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Published at 8th of February 2021 03:45:15 PM

Chapter 2116: 2116
Chapter 2116: Let Her Remain Happy Forever

“…Yes,” answered Shen Zhilie . He was at a loss for words and he looked at Shen Luo’an before replying, “How has Sister Manting been lately?”

“You should address her as your sister-in-law,” said Shen Luo’an as he looked at Shen Zhilie . He then stood up and said softly, “Come outside with me for a moment . ”

Shen Zhilie then noticed that Shen Luo’an seemed far more serious than he previously was .

They quickly went out of the room and Shen Luo’an made his way to the courtyard straightway .

“Zhilie,” he said seriously .

“Yes?” Shen Zhilie replied with caution .

“It seems like Manting is slowly growing up . She was like a twelve-year-old when she woke up from her coma . However, she’s gradually growing up and is increasingly more independent now . ”

Shen Luo’an reached his hands into his pockets and fished out a pack of cigarettes .

He then pulled out a cigarette and stuck it in his mouth . However, he did not light it up immediately and looked at Shen Zhilie instead before he said, “What’s even more worrying is how she’s having nightmares more often lately . ”

“What sort of nightmares?” Shen Zhilie asked .

“She probably dreamt about the past,” Shen Luo’an replied with the cigarette still in his mouth . He then looked at Shen Zhilie rather sorrowfully and said, “About the terrible things that she had experienced in the past . Last night, she… seemed to have dreamt about the time you brought her out to have fun . She had called out your name in her sleep . Do you know what she said?”

“What did she say?” asked Shen Zhilie . “The time when I brought her out to have fun?” Shen Zhilie subconsciously wondered out loud .

“Yes . She said ‘Zhilie, don’t overcook it . You’ll have to finish it all if these end up inedible,” said Shen Luo’an in a slightly low voice . He then looked at Shen Zhilie and his lips curled up into a smile before he continued to say, “It happened that year . Do you still remember? It was three to four years ago when Youyou was still part of our family . ”

Shen Luo’an finally took out a lighter from his pockets and lit up his cigarette before softly saying, “It happened so long ago and it was merely a trivial event . Why would she remember that? I’ve forgotten about it already . ”

Shen Zhilie fell silent .

He stared at Shen Luo’an and realised that although his brother was smiling brightly, there was an obvious look of forlorn in his eyes, along with a hint of fear .

His fear was certainly buried deep within and it was hard to detect .

Shen Zhilie sighed softly and after carefully considering his choice of words, he started with, “Brother . ”

“Yes?” asked Shen Luo’an .

“Sister Manting has selective amnesia . She’s slowly recovering from it . You mentioned that she usually appears to be fine but would have very vivid dreams every night . Judging from what you’ve described, she would eventually recover all of her memories through her dreams sooner or later as she gradually recovers,” said Shen Zhilie .

Shen Zhilie paused for a moment and looked at Shen Luo’an, who was looking at him intently . He then continued slowly, “Perhaps this incident may seem trivial to you but it might have been a very precious and happy memory for her . This would explain why she would remember it and why she would dream of it . ”

Shen Zhilie had evidently phrased his words in such a way that it would be far less hurtful for Shen Luo’an .

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To no avail, every single word was like a blunt knife repeatedly stabbing Shen Luo’an’s heart with such great force, it still hurt him deeply .

Shen Luo’an averted his gaze and looked towards the flourishing roses in the courtyard .

It was not the flowering season yet but the leaves were already dense and lush .

Shen Luo’an took a puff from the cigarette and as he did so, his throat felt strangely choked . He immediately started coughing intensely heavily; his coughs were vehement and uncontrollable .

He was terribly and deeply choked, his throat aching intensely .

As he choked, tears started forming in his eyes . Perhaps it was because the smoke was too thick and it irritated his eyes or perhaps it was due to something else but his tears began to flow uncontrollably .

Shen Zhilie fell silent and looked at Shen Luo’an quietly .

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Shen Luo’an only wiped his eyes after a long time and in a shockingly raspy voice, he asked, “Is there a way for Manting to remain in her current state?”

“Let her remain happy forever,” Shen Luo’an thought to himself .

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