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Chapter 93


“EDITOR: Ghost Ape”

「Trapped by demons? What do you mean by that? Were they attacked? 」 


When Ariante asked, Hunt god showed a gesture of holding his head with both hands, which is surprisingly human-like .  


「That person’s situation, I’ll tell you . If you can, help them . 」 


Then, the Hunt God began to talk about what happened to Rēvendia .  




As we went closer to the royal capital, the fog on the plain deepened .  


It’s not an ordinary fog either . No matter how hard you look, you can’t see anything but a few steps ahead .  


「I, I’m tired……」 


However, I can’t afford to doubt the extreme weather .  

Being controlled by spirit-san’s power and running explosively nonstop, my fatigue (including mental fatigue) has already reached its peak .  


「Awawa, I’m very sorry about that Evil Dragon-sama . But we will probably arrive soon . I don’t know why there is a terrible fog, but distance-wise we will be arriving soon . If it was sunny, we’d be able to see the royal capital by now . 」 


Sheina says while looking at a compass . Special made by an alchemist, that compass seems to be able to show our current position and the destination accurately even in this fog .  



「Then, I don’t need to be boosted by spirit-san anymore, right? 」 

「Un . It stopped already so rest assured . 」


「Thank goodness…… 」 


If it continued any longer, I wouldn’t be able to keep my consciousness anymore .  

When we enter the royal capital, Rēko will probably cause various problems again, so I’ll take a good rest before that .  


Then, Rēko, who was a little far away, walked up to us from the fog .  


 「Fuh, Sheina . You seem to have grown a lot in this journey . It seems that you have been able to communicate with Evil Dragon-sama by receiving his thoughts that he sent from afar . 」 

「Ah, yes . That’s right . 」 

「But overconfidence is forbidden . As a kin, I constantly receive more sophisticated and complex thoughts from Evil Dragon-sama . You are only touching a piece of Evil Dragon-sama’s will . If you go deep and touch Evil Dragon-sama’s true darkness, it will inevitably collapse your mind . Be very careful . 」 

「…… By the way, what does Rēko-chan hear from Evil Dragon-sama? 」 


Rēko sat upright in front of Sheina with her eyes shining .  


「It’s extremely difficult to verbalize . After all, the communication between Evil Dragon-sama and me is done through the soul, so it goes beyond the scope of human understanding . But, if I dare to speak it in human language, then the overwhelming urge to kill the Demon King as well as destroy all things are the topics that cannot be ignored . Oops, but this is also dangerous for ordinary people if I talk about it in too much detail……」 

「Is that so? 」 

「Don’t ask me . I’ll have trouble answering . 」 


I sweated and responded to Sheina who looked at me instead of Rēko .   


「Well, maybe what Rēko wants to say is, “Don’t just talk to me (with thoughts), but come over here” or something like that . Unexpectedly, that girl really wants to talk with people . 」 


「What . So it’s something like that . She’s really not straightforward . 」 


When Sheina said that and began to poke Rēko’s cheeks, something strange happened .  


The fog cleared suddenly and the sunlight shone down, revealing the appearance of the royal castle towering over the plains .  


「……The fog disappeared with some really tremendous momentum . 」 

「The sunlight is also getting stronger……wonder if there’s a limit to it . 」 



Sheina and I are getting suspicious . It was obviously not a normal climatic change .  

Moreover, the fog swirls disturbingly above the royal capital that we are aiming for .  


「Did you receive my thoughts, Evil Dragon-sama . I was already close to the royal capital . Yes……rest assured……I will give this city to you as a puppet nation . First, I will imprint the fear thoroughly . And after that, I will give them Evil Dragon-sama’s mercy……This is the perfect carrot and stick strategy . 」 

「 Rēko . Hold on a bit . Listen to my true voice . I did not deliver such a dark intention . 」 


Rēko began to receive something strange so I shook her shoulders .  

Rēko was muttering a disturbing plan while staring at the void for a while, but her eyes soon focused on me .  


「Yes . Is this an emergency communication from Evil Dragon-sama? What are your orders? 」 

「Be calm . Don’t have such a dangerous attitude with the people in this country . That’s because you are actually a kind child . 」 

「I understand……you mean to wipe out the sweetness that still remains in me, right? 」 

「Don’t do that . Never wipe out your last conscience . 」 


However, Rēko seemed eager to make her first mission successful, and my restraint was no longer effective .  

All I did was cling to their hems while they pushed me forward .  


Toward the royal capital where apparently strange fog swirled .  


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「Then, they entered the royal capital and I couldn’t see anymore . 」 


Ariante heard the series of events and sighed .  


「It’s a trap no matter what you think about it . That fog is certainly the work of a demon……There is no information that Rēvendia and the others entered the royal capital of Granard, so they are probably wrapped in fog before getting trapped in a barrier disguised as the royal capital . 」 

「I, think so too . But strange . Why, Rēko, didn’t notice? 」


「That girl……is too strong, so she’s less alert . Even if there is a monster with decent strength, she can’t distinguish it from small fry . Well, that monster may actually be just a small fry to that girl . That dragon over there also has been mistaken as some children’s plaything by that girl . 」 


Doradora who was pointed at looked at the sky and laughed .  


「Fuh, that sort of thing happened……when I think about it now, it’s a story of a distant past……」 

「Don’t try to casually bury it in the past . It hasn’t even been a month yet . 」 

「I’m growing stronger day by day . The next time she sees me, she will never mistake me for a children’s plaything . At that moment, that girl will know . The Proud Dragon of Fierce Winds Doradora’s true name—」 

「We deviated from the topic . So, Hunt God . Just to be sure, but Rēvendia and the others disappeared in the plain just before the royal capital, right? 」 

「Probably . 」 


But the search team has already searched that place thoroughly .  

A certain amount of magic power is needed to create a barrier . The Saintess at Seiren is good at it, but that was a skill that she could only do within her own territory .


If a monster that could create a barrier big enough to trap Rēvendia appeared in the vicinity of the royal capital, it would create a lot of turmoil… 


「Ah, by the way . Few days ago, a Demon King Army’s executive was defeated . Maybe, it has something to do with it . 」 

「An executive from the Demon King’s Army? 」 

「Un, a person that looks like a rabbit stuffed animal . 」

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「A rabbit stuffed animal……? 」 


Stuffed Animal .  

A feeling of discomfort stuck in my head for a moment, but it quickly melted .  


「I’ve heard from Granard’s adventurer’s guild that they found a stuffed animal before . Maybe it’s pretending to be dead . 」 


Aliante signals Doradora to spread his wings .  


「Oh God of Hunting who has given me your assistance . I will return here at some time . At that time, please give me one lesson on hunting . 」 

「Un, be at ease . You, great potential . 」 


I jumped on Doradora’s back, and the ground vanished from below me in a blink of an eye .  


「Go to the royal capital of Granard . We will collect the stuffed animal and see if it’s a monster . 」 

「I understand—but, I’m not quite convinced by the story just now . 」 

「What do you mean? 」 

「Aside from that kin girl, why did Rēvendia not notice the strangeness of the royal capital? With his power, any kind barrier will just be instantly broken . But why are they still trapped? 」 

「……that’s true when you think about it . 」 


If Rēvendia says, “This is a fake royal capital,” the space will be destroyed with a single swing of that kin’s dagger . No, even if he is not sure that it’s a fake, if he says, ”This looks somewhat strange,” that girl would immediately know the existence of the barrier with clairvoyance .   

 —but he didn’t do it . Or is he in a situation where he can’t? 


「Whatever it is, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a very good situation . Rēvendia……」 


Ariante bit her lip in frustration .

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