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Chapter 209: South Guarding General

Ze Tian Palace, it was surrounded by purple smoke from incenses, sending waves of fragrance into the air.

There were Imperial Guards on both sides, but only Qin Lei was present since Chu Huai Sheng, the Dragon Guard commander was on leave due to his injuries.  Lin Mu Yu and Feng Ji Xing walked into the main hall and Qin Jin wearing his royal robes came into the hall at the same time. His brows were tightly knit and he asked in a concerned voice, "Ah Yu, I've heard that you were ambushed.  How are you?"

Lin Mu Yu said with cupped hands, "I'm fine, but there were twenty one Imperial Guard brothers who have fallen."

Qin Jin let out a sigh of relief before saying, "It's good that you're fine, this one can't have two Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning Generals injured at once.  Otherwise…..the entire world will laugh at this one."

Feng Ji Xing said, "Your majesty, the matter of Swordsman Hall's ambushes, this matter has to be taken care of quickly.  The empire cannot tolerate Swordsman Hall any longer."

Qin Jin revealed a look of rage and said, "This one knows and has already sent decrees to the province governors, but it's like this…..Those idiots are being paid without actually doing their jobs.  They either push the blame onto sick generals or they send out troops without fighting. This one really doesn't know what use that group of trash has!"


Lin Mu Yu thought about it before saying, "Your majesty, actually many of the officials of the provinces are close to the high level members of Swordsman Hall or are even working together.  If you really suppress them, it would go against their benefits and that is the main reason why they aren't working on destroying Swordsman Hall."

"Ah Yu, how do you think we should take care of Swordsman Hall?"  Qin Jin asked with a smile.

Lin Mu Yu said with cupped hands, "Directly send generals to conscript troops.  If the local generals are not willing to send troops, directly send generals from Orchid Goose City."

Qin Jin raised one brow and said, "As if…..This idea isn't bad, but the capital doesn't have many generals that can be used.  Ah Yu you are one of them and general Chu Huai Sheng is injured right now, while Feng Ji Xing needs to defend the capital and Qin Lei needs to defend the Ze Tian Palace.  The people that can be used…..Perhaps there is only Yuwen Lian and Ling Feng that can be used?"

Lin Mu Yu said with a faint smile, "Actually…..Zhang Wei, Luo Lie, and the others under commander Feng Ji Xing can be considered strong generals.  Your majesty can entrust them with important tasks."

Qin Jin revealed a smile, "Commander Feng, are Luo Lie and Zhang Wei was useful as Ah Yu says they are?"

Feng Ji Xing cupped his hands and said, "Un, if this subordinate cannot personally take command, Zhang Wei and Luo Lie can take command to attack the enemy."


Qin Jin slapped the armrest on his throne and said, "Send down my orders, Zhang Wei and Luo Lie will be promoted to Side Generals.  They will lead five thousand imperial guards to attack all the Swordsman Hall locations within five hundred miles of Orchid Goose City!"

Feng Ji Xing said, "Your majesty, just eliminating Swordsman Hall in the Lingbei Province isn't enough.  We need to also send troops in the surrounding Di Xing, Cangnan, Qihai, and Tianshu Provinces. We have to clear out the Swordsman Hall north of the Qin Mountains in one fell swoop!"


Qin Jin narrowed his eyes before saying, "Ah Yu, you are the Falcon's Nest Commander and it is winter so you have few missions.  During this time, are you willing to quell the rebels in the Cangnan Province for your royal father?"

"This subordinate is willing."  Lin Mu Yu bowed with cupped hands.  He wouldn't overstep his bounds to call Qin Jin royal father, but it was fill for the emperor to call himself that.  Lin Mu Yu knew his place, so he smartly retreated.

Qin Lei on the side said, "Your majesty, the Falcon's Nest only has less than a thousand people and there are at least over thirty thousand rangers gathered in the  Cangnan Province. I'm afraid this bit of strength won't be enough to suppress the rebels!"

"Of course I know that."

Qin Jin stroked his beard as he said with a smile, "There are only twenty thousand imperial guards left, but they can't be moved.  There are also two armies around Orchid Goose City. One is the Heaven Charging Army with ninety thousand troops and the other is the forty thousand Dragon Spring Army which guards the royal tombs.  Feng Ji Xing and Qin Lei, which do you think is better to give to Ah Yu?"

Feng Ji Xing thought about it before saying, "Although the Heaven Charging Army has ninety thousand people, they are used to guard the forts on the Qihai Province border…..I'm afraid that it wouldn't be proper to dispatch them.  Your majesty should know that Duke Lan has two hundred thousand troops in Seven Seas City and if we take away the Heaven Charging Army……Duke Lan's troops can pass the border to enter Orchid Goose City….."

Qin Jin took a deep breath before saying, "This…..This one knows this, but Duke Lan is loyal and devoted, he shouldn't have any thoughts of rebelling.  Not to mention, isn't Xiao Xi in Orchid Goose City?"

"Xiao Xi is just….."

Feng Ji Xing stopped talking.  There was a flash of light in his eyes as he cupped his hands to say, "This subordinate is only giving a suggestion, as for the specifics, that is still up to your majesty."

"Qin Lei, what do you think?"  Qin Jin looked over at Qin Lei.

Qin Lei didn't have as much hesitation as he honestly said, "Although Xiao Xi has free movement in Orchid Goose City, Duke Tang Lan has left Xiao Xi live in Orchid Goose City all these years to show his heart to your majesty.  That old man lets his beloved granddaughter live in Orchid Goose City, which explains everything. The Dragon Spring Army in name protects the royal tomb, but they work with the imperial guards to protect the royal capital, so this subordinate feels the Dragon Spring Army can't be moved.  However, a portion of the Heaven Charging Army can be given to Ah Yu to command."

Qin Jin gave a satisfied smile, "Un, this suits me.  It'll be like this……I'll immediately give Ah Yu a royal decree to have him go to the Qihai Province border, taking twenty thousand elites from General Du Hai.  Then he will head to Cangnan Province and rid the Swordsman Hall rebels inside the Cangnan Province within a month. Ah Yu, can you do it?"

Lin Mu Yu was currently sighing over how Tang Xiao Xi's position in Orchid Goose City isn't as spectacular as it seemed.  He looked up with clear eyes and said, "I can't guarantee if it can be done or not, but I will do my best. Your majesty, I have spent some time in Swordsman Hall and have seen their darkness.  Please be assured, I will do everything I can!"

Qin Jin couldn't help laughing, "Ah Yu's words makes this one delighted.  Good, I will immediately write the imperial decree and prepare the toke for you!  Other than that, Ah Yu will be raised to the rank of South Guarding General, giving you the authority to command twenty thousand troops."

"Many thanks your majesty!"

Lin Mu Yu cupped his hands while asking in a small voice, "South Guarding General……How high of a rank is that?"

Feng Ji Xing said with a low laugh, "A fourth rank general, it's much higher than the your previous Wandering General Rank and it has the authority of a ten thousand man commander.  In short, you can only command twenty thousand troops after being promoted to a South Guarding General. Otherwise, if your subordinates have a higher rank than you, how could you command them?"

Lin Mu Yu was filled with joy, "Un, I understand."

Not long after, the decree had been written.  Qin Jin had very good writing that was like dragons and phoenixes dancing, so one could recognize it even without the royal seal, but that royal seal had even more persuasiveness to it.

At this time, a minister came over with the seal and token of a South Guarding General for Qin Jin.  Qin Jin came forward and said in a low voice, "South Guarding General Lin Mu Yu, come and accept these!"

"Yes, your majesty!"

Lin Mu Yu bowed with cupped hands before sticking out his hands with a lowered head to accept the items, which were heavy.  Beside the blood red general's seal, there was also a golden general's token which both had the words "South Guarding" on them.  The seal was too heavy to be taken with him, but the token could be used to prove Lin Mu Yu's identity and status. He couldn't help feeling a bit happy.  The Wandering Dragon General's status was not high, not even having a seal, but now he had a bit of status.

Qin Lei revealed a faint smile on the side, "Congratulations to Ah Yu on being promoted to a ten thousand man commander!"

Lin Mu Yu replied with a smile, "Thank you commander Qin Lei."

Qin Jin placed a hand on Lin Mu Yu's shoulder and said in a gentle voice, "Ah Yu, my child…..No matter how the battle goes, you are royal father's pride.  This trip to the Cangnan Province will give you some battle training. Go and be careful on your way, your royal father and little sister will worry about you."

Qin Jin was the emperor, but he was like a father sending his son off into battle.  Even Lin Mu Yu felt a bit off and for an instant, Qin Jin's old form even overlapped with that of his father Lin Shun.  They were both old and weary, but also having the same affection.

"I understand, royal father."  He said in a low voice.

Qin Jin was also stunned.  He clenched his fist and slowly opened them as he said, "Go, royal father will be prepared to hold a celebration banquet for you at any time in the Ze Tian Palace."


Putting the seal and token in his chest, Lin Mu Yu led his horse out of the Ze Tian Palace.  Feng Ji Xing and Chu Huai Sheng sent him out of the royal palace where Wei Chou and Xiahou Sang was waiting for him.  He led the rest of them back to the Ze Tian Palace.

[TL Note: I think the author forgot Chu Huai Sheng was injured….]

He didn't know how long this journey would take.

There were many things that couldn't be set down in Lin Mu Yu's heart, so he went to find Chu Yao as soon as he finished eating before heading off to the Seven Seas Duke's palace to find Tang Xiao Xi for a talk.  Although Chu Yao and Tang Xiao Xi weren't willing to see him go, Lin Mu Yu's current status was different from before. As a top general of the empire, he had no choice.

Life was like a tall sea wave, making Lin Mu Yu unable to stop himself from being carried away.  He was also very clear that he needed to grow and gain more experience. Otherwise, if he wasn't strong enough, even a little wave would make him unable to recover.  The grudge between him and the God Marquis Palace explained everything, he needed to establish himself in the army and gain military power, otherwise everything would be worthless!

He helped Tang Xiao Xi refine the medicine that night, but he didn't have time to see if she finished training the Fire Fox Seal or not.  The next morning, Lin Mu Yu led Wei Chou, Xiahou Sang, and a total of sixty Imperial Guards out of the Falcon's Nest. He didn't bring too many imperial guards this time, but brought all the Falcon Guards since Lin Mu Yu needed them to protect himself this time.

Moreover, would it proceed smoothly leading his army into the Cangnan Province to eliminate the rebels?

Perhaps not.

There was a figure that subconsciously appeared in Lin Mu Yu's mind, Long Qian Lin.  This person with the highest military power in the Cangnan Province will not make it smooth for him.  After all, the Cangnan Province, Five Valleys City, and the Swordsman Hall were just too tightly knit together.

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