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Chapter 703: Was Everyone around him like this?

“Yo! So brother’s having guests!” The incomer appeared very casual, “Where is he? It’s whatever that he’s not in the office, but why’s he not home? Is it true that he’s actually sick and can’t get up? Or is he dead already?”

Qiao Qing’s eyes turned cold.

Zhou Xin did not look pleased either, “Leng Jie, clean up your mouth!”

“How dare you!” Leng Jie pointed a finger at Zhou Xin, “A servant dares to call me by my name?! Where did you get the guts to do this! Don’t forget that you once served my father! Just because you are with my brother now, you dare to disrespect the other young masters in the house?! Is this how my second brother’s been training you?!”

Zhou Xin shook from fury, “The young master did no such thing. I only have one young master in this Leng family.”

Leng Jie appeared disgusted. He was about to make the man’s life harder when he remembered his intention of coming here.

He stared at Zhou Xin darkly and said, “So what he is the direct descendant? With his mom dead, what good is that? The main madam in the family is my mom now.”

Zhou Xin, “You…”

“I don’t want to waste time with you,” Leng Jie said, “Tell my second bro to come down. I gambled away all my money so I need more from him. Isn’t he the power holder of the family? He has rights to the corporations. He needs to give his brothers pocket money.”

Zhou Xin snickered, “Even if the young master does have rights to the corporations, there’s not enough money for you. At the speed you’re gambling away your money, you will lose it all! The Leng family doesn’t want someone useless! You want money? We can’t spare a single cent!”

“****! You old thing want a beating?!” Leng Jie was now infuriated. He grabbed Zhou Xin’s collar and tried to hit him.

However, his fist was intercepted mid-air.

“What dumb person dare to stop…” Before he could finish, his gaze met a cold face. At once, his eyes brightened.

He checked out Qiao Qing from head to toe and a sense of evilness seeped through him.

“Young lady, you sure are good-looking! But why are you dressed like a raccoon? I didn’t even notice your face! The way you dress is a waste compared to how your face looks! Look at how other women dress. You need to reveal your legs and let others peek at your stomach. That’s how to have fun!”

“But… why are you here? Are you my second brother’s woman? That old Buddha learned to hide women inside his home? Let me discuss with my second brother and see if he’s willing to let me play with you… AHHHH!”

Before he could finish, he felt pain shot up his arms and he screamed like a butchered pig.

Qiao Qing pushed away from this disgusting man and her heart ached.

Three years ago, she came to country L and only interacted with Leng Yan. She had no idea what his family was like.

Was everyone around him like this?

It was no wonder that there were so few maids inside this castle and only this uncle truly cared for him.

Her heart ached even more at the thought of that.

On the other end, Leng Jie’s wrist had been injured. With sweat on his forehead, he gritted his teeth and dashed towards Qiao Qing.

“You stupid b****! You can’t take me when I’m being nice? Then I’ll show you just how evil I can get!”

Before he could even touch the corner of Qiao Qing’s clothes, someone fly kicked him.

With a bang, he fell by the door. His teeth hit the doorknob and he him two teeth. Once again, he shrieked.

Jun Yexuan approached him slowly. When Leng Jie got up halfway, Jun Yexuan kicked him again.

Like a bullet that left the gun, Leng Jie flew into a pile of snow outside.

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