that nowadays within this Fu from time to time people come to provoke. I don't know if the miss can marry the Sixth prince and be at peace and stop the dagger."

Hearing Zi Xiang's words, Mu Yunjin slightly sighed, she pursed her lips and did not say a word.

The following days Mu Yunjin stayed inside the Ascending Flower Pavilion. The whole day she will just sit under the sun drinking tea, passing the days contentedly.

"Miss, Liu Li(Glazed Tile) pavilion's Lin Niang sent you some brocade clothes."

One day, Zi Xiang entered the Ascending Flower Pavilion followed by a Xiu Niang (Embroidery Lady) holding two embroidered clothes. Mu Yunjin looked up towards the Xiu Niang behind Zi Xiang. The Xiu Niang looked back at Mu Yunjin and immediately moved a step forward.

"Third Miss and the Sixth Prince's marriage is near. Today, Lin Niang received orders to provide the third miss with ceremonial clothes and wedding dress."

Hearing Lin Niang's words, Mu Yunjin looked at the wedding dress and can't help from raising a brow as she got up from her seat. Zi Xiang saw Mu Yunjin get up so she immediately picked up a dress from Lin Niang's hands; a multi-colored embroidered cloth. She spread it open and saw all the edges are embellished with gold beads and tassels and bright light muslin drag splendidly to the ground, it was bright and beautiful.

"So beautiful ah."

Zi Xiang can't help but speak a word of admiration.

Lin Niang smiled upon hearing those words.

"This ceremonial robe was ordered to be custom-made half a month ago, afterwards Qin Taifei also sent someone to follow up, therefore Lin Niang did not dare to neglect. For several nights we rushed to make it, I do not know if Third Miss is satisfied?"

"En, it looks good."

Mu Yinjin nodded, at least compared to what she is wearing, it is several times better. It's just that this dress is really gorgeous, she fears that apart from her wedding ceremony, she will not have anymore opportunity to wear it.

Seeing that Mu Yunjin is satisfied with the ceremonial robes, Zi Xiang placed it aside and also took the red wedding dress from Lin Niang's hands. When the wedding dress unfolds, Mu Yunjin can't refrain from reaching out to touch the dress. The wedding dress is fiery red, made of top-notch brocade, and the surface have a crimson embroidery of a pair of faintly discernable mandarin ducks. The entire piece of dress is garish and beautiful, luxurious and graceful. In a short while she requests them to continue.

Seeing that Mu Yunjin is also satisfied with the wedding dress Lin Niang continued speaking.

"This wedding dress is ordered by the ninth princess before Xiang Ye let me do it. It is already half made due to the ninth princess."

"Qingyuan also meddled in?"

Mu Yunjin is astonished, she did not expect Qin Taifei to be involved in her wedding clothes, much less Chu Qingyuan. Lin Niang nodded then said:

"Since the Third Miss is satisfied with the two dresses, Lin Niang also feels reassured and will no longer disturb the Third Miss' rest, Lin Niang will now take my leave."

After saying those words, Lin Niang bowed towards Mu Yunjin in a ceremony before leaving. When Lin Niang left, Zi Xiang held the two pieces of clothings and excitedly faced Mu Yunjin.

"Miss, these two dresses are really good looking ah, moreover they are made with precious materials by the Butterfly Flower City's Liuli Pavilion. This servant does not dare to imagine how gorgeous Miss will be when you wear them."

"Ah! That's right, on my coming of age ceremony what else is needed to be done?"

Mu Yunjin asked curiously. 

"According to our Xiyuan country's tradition, during the coming of age ceremony, you need to set up a feast inside the Fu. Moreover towards the master and madam and the older generation, you need to perform a thanksgiving ceremony followed by the Madam's bestowal of hairpin ceremony which is considered as the last part of your coming of age ceremony."

Zi Xiang explained. Mu Yunjin listened to Zi Xiang then she slightly frowned.

"Su Biqing will conduct the bestowal of hairpin ceremony?"

"Yes Miss, although you already wear a hairpin but it is only one simple hairpin. When you come of age, you will be able to wear those pearl hairpins granted by the first madam."

Hearing what was said, Mu Yunjin's complexion collapsed. 

"With Su Biqing's nature, we can't say for sure but she could very well put poison on the hairpin!"

"Miss, that day is also your and the sixth prince's wedding day, Furen might not dare to do these things to stop it."

"I hope your right."

Mu Yunjin looked at Zi Xiang and smiled, she did not expect that the ancient times coming of age ceremony is this troublesome.

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