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The thing in question



I, also known as Alfred, am currently taking a nap in the garden site.

The grass underneath is soft, fluffy and feels pleasant like the lawn. Although it’s summer, the temperature doesn’t feel too high today, and there is also good ventilation.

Japan was abnormal. The temperature goes up steadily in the city because of the heat island phenomenon.1

That seems to be caused by the increasing number of buildings, and the decrease of green tracts of land and surface of water.

Those points are irrelevant to Coryatt Village. There are no obstructive buildings, the pleasant wind blows anywhere, and also, the air is clean.

The countryside is the best.

When I grow up, although I’m not really sure what kind of work should I do, I don’t want to have desk job.

I noticed it the other day when I was fishing with Eleanor-neesan. If I take the fish to inland areas with teleportation magic, won’t I make a profit?

Certainly, the distance between the sea and the royal capital is also not too far from each other, but, it must be difficult to transport it while keeping it fresh.

There is a magic tool like the refrigerator, too. However, in this world where the price is high and the amount is insufficient, there is no refrigerating the captured fish at once like in Japan, and there is also no large-scale refrigeration facilities and trucks.

Even if it was possible to transport it by some method, it’ll be a very small amount and the freshness might also be extremely lacking.

It’s caught by the ship. I immediately buy it in the locale.

I deliver it anywhere with teleportation magic. The refrigeration will be done by something like ice magic.

……Isn’t that the best way?

Isn’t it natural to secure my rich slow life environment with this much? I instinctively put away my thinking face.

「What is it~? Why are you floating a disgusting smile while sleeping? 」

Bartholo looks at me from above. Because I was at the position of the backlight from the sun, the shadow emphasizes the roughness of the face and the body, and the impact is terrible.

Won’t an ordinary child cry?

「Bartholo…… You were alive. 」

「I don’t want to hear any more. 」

Bartholo, who has a pathetic expression and is floating a dark atmosphere, sits down.

「Well, but this is important. The sugarーー 」

「Oh! Idiot! 」

Without giving time for him to continue his words, I cover Bartholo’s mouth with a serious expression and bring him to the bushes.

Although no matter how you look at it, it’s like the scene where a child is forcibly kidnapped or sexually assaulted.

However, Bartholo’s appearance seems to be a lamb that is hiding its body away from the hungry wolf. His survival instinct is at full throttle. The usual reliable old man is in this position. What the heck did Bartholo do?

「Sugar! 」

Then, I immediately hear a sound that seems like the front door of the mansion was forcefully opened.

This voice is probably Elna-kaasan’s.

「Araー? I’m sure that I heard someone say sugar~ 」

Huh? Did I just hear Elna-kaasan say 『Other than a man, is it impossible to forcefully open this door because it’s heavy? Ufufu 』?

「Yes, madam. It certainly entered the ear of this Mina, too. 」

From behind, it was said by the careless and hopeless maid Mina. Huh? When have you been able to do a beautiful standing figure like that? Isn’t it steadier than usual? Or perhaps I should say it feels dignified?

「U~n. It’s strange, isn’t it? There is no one in the garden, I wonder if it’s my imagination. 」

Elna-kaasan goes back to the mansion while tilting her head.

「……What was that? 」

「You shouldn’t say that word carelessly this time. You’ll be squeezed, you know? 」

Eh? What? What will get squeezed!?

But I didn’t ask. Curiosity kills the cat.

「So, is the thing in question safe? 」

It’s absolutely because of Elna-kaasan’s whisper for a moment and not Mina that I’m scared. This is the reason why I protect Bartholo’s life.

「There is a little. I still have it. 」

Bartholo floats a nihilistic smile while his teeth shine with a *kira-n*.2

It seems like Bartholo still has hope somehow. It’s certainly strange for someone to hide oneself when there is nothing to protect. I feel guilty……Still hiding because there is something that’s being protected.

It’s something like a friend’s erotic book was discovered, but his favorite DVD hasn’t been exposed! It feels like that.

「If that’s the case, then that’s good. There are still dishes that I’d like to do, too. 」

「I see. The cream sauce that the boy said is also almost complete! 」

「Please finish that quickly. I’m getting tired of only eating tomato spaghetti recently. 」

「It’s different and it’s difficult to understand. 」

Gahaha, Bartholo laughs and returns to the kitchen. I’m happy that he became lively.

One day, when I was reading a book in the mansion, Elna-kaasan said 「I’ll show you magic, so look closely! 」with a smile.

What a sudden moment. Although I thought that way, when I think back, I feel like I had a conversation with Elna-kaasan on the morning of the day when I went to the river.

Although I felt like taking it easy and slowly reading a book, the truth was I thought that it was just right because I still haven’t practiced increasing my mana today.

I follow Elna-kaasan and we arrived at the backside of the mansion.

There is also a little grass on the ground underneath. There is only a wall covering the mansion, and my favorite plain can be seen in the distance.

In other words, because it’s a path that’s not used frequently, there is simply nothing, even if fire magic is used, there is nothing to burn.

「Does Al have magic that he can use? I heard that you saw Eleanor use water and earth? 」

「Un, I can use it. 」

But if space magic is included, I can use about eight magic.

「Then, anything’s okay so show it. 」

「Yeーs. 」

I pile up the soil as usual with earth magic, it hardens and a chair is made. I did trial and error so that it’s extremely easy and comfortable to sit on, it’s the only the chair that’s only for my sake in the world.

Chant? I recite such things in my mind, and as I get more accustomed to it, it’s steadily getting shorter. However, my chant is completely different from the original chant sentence.

「……Al, how did you do the chant? 」

Elna-kaasan greatly opens her eyes wide, the voice that she managed to squeeze out after a few seconds of being lost for words was heard.

「Because I’m able to chant by only reciting it in my mind, is it no good? 」

Even though it’s omitted and greatly shortened.

Elna-kaasan is quite astonished. I wonder if it was terribly unusual.

「……Is, is that so? I understand. Is it also possible for other magic? 」

「Un, it’s possible. 」

I make a cup with earth magic, and then I put ice inside with ice magic.

I lick the ice like a candy to cool myself because of the hot temperature. I also pass ice to Elna-kaasan because it’s valuable.

When I casually look at the surroundings, because weed has grown long only for a part and it looks unpleasant, I fire wind magic’s Wind Cutter and the weed is mowed down.

The Wind Cutter chops off an obstructive branch, it’s frequently used to make nuts and fruits drop. Because the nuts and fruits get damaged if it’s overdone, I always use it carefully.

「I use it recently with such a feeling. 」

「You can also use four attribute, can’t you~? Furthermore, even ice magic. 」

I have a stiff face when I looked at Elna-kaasan. I’m at the state of half glad and half embarrassed.

Un, it was good that I didn’t show fire or thunder or space.

「Un……Because Al was more excellent than I thought, I wonder if what okaasan will teach will be insufficient. Because I need to rethink the training menu, let’s end it here today, okay? 」

「Un. I understand. 」

Apparently, it seems that I’m more excellent than what Elna-kaasan thought. Although I feel that she’s a little upset, it’s good that her positive state didn’t change.

「Al is amazing~ Being able to use magic like this. Are you not using offensive magic? 」

Offensive magic? To whom will the offensive magic be used? I don’t go out of this Coryatt Village. Well, I’m more or less prepared.

「Magic used to enrich my daily life is already enough. 」

「Using magic like that is very Al-like. 」

*Fufu* Elna-kaasan joins hands with me while laughing and we begin to walk slowly.

It’s also peaceful today.

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