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Chapter 79

Let’s Buy Souvenirs

Being unaccustomed to shopping for a long time, Nord-tousan’s mind and stamina are weakened intensely but still he accompanies his beloved wife without showing an unpleasant face .

A lot of female customer were staring at the appearance of such intimate married couple with envious-looking gaze, casting glances while feeling disappointed at their partner who has already been KO-ed after the though shopping .

Even if you look at them from a third person perspective, they really are an excellent couple .

I don’t think I would be able to see anything fit for a child like me, but there are surprisingly quite a few accessories for children .

They might be good souvenirs for Emoneesama . Since that’s the case, I guess coming to this shop is not that bad thing .  

With that in mind, I looked at the accessories placed on top of the wide table inside this stylish shop .

Barrette, hair band, scrunchie Alice band, bracelet, there are accessories of all kinds . The customers are mostly women, and if I was not a child then I might hesitate to go inside .

Nevertheless, I could hear the loud voice of a woman from the inside of the shop ever since some time ago .

『How is it? Does it suit me?』

『Yes! It really suit your voluptuous body dear customer!』

Is there a noble woman in the back somewhere . . ? It seems like she brought along her attendant to go shopping .

Even so, voluptuous huh . What a clever choice of word the shop assistant-san said .

The shoulder of the attendant in the back is trembling greatly . An attendant with no loyalty whatsoever .

『Really? Well then, should I also buy this coat I wonder? 』

『Thank you very much!』

『This tribal embroidery gives this slightly coarse feel, but it started to be in fashion . 』

The plump noble woman put on the bright red coat and headed toward the cashier .

Even so, is that really a coat? Somehow I don’t think it’s a coat .  

While I was having my doubts, the noble woman finished with her payment and left from the shop with her attendant, who is trying desperately to endure the laughter .

『Thank you very much!』

『Shop manager! There’s no carpet in the lounge?』

『Ahー, it was sold to a noble who have a strange tastes . 』

『Is that so? But that carpet, it was quite tattered isn’t it?』

『As a commoners, we will not understand the thought processes of a noble . 』

『I seeー』

Hmm, that shop assistant-san never once said that it was a coat I think .

Clothes that would fit such a large build are those custom-made one, other than that would be impractical . So it seems like they’re having various difficulties until some time ago, then they recommended that carpet as a coat and she bought it joyfully .  

Oh well, it doesn’t matter anymore . More importantly, I should worry about the accessories as souvenirs .

I picked up the items neatly arranged in a line one by one, but since I never have anything to do with this kind of thing, there are some items that I don’t know what it is for .

Ooh, this is used to hold one’s hair together, huh .

While I was looking at it, Mina came beside me and picked up the hairpin .

Then she put it on one part of her bangs,

「Ehehe, does it suit me?」

She said that with a smile .

「Nah, your forehead is in plain sight and you look all the more silly . 」

「Aaaah! Alfried-sama is horrible! Please think about what you said a little! And what do you mean by I look all the more silly? So then I usually look silly, is that what you mean!」

No, well, even if you say it like that it still doesn’t suit you so it can’t be helped . If I said it suits you back then, then the person wearing it would look pitiful in other’s eyes, don’t you think .

「Then, how about this one?」

Mina picked the light blue scrunchie, used it to tie her back hair, and enthusiastically asked me .

「……somehow it looks like the tail of a tadpole . 」

In the first place, her hair is not that long so

「Alfried-sama is so awful! Sara!」

Mina became teary-eyed as she hugged and clinging to Sara who is near, but then

「What is it Mi――pfft . What’s that?」

「Uaaaaー! Sara is also horrible!」

She was laughed at by Sara as usual .

The sulky Mina turns happy for the time being when she gets a cookie  .

I bought several accessories that gave off a positive feeling, and I did that while thinking of the souvenirs .

I should be able to manage Emoneesama’s share somehow or another . Even if, for example I gave her something questionable, she will still receive it with her angels’s smile, and throw it at the fertilizer’s shed later, then Torr will find out about it and make fun of me . . . . . . . . just imagining it alone makes me want to cry .

No, the one I bought this time should be useful . I don’t think it will be a problem .

I also bought Sheila’s share, but I feel like that person prefers something to eat, but I guess it’s fine .

Rather than that the problem is the souvenir for my own sister . If I bring her something half-hearted, then it’s likely that she will immediately say that she doesn't need it .

I don’t know what kind of thing to give to Eleonorneesan that will please her .

Speaking of things that Eleonorneesan will gratefully accept, maybe something like a weapon I guess? A new wooden sword maybe? 

Uh but, if I give her something like that, then she will definitely snapped at me . So, weapons are definitely a no-go .

Just to be more safe, something that will please Eleonorneesan . . First, maybe me doing a dogeza1 or something like that . Uh, no, it would be already too late if I did something like dogeza . I’ve done it many times already, she wouldn’t be satisfied with that .

Does Eleonorneesan even have one nice hobby or something . . ?

I can't come up with anything right away, first why don’t I reflect on her daily routine .

Speaking of Eleonorneesan’s daily routines, that would be morning practice, studying (fairly short), vigilante corps training, and idling around the mansion I guess . . ? And if she had free time, she would come to Sylvio-niisan or my room .

She did nothing but training all day isn’t she . I can’t think of that as a lifestyle befitting for a girl her age . The only time she can enjoy herself is after the vigilante corps training, where she can play around with Emoneesama and Sheila .  

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「This clothes will look good on Eleonora isn’t it!」

「Eeh? Don’t you think that it’s a bit showy? And Eleonora doesn’t look like she wear such clothes . 」

「That’s trueー . Even though that girl will look good no matter whatever she wear, she doesn’t like to dress up like a certain someone . 」

 She’s just a sword-obsessed fool2, but in terms of her personality she looks exactly like Elnkaasan .

「 . . . . . . that may be true . 」

「Even though she’s at that age, I’d like her to pay more attention to her clothes and style . 」

But Eleonorneesan doesn’t dress up, at allー . She wears clothes that let her move freely, and her hairstyle is basically a ponytail . That was the easiest-to-move-in style for her .

Come to think of it, Elonorneesan’s hair clip looks well worn .

Ummー, I don’t know whether she will be happy with it or not but maybe I’ll buy a hair clip for her .

Just to be sure, let’s buy with various colors and types . She might complain that she doesn’t like the color after all .


After that , I purchase various things . There shouldn’t be any more trouble regarding the souvenirs for the girl's group . Only God knows whether they will like it or not .

When I leave the shop, I can hear the sounds of bell rings, telling people that it is currently around midday .

At midday, Mina, who has completely regained her mood back, took Sara along with her to the Southern main street .

It seems that they wanted to subjugate all of the stalls in the royal capital .

I think it’s impossible all the same, but since she had Sara with her, so Sara will take her back safely . If they went north from the Southern main street, they could return to the inn so it’s fine .

That being the case, we also had our lunch . When I asked Nord-tousan 「Where are we going?」, he said that there’s a restaurant that serves fish-based cooking .

Ooh, fish-based coking! It’s not the same as the dish using the fish from the river at Koryatt village then . Ever since I came to this world, I haven’t eaten any seafood so I’m looking forward to it .

Personally, I like seafood better rather than meat .

Heading north from the southern main street for a bit, we’ve reached the restaurant .

Since it is located on the north side, it’s a bit of an expensive restaurant .

A man welcomed us when we entered the restaurant that has a calm atmosphere .

「Welcome, Nord Slowlett-sama I presume?」

A dandy man with a calm air around him politely bow to us .

Since we’re in an area where there are only high-class restaurants and shops, the customer service for nobles will also be done properly . The quality of the staff also seems to be high .

Just hearing the man’s way of speaking alone, it appears that they had already reserved a place for us . As expected from able men, they are different .

「That’s right」

「Then, I will guide you to your seats . 」

We followed the man, and sat on our seats as told .

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When I look at the interior of the restaurant, there are a lot of customers besides us . I can hear quiet conversation from the other customers, not only is this a high-class restaurant, it also has a comfortable ambience .  

There are also a lot of nobles with their families like us here .

It seems that I can enjoy my meal here, without having to worry about being disturbed . It’s just that, it’s so troublesome since I have to pay attention to my manners .

I want to be able to eat slowly just like back in the mansion . But, our territory is surrounded by mountains all around, and it’s far from the sea .

Sometimes I get to eat dried fish once in a while, but it’s salty so I don’t like it that much .

If I’m not mistaken, they said that there’s a sea in Eric’s territory . I’ll go there if there’s a chance to do so .

「I’m finally going to eat seafood after a long time . 」

「The freshwater fish in our territory is also good, but seafood is rich in variety and it’s delicious . 」

Maybe it’s also been a while since they’ve eaten seafood, Nord-tousan and Elnkaasan appear to be in a good mood .

「Al have not eaten any seafood before right?」

「Un, I have only eaten freshwater fish . 」

I looked at the copy of the menu, but I don’t understand it since it only has the unfamiliar name of the fish . There are fairly few fishes that I know .

「Do you have something in mind you wanted to eat?」

「Ummー, I’m not sure so maybe I’ll just go with the recommended dishes I guess . 」

I actually wanted to eat shrimps and shellfish . But, I would be troubled if the fish would be like those at the Noble’s Exchange Meeting, dishes with huge fish heads and eyeballs, so I’ll pass on that .

「Okay . 」

Nord-tousan smiles at me, then he turns to Elnkaasan and places an order with the staff .

I think it’s unfair for them to order wine for just the two of them . So when I said that I also want wine, they instantly rejected it and ordered grape juice for me .  
The gaze from the staff-san and the guests around me were awfully warm .

Thanks to being able to enjoy the taste of the seafood dish, I was able to restore the condition of my mind and physical strength that was weakened during this morning . In particular, the flavor of the various seafood was able to permeate into the soup and it was the most delicious taste . Even though there are various fish, shellfish, and shrimps, mixed in the dish, I thought that to be able to produce such harmony and a gentle taste from various ingredients was because of the skill from a pro .

I heard about it during the meal, but there’s almost no one who eats fish raw in this country .

Maybe because there’s no concept of eating seafood raw? As long as there’s a soy sauce it will definitely become popular .

I will find soybean without fail and make a soy sauce, or maybe I will be able to find soy sauce in this world .

As for me, I would like someone to give me a direction of where I can buy soy sauce .

I’ve made it before at school, I think I could make it myself since I knew about the manufacturing method from my previous life’s job knowledge, though it will take time and effort .

But if there is somewhere where they sell it, I will head there immediately . Even if it’s in another country . The way I see it, as someone who has Teleport magic, I can go there anytime as long as I have been there before and remember the place and occasion .

Would Triela bring something like rice to me when he found one?

After passing the after meal time by having an idle talk for a while, we went to look for the magic tools that Bartolo asked us to buy .

The magic tools shop is located in the north, close from where we are currently, and it’s a different one from the small magic tool shop in the west where I went to previously .

At any rate, it’s a huge shop, and there are a lot of magic tools on display . It’s completely different from the inconspicuous magic tool shop from the other day .

The best-selling products are light magic tools, water and hot water magic magic tools, and magic tools that seem to be able to produce fire, those three? Those products would be the magic tools that nobles would normally have . Since it’s very convenient to use if you have magic power .

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It’s just that, it appears that refrigerator-type magic tools are sold out . A noble who couldn't buy it went to the shop assistant and said 「When will the product become available to purchase?」 .

The shop-assistant-san also seems to be having a difficult time . The situation now is that the supply of the refrigerator magic tools can’t keep up with the demand . There are few magicians who can use Ice Magic, and even if you wrote the magic formation everyday, it still wouldn’t be able to make it in time .

「Welcome! What are you looking for customers?」

While we were looking around inside the shop, the shop assistant-san who had been grabbed by the previous noble came to greet us .

Most likely, it was in order to escape from that noble .

「Eeto, we came here to look for the newly-released fire magic tools . 」

「Aah, yes, we have the latest fire magic tools . It is a product that will definitely be useful in your cooking . Come come, this way please!」

At the place where we were being guided to, there’s a magic tool that looks like the cooking stove in my previous life being displayed .  

「This product is a magic tool that can produce fire for cooking . Of course, it’s not a magic tool that can only produce fire . This magic tool can let you adjust the temperature of the fire . If you have this, you will definitely be able to cook without using any firewood and you will be able to cook effortlessly . 」

「I’ll buy it!」

「Thank you very much . Young master . 」3

「No no, it’s not Al who decide we buy it or not!?」

「What are you talking about Nord-tousan? This is a revolutionary magic tool you know? We’ll be able to cook more comfortably as long as we have this! 」

Really, this is why people who don't cook are . . You don’t know about how good the efficiency of this thing is .

As long as you have this, you don’t have to split any wood for fuel, and it will also greatly shorten cooking time . Even a tempura4 will be very easy to make .

「Uh, you said the same thing as Bartolo . 」

That, that’s right . I feel the same way as Bartolo .

「Since Al and Bartolo who are used to the usual cooking are the one who said it, maybe it’s essential for cooking ?」

As one would expect from Elnkaasan . So understanding and really helpful .

And then, Elnkaasan’s were looking at me and asked .

「……as long we have this, you can make a lot of sweets right?」

「I can! Making a new sweets is also possible with this!」

Ah, I’ve said it, but it can’t be helped . This is a necessary item after all . At any rate, Bartolo will be the one who made it . If we bought this, then I think Bartolo will be crying with happiness as he makes a lot of sweets .

When I answered her with that, it seems that she found my answer satisfying, and Elnkaasan broadly smiles .

「Then we’ll buy it . How much is it?」

「Thank you very much . Madam . It will be eighty gold coins . 」

「So, so expensive!」

「Come one, paid him the money, dear . 」

Elnkaasan is always scary if it has anything to do with sweets, and only at times like this does she make you feel so reliable . I don’t know what would happen to me if I were to betray her expectation .

「A, are you really going to buy this?」

「That’s right」

「My sweets . . . . . . . . in order to make the meal in our house more delicious . 」

Elnkaasan, please keep your cravings in check .

「At any rate, why don’t we listen to the explanation for the magic tool? We don’t have to buy it today right . 」

If she missed this chance today, then the day that sweets can be mass-produced will just be far away in the future . And such a thing will not be tolerated by Elnkaasan, so after a while Nord-tousan took out a platinum coin from his pocket


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