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After the conversation with the prince, I went to the carriage to go home.
Father is still at work, so I went to mother to tell her the situation.
When mother heard about the engagement being canceled, she was shocked but she still accepted it.

“Even so, to go to the rainforest… You know you’re only a fifteen-year-old girl right?

“Yes, mother. I have always dreamed of going to the rainforest.”

“True… you have been saying that since you were young.”

“Yes… I love my mother. My favorite mother always listens to my dream.”

I look up to my mother who is still reluctant.

The youngest child’s secret weapon. It is deadly and it works favorably against my mother.

 “Because my beloved mother listened to me…I was able to keep my dream.”

I look at my mother while speaking softly.

I attack my mother with my large watery eyes, she gave in and hug me.

“Ah, yes. My precious Vera… I support your dream.”
“My favorite mother supports my dream.”

Okay, one more push.

I’m increasing my ‘love” today.
This special technique is less effective on Onii-sama but it still works on mother.

“…Yes, I understand. It will be hard to stay in the capital after the annulment of your engagement, so let’s get ready right away.”

“Mother, thank you.”

I love you. I hug my mother while she smiles softly and laughs.

After I finish my conversation with mother, I return to my room.

It would be easier now that mother is on my side.

Father will also accept.

When I arrive in my room, I took out a variety of clothes from the closet and line them up on the couch. I have to hurry and prepare to leave for the rainforest. In a week, the prince will introduce his new fiancée. I want to be out of the capital by then.

“Oujo-sama, is it true that you call off your engagement with Charles-sama?!”

The house was noisy from this news.

In the midst of all the noise, a young man with gray eyes and brown hair enter my room.  


That nostalgic face.

I ran over to him and quickly grab his hands.

Sebastian was thrilled and held onto my hands as well.

“You don’t need to be with Onii-sama?”

“Yes, as soon as Versama is finish preparing, we are to report immediately to the mansion.”
“I see…”

The two of them have really thought it through.

Naturally, Sebastian gave me a thoughtful smile.

Sebastian was my former squire.

When I first arrive at the mansion, he was originally my brother’s squire but I forcefully made him my squire.

It was when I was five years old and Sebastian was ten.

Since then, we been together until my engagement with the third prince was decided.

Sebastian became my Onii-sama squire again.

It was not respectable for the third prince’s fiancée to have a squire.

We haven’t seen each other in the mansion since.

It has been a long time since we had a conversation together.

“Sebastian, I’m going to the rainforest.”

“Why the rainforest?”
“Hey…we made a promise to go to the rainforest didn’t we? Sebastian go to the rainforest with me.”

Sebastian will be by my side.

The smooth light brown hair and his grey eyes that is slightly droopy looking at me gently.

“Sebastian, you have taught me a lot about the strange creatures. I’ve always wanted to go.”

I wanted to go to the rainforest.

I thought I can go with Sebastian.

…Until I became the third prince’s fiancé by the lottery.

“I don’t think I can go with you Ojou-sama…”

When he heard my words, his eyes start to tear up.

I saw that and started to laugh.

“Sebastian is still a crybaby.”

“…. this…Ojou-sama always…”

His tears can no longer be held back as he starts to cry.

… He’s five years older but, I cannot help it.

I took out my white handkerchief and put it on his eyes, and wiped the tears that overflowed.

“Sebastian, I can’t even braid my hair properly. And even if I observe the strange creatures, I cannot draw it well.”


“Just…. uh…Ojou-sama….is it that bad?”

“Sebastian, you will draw it.”

He nods while wiping his tears with my white handkerchief.

“Sebastian, didn’t you say that my yellow-green hair and auburn eyes look like the color of the rainforest?”

“… Yes.”

“That was when I fell in love with my hair and eye color.”

I am the youngest of the four children.

I am surrounded by my older sister and brothers with the same coloring but I don’t think the colors look well on me.

I hated it until Sebastian looked after me.

When I decided I wanted to go to the rainforest, I studied and learn more about it.

Even though I said I wanted to go first, I want to become acquainted with myself.

“So… so... that’s it for today.”

I let go of Sebastian’s hands and turn towards the clothes I had spread out on the couch.

Every piece of clothing is green or brown and the top and bottom are separated. There aren’t any skirts amongst the clothes; only culottes and slacks.

“Did you include rain boots and raincoats?

The treasures we’ve collected for a long time…

It finally makes sense.

“Today the birds were migrating south into the rainforest… I looked up and wanted to fly too.”

I was the third prince’s fiancée.

I couldn’t dream.

I thought I was a caged bird.

“It’s already good. I feel like I’m flying!”

I’m laughing and looking at Sebastian’s teary eyes.

His gray eyes are as gentle as ever.

“Sebastian, let’s we go together!  Let's observe the mysterious creatures in the rainforest!”

I looked up into his eyes.

“Gladly, Ojou-sama.”

While Sebastian cried, he returned a smile that melted me inside.


Translator's End Note:

This story isn’t much of a romance. More of a situation where she escaped from a position where she couldn’t fulfill her dream. There’s a bit of a foreshadowing of Sebastian having feelings for Vera but the author stops the story at this point where it seems like her life is finally starting again. It might be a bit of a letdown for those who are hoping for full on romance instead of this little hints of it but it’s still a sweet short story.

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