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Published at 17th of September 2020 02:10:05 AM
Chapter 1827: 1827
Chapter 1827: Have Some Self-Control! Your Parents Are Around!

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When Shen Zhilie saw that, he immediately reacted . He rushed over to cover the picture and yelled, “Damn it, Mom! What are you doing?”

Mrs . Shen burst out in hearty laughter . “What’s wrong? Photographs are meant to be looked at . What are you so embarrassed about?”

Ye Qianqian discourteously burst out in laughter as well and said, “I never knew you were this cute when you were young! You were so shy!”

Shen Zhilie blushed in embarrassment . His expression darkened as he snatched the photo album away . “When was this even taken? How do I not know about it?”

“Well, you were 13 years old then . You sneaked over to the reservoir for a swim and didn’t come back the whole morning . The whole family was so worried . Later on, your father was so angry that he stripped you bare and threw you outside the house . ” Mrs . Shen was laughing so hard that tears were about to come out of her eyes . “While outside, you refused to admit your mistake . When no one was there, your brother took a photo as a keepsake . How could you forget something so memorable?”

“Well, I forgot all about it . ” Shen Zhilie’s face was red . He quickly put the photo album away . He said, “It’s dinner time . Stop looking at photographs . ”

Ye Qianqian’s laughter intensified as she remarked, “Your face is so red . I guess it must be true!”

“Shut up!” Shen Zhilie rushed up and pulled her out with him . “It’s time for dinner . ”

Before Ye Qianqian could catch her breath, she’d been dragged out by Shen Zhilie .

Mrs . Shen followed behind with a pleased expression on her face .

As Ye Qianqian was being dragged out, she mischievously took the album with her . “I haven’t finished looking through it,” she complained .

“You’re not allowed to see anymore . How could you look at my naked picture with my mother? How shameless!”

“Damn it! I couldn’t even see anything!”

Shen Zhilie pulled her close and whispered into her ear, “That’s fine . I’ll let you see everything later tonight . ”

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Ye Qianqian’s face turned crimson . She glared at him and admonished, “How shameless!”

“How is that shameless of me? If you’re complaining, don’t look!” As he spoke he leaned in toward her, not caring that his family was around .

Ye Qianqian pinched his waist and gritted her teeth as she uttered, “Your mother is behind us!”

It didn’t hurt at all, but Shen Zhilie still pitiably howled, “Oh my god! You’re abusing your husband!”

His voice wasn’t soft, so Ye Qianqian jumped back in shock . She quickly turned her head back to glance at Mrs . Shen .

Mrs . Shen couldn’t stop smiling . She looked at the couple with a grin on her face .

Ye Qianqian felt her face heat up . She pushed Shen Zhilie away and said, “Scram!”

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Shen Zhilie leaned over toward her again . “Scram? This is my home! Come on, let’s wash our hands and have dinner . ”

The couple headed into the kitchen with Shen Zhilie’s arms around Ye Qianqian . She felt a little embarrassed . She whispered, “Have some self-control . Your parents are around . ”

“What’s there left to control?” Shen Zhilie rested his head on her shoulder and whispered, “I’m already exercising a lot of self-control . When I was holding you just now, I really wanted to kiss you . ”

Ye Qianqian was mortified . She turned her head toward him and exclaimed, “You…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Shen Zhilie suddenly leaned over and kissed her .

He noisily smooched her . Ye Qianqian froze in shock for a moment before regaining her wits and reaching out to smack him hard .

Shen Zhilie took a step back and caught her hand in his . He laughingly said, “Alright, time to wash our hands . ”

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Shen Longyue, his wife, and Nanny He were all behind the wall, trying their best to pretend nothing was going on .

The smile on Mrs . Shen’s face reached her eyes as she sat beside her husband and commented, “This girl is pretty amazing . ”

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