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Chapter 1960: 1960

Shen Manting hadn’t had a full meal in a really long time .

It was too expensive to stay in the hospital .

She only stayed there for a few days before her estimated due date, and she’d had to skimp and save to conserve her savings during her stay in order to have enough money to raise the baby .

Which was why she didn’t dare to eat to her heart’s content or buy anything of high quality .

She’d already planned for the worse . If she couldn’t afford to raise the baby, she’d marry an older man .

She had to put her child first, no matter what .

Little did she expect that Shen Luo’an would show up .

As Shen Manting ate her food, she suddenly felt a little upset .

With her head bowed, she drank her last spoonful of soup before standing up and saying, “I’m full . Call me when you’re done with your meal, and I’ll clean up . I’ll go look after the baby first . ”

Shen Luo’an looked up at her, and with one glance, he saw that Shen Manting’s eyes were slightly red .

He didn’t say anything, and merely watched her as she walked back into the room .

Shen Manting wiped her eyes before looking over at her son .

His face was tiny, and his features had yet to develop fully, but she could tell he greatly resembled Shen Luo’an .

She gently pinched his tiny hands, and her lips curled up into a faint smile .

“I bought powdered milk . There’s also diapers in the cabinet . ” Shen Luo’an’s voice could be heard from outside the room, along with the sound of his footsteps . “I’ll be outside . Call me if you can’t handle something and need help . ”

He stood by the door and watched her . “I know you’re afraid of me . I’ll sleep in the living room tonight . ”

Shen Manting felt her heart pound in her chest when she heard the few simple words that Shen Luo’an said .

The strange feeling she’d felt earlier surfaced again .

She looked at Shen Luo’an and nodded her head .

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Shen Luo’an gazed at her for a very long time and looked as if he wanted to say something, but he didn’t speak .

After he looked at her for some time, he turned around and walked away .

He even closed the door behind him .

Shen Manting opened the cabinet to take a look, and it was filled with paper diapers from good brands .

Her heart ached slightly as she silently began counting its cost in her head .

She opened the cabinet next to it, and it was filled with powdered milk .

The powered milk tin was gold, and it was a German brand . She could tell with one glance that it was really expensive .

Shen Manting suddenly felt a little tempted .

These were all things she couldn’t afford .

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But Shen Luo’an could .

“If the baby lived with Shen Luo’an, at the very least he’d be able to live and eat well and wouldn’t have to struggle like he would if he lived with me…” she thought . “Besides, Shen Luo’an and the Old Madam really want this baby . ”

She looked over at the little baby, who was fast asleep on the bed, and her eyes darkened .

“Yes . They want this baby, but they don’t want me . No matter how nicely they act now, it’s just a means to get the child from me . ”

“Once I hand the baby over, I might be given a sum of money . ”

“Or maybe… maybe I’ll face endless torture and rape from Shen Luo’an . ”

“He loved Ye Youyou, but he married Guan Queye, yet he spent every single night with me . ”

“Shen Luo’an’s never seen me as a human being . He just sees me as a tool to satisfy his lust . ”

“Now, Ye Youyou is with Li Jinnan, and Guan Queye committed suicide . ”

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“Coincidentally, I’m also pregnant, so Shen Luo’an sunk his demonic claws into me…”

Shen Manting instantly became alert, and she sat up straight .

“I can’t be tricked by him!” she thought . “He isn’t human! I don’t even believe he’ll genuinely treat the child well!”

Shen Manting’s heart thumped hard against her chest in anger, and she suddenly felt the sense of relief one feels after having nearly escaped disaster .

“I almost fell for his trap!” she thought .

Shen Manting lay down in bed again, but she didn’t at all feel like she was able to sleep anymore .

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