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Chapter 1736: 1736
Chapter 1736: Men in the Li Family

“No . Eldest Uncle works for the Ground Force . Chu said that he wants to work for the Special Forces when he grows up . He wants to be a sniper . ”

Li Jianyue’s eyes gleamed even brighter . “Snipers are the ones who stand on the rooftop and shoot their guns, aren’t they? I know, I know! Great-grandfather told me that snipers are brilliant . They can shoot an arrow through a willow leaf 100 paces away . They can even shoot birds from the ground and fish in the water . It was said that they can even survive in the wild . They’re really super-duper awesome!”

Su Qianci could not help but smile as she watched her chubby daughter dance with joy and excitement .

“That’s called shooting with extreme precision! Furthermore, why should snipers shoot birds? Nobody could shoot so far . Why would snipers also fish? Are you sure that great-grandfather told you that?”

When Li Jianyue heard what he said, she blinked her eyes and thought about it for a moment before she replied, “I don’t know…”

“Humph! Snipers don’t stand on rooftops to shoot birds . They can stand somewhere extremely far away and shoot a bad guy to control him . Not only can they stand on the rooftop, but they can also stand on trees and in the mountains . The Special Forces are the most elite among the military men who defend the country . They are also the most outstanding!” There was a look of desire on Li Jianqian’s face .

As Li Jianqian spoke, he did not forget to look at Li Sicheng .

Li Jianqian looked forward to seeing his reaction .

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Su Qianci, who had been listening to her son speak, could see that . Li Sicheng naturally understood as well .

Li Sicheng snuck one glance at his son but did not show any reaction .

Li Jianqian’s heart was overwhelmed with anxiety . He asked, “Daddy, can I be a military man when I grow up?”

Be a military man?

Of course, he could .

If Li Xiao or Old Pops heard these words, they would probably be overjoyed .

They wanted the boys in their family to work for the military even in their dreams, but Li Jinnan retired from the army early . What was even more incorrigible was the fact that Li Sicheng did not even enter the military .

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Those two old geezers constantly nagged, “The men in the Li family, the men in the Li family!”

When Li Sicheng heard that, he nodded his head slightly and said, “You can, but you must first change your bad habits . ”

“I don’t have any bad habits!”

“Your bad habit is that you do not realize your own bad habits . ” Li Sicheng pressed down on his head for a moment . “It’s your youngest uncle’s wedding today . When we head back home later, I’ll analyze for you why I said that you have bad habits . ”

Li Jianqian was still a little expectant . Upon hearing those words, he became slightly disappointed .

Nonetheless, he still nodded his head . Eventually, his eyes landed on the big wedding photo in the distance .

“It looks great . ”

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In the bride’s room, Ye Youyou was groggy with sleep as she held onto a bouquet of flowers while the makeup artist touched up her makeup .

She had a strong bridesmaid team but, at the moment, they were attending to the guests outside .

Ye Qianqian, who was in the room, watched Ye Youyou . She was slightly overwhelmed with a mix of emotions .

It was truly inconvenient to get married while one was pregnant!

Just when everyone was busy about their work, Ye Youyou was secretly taking a nap alone .

Someone would fault the bride for not attending to the guests outside . If it became a subject of gossip, she would likely have a slightly harder time with her husband’s family .

“Get ready to come out . Almost all of the guests have arrived . It’s almost time . Is the bride ready?”

When Ye Qianqian heard that, she quickly hurried forward and pulled Ye Youyou up before she said, “Oh gosh, my bride, you only have a wedding ceremony once in your lifetime . You better cherish this . Quick, everyone’s waiting for you outside . ”

Ye Youyou instantly woke up with a start . Even when she heard the sound of the music, she was not in a hurry . She yawned slowly as she replied, “What’s the hurry? We still have Anan . ”

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