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Chapter 1732: 1732
Chapter 1732: Li Jinnan’s Wedding

“That won’t happen . ” Ye Qianqian glanced at her . “I know how to take care of myself . ”

When she was with Shen Zhilie, unless he wore a condom, she wouldn’t go all the way with him .

That was her principle .

Furthermore, she had been keeping a close track of her monthly cycle .

The two days preceding and following her flow were strictly off-limits, as was her ovulation period . Therefore, there was absolutely no chance that she would get pregnant .

This was a responsibility to herself and him .

When Fang Tongtong saw the expression on Ye Qianqian’s face, her envy grew . “Damn it! If you’re able to get a man even with your strong personality, why can’t I?”

“Because you’re ugly . ”

Fang Tongtong had the urge to jump up and strangle her . “Scram!”

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Ye Qianqian burst out laughing . “I’m leaving! I’m going back to Kingstown!”

Ye Youyou’s wedding was quite grand .

The celebration didn’t just belong to Li Jinnan alone . It belonged to the whole Li family .

Many dignitaries turned up in honor of Old Commander Li Xun and his reputation .

As a result, the couple received many presents .

Because most of the guests were elders, Li Jinnan had to stand outside and welcome them personally . As part of the younger generation, this show of respect was obligatory .

Because Ye Youyou was pregnant, Li Jinnan had her go back in after she accompanied him outside for a while .

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Li Sicheng and his family were fashionably late .

Li Mosen and Li Jianyue walked in together . While one was steady and quiet like a mini adult, the other was jumping around in a carefree and innocent manner .

Li Jianqian had come back from the Capital for the holidays . He held Su Qianci’s hand as he slowly entered . As he walked, he kept his eye on his mother’s pregnant belly .

Li Sicheng held on to his wife’s arm . When he noticed his son’s action, he brusquely stated, “Watch out . Your sister might kick you . ”

When Li Jianyue heard that, she turned around and blinked her eyes before bouncing over giddily . She raised her little foot toward Li Jianqian and said, “I’m going to kick you, Older Brother!”

Li Jianqian held her back and replied, “Father wasn’t talking about you . He was referring to the little sister inside Mother’s belly . ”

“Why? How does he know that it’s a little sister?” Li Jianyue’s eyes widened as she leaned over to look . “I don’t see any sister . I only see Mommy’s belly . ”

Li Jianqian couldn’t resist smiling and replied, “You can’t tell now . You’ll have to wait until the baby is born . ”

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“Oh… So, how do you know that it’s going to be a little sister, Older Brother?”

“It’s what Father said . ”

“How does Father know?” Li Jianyue turned her curious gaze to Li Sicheng .

The expression on Li Sicheng’s face didn’t change . He shot his daughter a glance and lovingly said, “Because I hope that the baby inside Mommy’s womb is a little girl that is as cute and lovable as you, Ersu . ”

Li Ersu nodded her head in understanding and replied, “But Father, won’t we only know after Mommy gives birth? What if it turns out to be a little brother?”

“Does Ersu want a little brother?” Su Qianci bent down and stroked her daughter on her head .

Li Jianyue nodded . “Yes! Yes! I’d like a little brother . I think a little brother will be like Daddy and Uncle in their brotherhood . ”

“A brotherhood requires two brothers, not just one . ” Li Jinnan walked over and patted the little girl on her head . He looked at Su Qianci’s belly and remarked, “Sister-in-law’s belly is growing at a remarkable rate!”

“Not at all . At least it’s only one now . When I was pregnant with Dasu and Ersu at the same time, my belly at five months was comparable to other women who were eight months pregnant . ” Su Qianci chuckled . Motherly love shined brilliantly on her face as she gazed at her swollen belly . “This child is fortunate and healthy . This time around, the previous obstacles are no longer present . ”

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