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Slowlife Chapter 7 Fickle Three Years Old Child


「Teleport! 」

Karan! Karan! Karanーn!1

From the next room, I hear the sound of wooden plate that fell on the ground.

Did the plate that I teleported appear in the air? Or did it hit something else? It’s probably the former since it’s more sensible.

「Aaー, this is quite difficult 」

Two months have passed since the day that I first used teleport.
I tried to teleport with various conditions and have understood the results.

First was the biggest question in teleportation, what would happen when there is another object at the teleportation spot?

For example, when I teleport to my room, as usual, I form a clear image of the place where I will teleport to. However, when there is a person to the place where I attempted to teleport to, I’m able to teleport but I will automatically be placed at a location where I won’t collide with that person.

In short, I will not get stuck in a wall if I make a mistake in teleportation.

Thanks to this, I was able to teleport without worry.

Also, I cannot teleport something without touching it.

It’s troublesome to pick up the thing I teleported several meters away, so I tried if it was possible to pull it towards me by teleportationー, but something like that was impossible.

Moreover, It’s not possible to teleport only half of an object.

The fact that I can’t teleport only half of this plate means that it’s not possible.

So that means, an object is destroyed when I use teleportation magic, and is it not overwritten? If that’s the case, that’s a relief.2

Next is as expected, the mana consumption for a person huge, and the distance teleported is farther when more mana is used.

Although I want to try, I wonder if I can teleport other people without permission.



「Hey Al! Because it’s hot produce ice! 」

「Eleanor-neesan, you can at least knock, you know? That surprised me. 」

「It doesn’t matter anywaysー 」

「Please do it next time, okay? 」

Eleanor-neesan says “yes” with a discouraged voice. She’s definitely not going to knock next time, huh? I wonder if I should set some traps.

「I’m producing ice now. 」

Un, I’ll set traps.
Next time when she enters, teleport magic will be used to make things fall overhead. It’s also good to teleport shelves in front of the door, isn’t it?

「That’s painful! Why did you hit me!? 」

「Because you had the face that is thinking of something stupid. 」

「What’s that? That’s unreasonable! Aren’t I your cute three years old younger brother? 」

There isn’t even imaginary freedom in the presence of Eleanor-neesan……

「Where did you pick up difficult words such as “unreasonable”? 」

「In a book. 」

I’ll probably be able to manage some way or another if I say it this way.

「Well, nevermind that, just produce it quickly. 」

My older sister uses her younger brother really roughly. Eleanor-neesan takes out a plate and says to produce it quickly.

「Yeah, yeah, Ice Cube. 」

By the way, Ice Magic is classified as high-ranked magic of Water Magic. The indispensable air conditioner is substituted by cold air for summer. I practiced it desperately.

「It’s different! 」

「Eh? It’s not this? Isn’t this ice? 」

「The other day, Al was eating something fuwafuwa4 sharishari!5 」

「Nー? Was it shaved ice? 」

「Yes! That’s it! 」

Iya, how can you remember something you don’t even know the name of?

「Oh well. 」

Let’s persevere as the cute younger brother for the sake of my hopeless Eleanor-neesan.

I ignore the plate with ice cubes and take out two plates used for teleportation practice.

Let’s create one more to give to Sylvio-niisan.

*sarasara*6 I use Ice Magic and shaved ice rapidly piles up on the plates.

「Uwaー, It’s so small. Al is really skillful, huh? 」

*sarasara* Small pieces of ice begins to pile up and Elenor-neesan stares fixedly on it’s rising appearance.

「Well… 」

I become slightly embarrassed when I receive such an innocent praise. Even though she is usually rough.

By the way, chanting is unnecessary for magic of this level. Although I can do it without chanting too much since it’s possible to omit it from the start, it makes the proper manipulation of mana easier.

*sarasara* The silvery white shaved ice piles up to look like one cup, it reminds me of rice that is the staple food of Japan.

Indeed, I’m getting tired of the life where bread, soup and something like pasta is the staple food.

I’m absolutely in the rice faction, bread doesn’t compare.

「Here you go, shaved ice. Do you have a spoon? 」

「I don’t! 」

Eleanor-neesan declares in a confident manner.

Do you want me to get it? Well, there is the spoon that I prepared for practice. Of course it’s wooden and it’s safe.

「There is also a spoon, here you go. 」

「Al’s preparation is so goodー 」

I stand up and carry the other shaved ice ignoring my delighted Eleanor-neesan.

「Well then, I’ll give some to Sylvio-niisan too. 」

「*sharishari* It’s colーd 」

Mou, she doesn’t listen.

「Elenor-neesan, do you know that there is a more delicious way to eat shaved ice? 」

「What is it? What is it? Tell me! 」

Eleanor-neesan who tripped lightly, returns to reality and approaches me like a fierce animal.

She fell for it as I thought.7

「Eating shaved ice little by little instead of eating it in one go makes it more delicious, you know? 」

「Ehー? It’s a waste of time. 」

「It’s more delicious. Don’t think about it, and just eat and see for yourself. 」

「Unー, I understand! Give me another one because I already ate it all. 」

「Yes, yes, as much as you want. 」

When I was going out of the room, I saw my Eleanor-neesan with a sidelong glance, and, my Eleanor-neesan was eating the shaved ice as if she was bolting down a bowl.

After a little while, Eleanor-neesan’s shriek echoed in the hallway.



I intend to increase the food repertoire of my home today.

Shaved ice reminded me of rice, and I had missed Japanese food at last.

Rice! Because that is impossible, I used wheat which is the current staple food in cooking.

I walk towards the kitchen at the inner left part of the first floor of the mansion.

In the break room of the maids nearby, various information in the mansion flies every day.

「Ahー, It’s so hot. Please produce iceー 」

「It’s summer right now, you know? If it isn’t the special magic tool in the Imperial Capital, it’s impossible. 」

「I want it because it’s summerー 」

「Yeah, yeah, here drink some water. 」

「I want to drink very cold aleー. Even very cold water is good enoughー 」

「Don’t say such luxurious things.  The water here is still cold. 」

「I wish that snow would even fallー. Ah, that reminds me, recently, Alfred-sama’s room is cold for some reason! 」

「Alfred-sama’s room? 」

「That’s right! When I entered the room, the air was cool like in winter! 」

「Are you sure? Is Mina8 getting senile due to the heat? 」

「Uー, I’m telling the truthー, I’m not getting senile and I wasn’t dreaming eitherー 」

「Still, I hardly believe that Alfred-sama is three years old. 」

「I understand! Isn’t he beyond a genius? Have I had you teach me simple calculation? There is no dignity as the senior. 」

「There is no doubt that he is a genius but his behavior is unusual, isn’t it? Or perhaps I should say that Mina doesn’t have dignity in the beginning. 」

「I agree to the former but I want to deny the latterー 」

The maids’ feelings come out in the conversation.

It seems like today’s topic is about me.

Although hearing it all the way is also fun, I pass by the room because I have a goal today.

「Oh! Boy! You came today too! 」

Bartholo9, the cook of this mansion, has the appearance and voice of a helpful and caring occhan10.

Since the House of Slowlet is an upstart noble and there are also few connections, talented people tend to be insufficient.

Furthermore, Nord-tousan who was a commoner has few relatives.

The maids and servants working in the mansion now are people acquired mostly by Elna-kaasan who was a merchant’s daughter.

Bartholo is one of the few close friends that Nord-tousan got to know during his adventurer days. It seems that he wants to have his own shop in the future.

He’s different from the cooks of the Imperial Capital, and it seems that my parents like his unique sense of flavor.

I also prefer the flavor of dishes made with simple ingredients than eating extravagant dishes.

「Old man Bartholo. Can I borrow the kitchen today? 」

「Oh? You’re not going to get a light meal today? 」

Bartholo’s stern face frowns and shows a suspicious expression. Won’t a child cry if you show your face like that? It it’s not done properly, it might be scarier than the yakuza in the neighborhood.

「There is a little something that I want to make. 」

「Can the boy even cook something? 」

「I can definitely do it. 」

I lived alone for a long time in Japan. That’s why I can do it.

「Are you sure~? 」

Bartholo folds his arms and sends a suspicious gaze towards me.

I return the gaze without diverting my eyes.

The kitchen is a sacred working area for a cook. He’s reluctant to let a child touch and play with the cooking tools.

Bartholo is testing me.

「Well, it seems you’re serious so it’s fine. Because I can’t let you get injured, I will assist you all the way. 」

「Thank you. 」

「So, what do you need to make that thing you’re making? 」

Is he embarrassed? He’s hiding his embarrassment with his blunt way of speaking.

It’s amusing seeing that reaction from a person who doesn’t suit his face and body.

「I think that I’ll make spaghetti. Do you know it? 」

「Spaghetti? What’s that? 」

「It’s something long and narrow made with eggs, flour, a little oil, and salt. 」

「Does that mean that it’s made from wheat? 」

「That’s right. I want to greatly expand the food repertoire if it’s possible to do. 」

「Isn’t that wonderful!? I don’t know if it’s possible, but try and do it! I’ll bring the ingredients. 」

Bartholo prepares the ingredients and materials that I said one by one

I bring a chair because my height doesn’t reach the kitchen counter.

I throw the wheat flour (bread flour) and eggs into the wooden bowl and mix it with the spatula.

By the way, bread flour is wheat milled with hard wheat. The hard and strong bread flour is suited to make pasta and ramen.

Weak flour is the soft flour suited to be used in tempura and cakes, but there doesn’t seem to be something like it.

「Houー, it hardened rapidly. 」

Bartholo looks at the hardened state with great interest. Is he thinking if it can’t be used for something? His look is serious.

While adding a little water, I knead it on top of the boar until the surface becomes smooth.

「I hope that there is something to wrap this with. 」

「Something used to wrap thatー, how about wrapping it with Muona11 leaves? 」

「Leavesー. Does it have a smell that sticks? 」

「Ahー, because Muona leaf’s characteristics is that it’s smell and taste does not transfer to the wrapped up ingredients, everybody uses it. 」

「Then, I’ll use it. 」

I receive the Muona leaves from Bartholo. It’s thin and large. Though it’s a little difficult to wrap, I’ll let it rest for 10 minutes with this.

The person who made plastic wrap is a genius.

「Will you keep it wrapped? 」

「I’ll let it moisten and rest for about 15 minutes, making it easier to stretch. 」

「Houー. It seems like you know it very well. You’re good with handling the tools, it seems you’ve done this many times before. 」

「Ahaha. Ah, that’s right, Bartholo! I need to make a sauce that will be mixed with these long and narrow noodles in the meantime! Can you make the sauce? 」

Because it was difficult to involve with him, I made a request to Bartholo in a hurry.

「Oh, the sauce? I wonder what kind of sauce would be good. 」

「Although anything will roughly match, it’s tomato sauce as expected, huh? 」

「Tomatoes! If so, there are the fresh ones from the village! I’ll make it at once. 」

Although I actually like cod roe and cream spaghetti, tomato sauce that can be made immediately this time is all right. Coryatt Village’s tomatoes are delicious.

There are ingredients in this world that are the same as in Japan, there are also ingredients that are not here, there are also those that look similar, and there are also ingredients that I don’t know at all and are mysterious.

I’m really disappointed that there is no rice around the vicinity. I’m sure that it’s somewhere in the continent.

Because about 15 minutes have passed, the lump of bread flour is pressed and stretch by both hands because there is no rolling pin, then, I cut it into a square.

I wonder if I should make a rolling pin. I cut it cleanly.

It seems like the sauce making ended, Bartholo was seriously looking at the shape I cut.

Your face is scary. I was surprised and I almost cut my finger.

I don’t mind even though the noodles are uneven.

Next, I boil it with the proper amount salt.

Once the noodles float gently, I scoop it up and serve it on the plate, I pour the sauce and it’s complete!

「It was really possible. If I tamper with the appearance maybe it will become more beautiful, the problem is the taste. 」

Although he evaluates it bluntly, his face shows that he wants to eat it quickly.

My chair and also my fork are already prepared.

「Then, I’ll eat! Itadakimasu! 」

When Bartholo sees that I roll up the noodles by stirring the fork round and round a little, he also wraps the noodles round and round skillfully.

Now then, let’s taste it.

Un, un, isn’t it very delicious? The tomato sauce that Bartholo made in particular suits the noodles very much.

The sauce splendidly makes use of the tomato’s sourness.

As for the noodles, should it be a bit more thicker? Was the boiling incorrect? I don’t understand. I’m sure it will be better if I leave it to Bartholo’s own devices.

I think so as I look at Bartholo.

「……This is delicious! What’s this!? 」

Bartholo’s mouth sucks up the spaghetti vigorously one after another.

With Bartholo’s physique, it seems that he can eat five people’s portion of food lightly.

「That was delicious. 」

He slowly puts down his fork on the empty plate, and he let out words to savor it.

「Ou, 」

I nod to his sincere impressions even though I’m short.

「Boy, No, Alfred-sama, come back in 4 days, no, wait, come back in 3 days. I’ll cook and show you spaghetti that exceeds this! 」

「Calling me Alfred-sama feels unpleasant, calling me Boy the same as always is fine. Please take care of me since I’ll be frequently coming to the kitchen after this. 」

「I see! You can come anytime! 」

Bartholo floats a broad smile.

He’s really reliable.

After that, 3 days later, Bartholo made me eat his new best work.

Needless to say, the taste of my spaghetti was like an imitation yakisoba of a noodle shop.

That day, the spaghetti was introduced immediately in my family’s dinner and it caused an uproar in the house, it became a spaghetti boom.

It was very popular in the female camp in particular and was eaten everyday for the past week.

……I’m already tired of eating it.




3*opens*/*door opening*

5rough texture/*crunchy*/*scrape scrape*/*wish wosh*

7思った通りに食いついた。 ; Took liberties with this

9バルトロ (Barutoro)

11ムオナ (Muona)

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