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Chapter 80

Return to Koryatt Village

After that, we finished settling the payment of the magic tool, then we went out to go shopping again .

In the northern district, we bought slightly expensive clothes and cloth, and also tea leaves for our tea .

After Elnkaasan went on a shopping spree to buy sugar and tea leaves, she went to a clothing shop with Nord-tousan again .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

It’s already in the afternoon, how many times has it been I wonder . .

Kids like me don't need such high-quality clothes, so this time I was allowed to wait and take a rest on a bench outside of the shop . And I’m not interested in having one .

Yes, I give that married couple some time alone . It’s not because I’m tired, or that I found it troublesome, nah .

I wanted to drink a little bit, but as far as my surroundings are concerned, there are no stalls around here .

Maybe there’s not a lot of stalls here because this is the northern district where the wealthy live? And even if there are stalls here, for a cup of juice I think it’s likely that it will cost one silver coin . And in that case, I think it would be better to just enter a cafe somewhere .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

But, I don’t want to move from this placeー .

While I was so focused on wondering what to do as I sat and leaned on the bench, there was the sound of a bell from the clothing shop .

I eagerly raised my head thinking that the shopping was finally over, but then Elnkaasan entered another clothing shop next to the one from before .

「That’s the place you’ve visited just a short while ago, right!?」

Maybe he heard me yelling, Nord-tousan let out a forced smile and followed Elnkaasan to enter the shop .

Why did they enter a shop that they’ve entered before?

Even though she bought sugar and tea leaves quickly and resolutely, why is it when it comes to clothes it took so long?

Going to that place, then that place over there, then going back to the place before, I feel like I've become a patrolling guard of the royal capital doing his round today .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

Furthermore, she went wild and the range of her movement expanded until she found the thing she took a liking to .

I’ve heard that for women, they get this feeling of satisfaction from the process of searching for the things they want and buying them, if that was true then it would be terrible .

It is currently after noon . Will she keep going on shopping until evening . . . ?

「 . . . . . . . . . . . it’s finally over . 」

Evening, as soon as I arrived I flopped onto the soft and fluffy sofa .

「……yeah . 」

Nord-tousan who was brought along the most today, also flopped onto the sofa opposite from me .

We buried our faces into the sofa and fell into silence . Or I should say, we don’t have the energy to talk .

Currently, Elnkaasan is checking the package delivered to the inn together with the inn’s employee .

I wonder if that amount of luggage will be placed on the wagon? Especially since there are too many jars with sugar in it .

It will be difficult for the horse to pull the wagon with that amount of luggage .

And later, Bartolo will have it hard when we return .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

When I closed my eyes while thinking about such things, the door of the room opened .

Maybe because of the accumulated fatigue, Nord-tousan and I didn’t turn around to look .

Elnkaasan is still checking the luggage, while Mina is currently can’t move due to eating too much food from the stalls so it should be Sara .

The tableware made a clink sound *kachari* and the sound of someone pouring tea can be heard .

And then two cups of tea were placed on the table .

「「 . . . . . . . thank you, Sara . 」」

Nord-tousan and I thank Sara in a muffled voice .

「……you’re welcome, thank you for your hard work . 」1

Maybe Sara senses the tired air around us, she leaves the room quietly .

Nord-tousan should be thirsty like me, but we can’t drink the tea since it still has not cooled down yet .




And the next day . Finally, it is time for us to leave the royal capital .

The carriage is currently being prepared, while we’ve already prepared ourselves since early in the morning .

The guards Roomba and Gates have also arrived punctually, it's really been a while since I saw the two of them together .

Since even when Nord-tousan and us went to the party, we only saw one of them .

「Ohー!  Al! Did you see it?」

Roomba approaches me as soon as he notices me .

Gates seems to be helping to sort the luggages in the wagon .

「I saw it! That! It was interesting in various meanings! I also bought a book about it . 」

「Really! You bought a good stuff . Since it’s a child’s job to tell others of their parents great achievement . 」

We nodded to each other while showing a dark smile .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「I’m looking forward to this on the carriage back home . 」

「Uh-huh . Actually, I quietly bought the famous Dragon Muffin . 」

The Dragon Muffin is that . It was from the theater, the thing that was the cause of Nord-tousan and Elnkaasan’s relationship, the one that let them develop their relationship .

I bought it at the store that became very popular thanks to the Dragon Slayer play .

Now, there’s even a famous rumor that said if you eat it together with your partner, you will be able to marry that person .

Because there’s this one street that Elnkaasan unnaturally avoided, I investigated it and found the store .

 I thought that there was something there since we took a detour, even though we should be able to get to our destination if we took the quickest route through that street .

「Then, how about we talked about it while we have that as a snack?」

Our journey back on the carriage may be long, but it looks like I won’t get bored .

After that, the preparation for our return has been sorted out, and we get into the carriage to leave the royal capital .

Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the people and stuff gathered here, we proceed slowly down the southern main street .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

At first, I was quite reluctant to leave, but then I could just come to this place anytime and there’s no place that I’m thinking of in particular .

And now the only thought in my mind is that I wanted to quickly go back to Koryatt village .

I wanted to go back to idling around at the mansion as soon as possible .

Before long, the carriage approaches the South Gate .

On that first day we arrived at this place, I rushed out of the carriage with great interest, but now I don’t do that .

Because there’s a predator prowling around there . I don’t think anyone would like to get eaten by another person .

Even when there’s a simple procedure to carry out in order to pass through the gate, Nord-tousan didn’t come out of the carriage .

If you were to ask why, that’s because the guard guarding the gate is the same short-haired and skinhead guard we met as on that day .

「Please show me your noble’s badge . . . . . . . and also your body . 」

I can’t hear you . I didn’t hear anything .

Nord-tousan shows the family’s coat of arms on the notebook without getting off of the coachman’s seat .

Trying to reach his hand out as far as he can while taking a distance from the guard even a little more .

Even when he was facing off against a dragon, I don’t think he was this scared .

As expected, it seems that this kind of ‘world’ is not something that he can venture on . You can go venture on that world, but at the end of your adventure, you will not be able to return to your previous self .

「Excuse me, I can’t see it clearly . 」 www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com


The short-haired guard said that the noble’s badge is too far from him, he grasped at Nord-tousan’s hand as if wrapping it as he checked on the coat of arms .

Rather than checking the coat of arms, it looks like he was checking Nord-tousan’s skin . And thoroughly at that .

「Mina, is your stomach all right now?」

「Yes, it’s all right now . I’m too excited yesterday . 」

Mina said 「Ehehe」, while sticking her tongue out .

「When you come back you look like a pregnant woman with your bloated stomach . 」

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「It was difficult for me to take her home . 」

Elnkaasan and the others started laughing after hearing Sara .

Even though there’s a crisis to her husband’s - who is outside - chastity, the inside of the carriage is peaceful .

「It’s as beautiful as ever . I’ve been guarding here for a while now . There’s a good inn nearby, if you’d like . . 」

「N, no! I’m going home now! I’m not coming with you!」

Speaking of which, I can’t see the skinhead guy .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

I look outside of the window at the side as that thought crossed my mind, and the skinhead’s face is there, right in front of me .


I was about to use magic right there on the spur of the moment, but I closed the curtain to protect myself .

My heart is beating fast and my chest hurts .

And when I’ve calmed down for a bit, I opened the curtain for just a tiny bit, and thought of taking a look for one more time, but I stopped myself .

However, I can still feel his presence outside so there’s no doubt that he’s there .

I’m the only one being startled inside this peaceful carriage, and then the voice of an angel can be heard from above at the moment when Nord-tousan’s butt is about to be touched .

「The wagon’s inspection is over! There’s no problem!」

「Oi! Didn’t I told you to do it at a slower pace!」

With angry voices, the short haired guard criticises the earnest young guard .

「Yosh, Row-san let’s go quickly!」

「Ye, yes!」

Row-san the coachman whipped the horses to advance .

「Aah! Wait! Please wait! I’m not done inspecting your butt yet」, Nord-tousan pulled away from the prattling-on short haired guard as the carriage left the gate .

After passing through the Demon Gate, we’re going home as if running away from the royal capital .


On the way back home, I talked a lot with Roomba and Gates about Nord-tousan and Elnkaasan on the wagon .

While eating the Dragon Muffin .

Most of the time, I just said the same lines 「Ah」, and everytime I heard about it I laughed out loud .

I get more excited when the story reaches the climax, and it looks like our voices reach the carriage, we get scolded by Nord-tousan many times .

And the Dragon Muffin were confiscated by Elnkaasan .

I think that’s unfair even though we were just having a pleasant chat .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

And since I have nothing to do, I’m shooting fireworks, then got scolded again, and I was banned from going to the wagon, repeatedly for around seven days .

And finally, we came back to Koryatt village .

I’m sitting next to Row-san, feeling it with my skin .

The wide expanse of nature, along with the absolutely clean air .

The peaceful atmosphere is irresistible and calming .

There are only big buildings in the royal capital, and there are also a lot of people, making me exhausted .

Accompanied by the sound of horse hoofs and flowing water, we can also hear the sound of villagers talking while they plow the field as the carriage advances slowly .

Sometimes, villagers waved their hand to us while shouting 「Ooーi」when they became aware of our return, so I waved back while smiling .

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And then, maybe the news of us returning has spread around, I can see Asmo and Torr coming from the distance while they raised their voices .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

It’s been three weeks since I saw them, and my cheeks loosen involuntarily seeing my friends are in good health .

「Ooーi, did you buy any souvenirsー!」

「Give me the food from the royal capital!」

Instead of welcoming me back, that’s the first thing you said . . Such a greedy fellas .

「Ou, I have――」

I was about to answer them with「I have itー!」, but then I quickly closed my mouth .

There’s no problem with Asmo’s food . As predicted, I could just give him his share from the foods that I bought .

But, I forgot Torr’s souvenir .

I think he will be happy if he got something that would be useful helping him become an adventurer, so I was thinking of giving him a fairly cheap sword .

I completely forgot about it since I was too busy shopping with Elnkaasan and choosing souvenirs for Emoneesama and Eleonorneesan .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

What to do . If he’s the only person not getting any souvenirs, I’m sure he will sulk .

It’s fine if it’s some sword that was dropped somewhere, I have to give him something .

However, in this peaceful village of Koryatt, there’s no way I can find anything like a sword on the ground . What the heck should I do . .

――wait, dropped?

This word makes me think of something .

Speaking of which, I think I’ve picked up a sword .

……that’s right! I remember now! I picked it up during the journey!

――that goblin sword!

Un, that means there’s no problem .

「Oi! Don’t tell me you don’t have itー!?」

He seems to be worried hearing my answer that was cut short in the middle, and raised his voice for the second time .

On the other hand, I answer with a bright voice .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「I have themー! The both of you can look forward to it! I’ll be going to Torr’s house tomorrow!」

For Torr, it’s the goblin sword .

「Ou! Okay!」

When I said that, those two started to turn their backs and walk away as if they had completed their business with me .

Oi oi, even though it’s been a while since I’ve been back, that’s cold you know .

At very least, you can wave your hand until the carriage can’t be seen anymore .


As soon as the carriage arrived at the mansion, Eleonorneesan, Sylvio-niisan, along with Bartolo and Mel came out from the entrance hall to receive us .

「It’s been a while eh, boy!」

After bowing and receiving us formally, Bartolo talked to me first .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「It sure is, Bartolo . I want to eat Bartolo’s cooking as soon as possible . I have enough with the food in the royal capital and the one we have on our journey . 」

The sense of taste of our home is Batolo’s taste . The taste of food from the royal capital is not bad, but I want to refrain from eating it everyday .

And there’s no rice .

「Then, did you bought that?」

By that, that must be the fire magic tool that Bartolo told me to get in the royal capital .

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「Of course . It’s the big thing in the wagon . 」

「Oooh! Really!」

Bartolo’s large build headed towards the wagon as if he was bouncing .

As for the compensation of the magic tool which is making a lot of sweets, I’ll tell him later .

「Hey, did you gain weight Mina?」

「Eeeehh!? I, it’s just your imagination!」

「That’s because you ate the foods from the stalls so quickly and wildly *bakubaku* . By the looks of it you’ve been gaining around three kilos of weight I think . 」

The maid groups seem to be having fun, but they’re having the kind of conversation that is hard for men to join in .

「Al, welcome back」2

Sylvio-niisan came to me with a refreshing smile .

I was compared with Sylvio-niisan at the Noble’s Exchange Meeting, the main culprit that made the situation uncomfortable for me at that time .

When I thought about it, I think it would be okay to pull a fast one here .

Nah, something like a *bam* would be okay .  3

「I'm back! Sylvio-niisan . 」

「Al? Why dont you put your unsettling hand down? Your expression doesn’t match with your action you know?」

Oh well, whatever . I’m going to have my revenge on Sylvio-niisan in a different manner .

「Sylvio-niisan, doesn’t it look like your figure has become a little more sturdy?」

Sylvio-niisan’s arm, they look like they are a bit more muscular .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

When I asked him that, Sylvio-niisan answered with a dead expression .

「…………Al, when Nord-tousan and Al is not around, you know what Eleonorneesan is going to do, right?」

「……Sylvio-niisan . I’m sorry I’m late……」

Sylvio-niisan and I hugged each other in tears .

It must have been tough . And it must have been long isn’t it .

To have specialized training with Eleonorneesan for three weeks . . . . . . . . . . .

Even I, the one who usually runs away and uses Sylvio-niisan as a shield, sympathize with him . .

「Why are you hugging each other?」

It was the voice of my sister that I heard after a long time .

And I manage to stop myself from unconsciously straightening my back .

It’s okay, it’s not like I’ve been trained4 yet .

「Ah, Eleonorneesan . I'm back . The souvenirs from royal capital is in my pouch――」

「These three weeks, have you been training with your sword?」

「 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 」

There’s not even a welcome back for me .

「Have you been training?」

「 . . . . . . . I haven’t」

「Then let’s do it now . 」

「Yes . 」

Eleonorneesan’s white arm caught mine, and she started walking as she pulled me away .

「Hey, Al?」


What is it this time . 「Why don’t we do it seriously5 today?」if she said something like that, then I’m going to run away even if I have to use Teleport .   www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「……welcome back」

「……I'm back!」

After that, it goes without saying that I was beaten senseless in the training .

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