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Chapter 203
Chapter 203 – Another story 17: The Defensive Battle of the Port City Motampe 1.

“So, how should we move from now on?”

For the sake of protecting the Port City Motampe, Sarona asked this of Naminissa before taking any actions.
Be it due to her being royalty or her personality, inside Wazu’s Harem Members, Naminissa had the role of the leader. And Narelina had the role of supporting her prided younger sister.
And when it was time to take action, in general, they would heed to Naminissa’s instructions.

“Let’s see… I do not know how many monsters would come attacking but I am sure that they will be even more than what have hypothesized…”

Naminissa juged that with a uneasy face.
It was at times like these that they relied in Wazu’s out-of-standard strength but, Wazu had other place to go to. That’s why they had the obligation to do something about it themselves. And they had to prevent anyone from dying in order to not make Wazu sad.
Those factors narrowed down Naminissa’s field of vision.
But there was no way that Naminissa would commit a mistake.
Because since birth, by her side was always her twin sister.

“… Come on, you’re making a difficult face again!! Haven’t I always said that you don’t have to overthink everything by yourself? Look carefully to your surroundings. Who is here around you?”
“… Wazu-sama’s Harem Members, including Ane-sama.”
“That’s right!! And we’re the strongest!! Can’t you rely on us?”

Directing those words to Naminissa, Narelina gave a fearless smile to show how proud she was of the Harem Members. Seeing that smile, the feelings of unease of Naminissa receded a little and she felt as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

“… You are right. We will not lose to anybody. We are the invincible Harem Members of Wazu-sama… There is no way that we will be taken down by some monsters…”
“Exactly, let’s just get ready like ‘dooon’ and defeat them like ‘baaam’!!”
“… Us being here is already exceeding war potential.”
“Is just like Haosui said, Naminissa-oneechan!! Just rely on us for anything!! And let’s protect the city beautifully so that when he comes back, we can get praised plenty by Onii-chan!!”

Following up on Narelina’s words, Haosui and Kagane said that to Naminissa in order to reassure her, with Sarona, Tata and Mao nodding to those words.

“Then I will be relying on you plentifully, so let’s save this city.”

Feeling relieved, Naminissa also gives a smile.
And from there, Naminissa’s actions were fast. In a moment, she decided how they were goning to move in order to confront the monsters, she explained it to the Harem Members and each of them took they respective actions…



This Port City Motampe has three entrances. By land there was the East Gate and the West Gate, and by sea it was the Harbour. Everywhere else was protected by a sturdy wall, although not as tall as the one from the Imperial Capital Iscoa.
Judging that all of the monsters would rush all of those three entrances, Naminissa first decided to gather all the residents of the city and the knights in one place and explain to them in a simple way what was about to happen in this city.

“… And so, in no time, monsters are gona come rushing here. But please do not fret. For we will certainly protect you.”

But there was not one citizen or knight that got frightened by Naminissa’s words. Which was to be expected, since most of the population of this city were people from the former Kingdom of Mabondo. And even if the Mabondo family were to stop being royalty, the people of this city still love all of them and idolize them.
And seeing that the Mabondo Princess Naminissa… seeing that all of the Harem Members of Wazu that live together with Naminissa were willing to fight to protect this city, it was obvious that the feeling of wanting to assist them would be born in the people.
And from everywhere, people saying “I’ll fight too!” stood up, and that was the moment that all the people gathered here shared the feeling of wanting to fight side by side with the girls.
At that scenery, the Harem Members answered their feelings with a deep bow.



The strategy that Naminissa came up with was simple.
That was to gather people in all of the entrances of the city and divide the Harem Members.
First in the East Gate were Sarona, Tata, Mao and 60% of the people capable of fighting from the city and in the West gate were Naminissa and Narelina and the remaining 40% of the people capable of fighting.
And in the harbour, Kagane was left alone. Guarding over the wall was Haosui.
This arrangement was exceedingly simple to chose due to the fighting ratio, and the overpowered Haosui and Kagane were left to move at their own discretion.
The one giving directions on the East Gate was Sarona, and the one on the West Gate was Naminissa.
And Kagane was left to exterminate the monsters attacking from the sea taking into consideration her super long range magic to give support. Haosui was left as a mobile unit to stop any monster that got out of formation.

And so, in order to protect this city, everyone moved to their designated places. And the moment they finished preparing, the portion of the horizon visible by them was tainted by a great number of monsters that were rushing in. It was huge enough to fill their own field of vision.

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