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Published at 26th of June 2020 11:46:29 AM
Chapter 62

Al’s Misfortune

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「Ahaha, it’s Alー 」

 With an innocent smile on her face, Rchan came and gave me a hug. Thus, startling Eric and separating him from me.

 As a result, the crisis to my chastity had passed, but I feel a new danger has come again.

 Rather than that, Rchan is as expected a noble after all.

 I already expected it as soon as I met her, from her well tailored clothes to her sister that came to pick her up using a carriage. She’s currently wearing a light blue, frilly dress. The frills and twintails are swaying, very cute.

「So Al is also a noble-san ehー」

 Says Rchan quite happily, making it impossible for me to act coldly towards her.

 But, Rchan’s oneechan doesn’t seem to feel the same way.

「Hey! You can’t hug someone you met for the first time!」

 Seemingly being careful not to scold too harshly. 

When Rchan heard that, she released her hands from my arm and answered innocently.

「But it's not the first time?」


Unable to understand the meaning of Rchan’s short remark, Rchan’s oneechan turned her line of sight to me for explanation.

 I first tidied my jacket that became messy because of Eric’s actions, and then explained it.

 That a few days ago, I met and cooperated with the lost Rchan at the royal capital south mainstreet.

 When I said that Rchan was lost, Rchan puffed her cheek and said 「I’m not」1 and pouted.

That’s right isn’t it. After correcting that the lost one was her sister, Rchan nodded in satisfaction.

 Oneechan seems to understand it too, she smiles wryly.

「Then, you are the one who took care of my sister right. Thank you very much. I’m sorry, I haven’t notice it until now, when I asked her about that day, she only told me that she played with oniichan..........」

 Looking apologetic, Rchan’s sister bowed deeply.

 After she raises her head, I can only scratch my cheek with my finger in embarrassment.

「Ah no, it’s alright. Since I’m also having fun.」

「……is that so. I’m sorry if my sister caused you any trouble. By the way, could you please spare me a bit of your time?」

 She said that while smiling.

 I wonder what is it. Her eyes are not smiling in the slightest.

 I don’t feel like something absolutely good will happen.

 But, she might just want to know what her sister is doing that day, or maybe just want to confirm whether or not she got into trouble, so I feel like I can’t refuse.

「Ah, yes. It’s all right.」

I manage to answer somehow as I resist smiling wryly.

「...........well then, let’s go to that terrace over there.」

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 As Rchan’s sister said that, her brown hair that seems to appear golden fluttered.

 I started walking and followed her.

Haa, we’re going to the terrace again, huh. I just hope that it doesn’t turn out to be a long one like before.

「Ahー! Al is going to play together with oneechan? Unfair!」

「I’m not. We’re just going to talk for a bit. We’ll be back soon, why don’t you play with that dangerous-looking oniichan over there.」

  Somehow, when I say that ‘I’m not’, it feels like I said it coldly. Was it just my imagination......... I shouldn’t have done anything that will be disliked by her. Oh well, let’s just think that it’s my fault.

「Wa, you’re talking about me!?」

 Shouting confusedly, Eric then looks at Rchan.

 Looking bashful, Rchan looked at Eric as she said with a smile.

「Ehehe, dangerous-looking oniichan let’s play together!」2

 What to do. Rather than talking on the terrace, I would like to see how Eric deals with Rchan.

「...........hey, come back quickly.」

「Yeah yeah.」

From the terrace, one can overlook Duke Ringrande’s garden. If it were noon, one would be able to have a beautiful unbroken view of the lush green garden, though it is currently night time.

 There are no clouds in the sky, but because of the light source installed here and there along with the moonlight shining when it’s twilight, it shows a somewhat different view.

 On another opened terrace a certain distance from us, a noble man and woman who seemed to be a couple are staring at the moon quietly as they nestled against one another.

 There are no words shared between them, but there was this pleasant atmosphere that even I understand.

 Even uttering words of praise might be unsophisticated in this beautiful scene.

 They look up at the sky silently.

 When I saw it, I thought that, ahー I wonder if there will be an eclipse occuring.

If I were an adult, I would gaze at this spectacle while drinking wine but unfortunately I’m currently a seven years old kid. Even in this world, it is prohibited to drink to this age.

 Before I was born in this world, I was an adult who enjoyed drinking, so when there are delicious meals served like this, it results in an urge to drink some liquor.

 Ahー, that meat from before will surely go well with a red wine.........

「Hey, are you listening?」

When I was thinking about such a thing, there was an irritated voice calling me, bringing me back to reality.

「That day, you’re the person who’s accompanying Ranna (ラーナ) right? 」

When she said Ranna, then in this case it must refer to Rchan I think. She squinted and seemed to pierce me with her gaze.

「Yes, that’s right. In addition, there is also a maid accompanying us.」

 I wonder why should I be subjected to this interrogation-like conversation..

 Instead of this, the situation should be where I’m being thanked for my action.

「Right. That means, it’s your fault that Ranna started using strange expression right!」


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  ×      ×      ×

「What is oniichan’s name?」

 Ranna asks Eric with a cheerful smile.

「……it’s Eric.」

On the other hand, Eric replied curtly, though Ranna didn’t mind it.

「What’s your favorite food?」

 Ranna thought that he was on friendly terms with Al (the person in question also thought the same), so it was a question out of curiosity thinking that Al’s friend must also be someone interesting, though Eric certainly didn’t notice something like that.

 At the time, he was still trying to guess the purpose of this four years old kid, though it also shows his inexperience to look after someone else.

「……it’s meat.」

「What about foods you don’t like?」

 Eric was a bit embarrassed about this question, so his answer was a bit delayed.


「……then it’s the same as me!」

「……aah, same then.」


 ×      ×      ×

「Because of you, Ranna called the maids 『Poor maid』, then saying 『So troublesome』, and she started saying something like 『Cookie is good』 when she ate sweets.」

 She suddenly shouted at me, looking as if she was roaring at me.

 Hearing that loud voice, the couple who were staring at the moon at the other terrace was surprised and went away, looking as if their mood was spoiled.

 .......certainly, calling ‘poor maid’ is my fault.

Rchan might have remembered the time when she was making fun of Mina with me.

 As for the maid in Rchan’s place, they must have been surprised to be called ‘poor maid’ all of a sudden.

 But, I didn’t remember saying something like ‘so troublesome’ in front of Rchan.........

 Maybe she picked up that word when I was grumbling to myself. Or maybe it was when we were chatting as we walked, or when we stood in line at the stalls..

 As for the thing related to cookies, it’s definitely not my fault.

 It was Mina who started talking about cookies when we were standing in line at the stalls. It’s not my fault. It’s Mina’s fault.

「And then lately, she even ask me to perform something unreasonable like making the cookies vanish.」

 I’m sorry. That is definitely my fault.

「……well, she’s at the age where she wants to be spoiled isn’t she.」

「Can you stop messing around?」

 I was thinking to soften up the mood a bit then maybe make it so that she glossed over the problem, but she sharply glared at me.

 I wonder why women are this scary. Also, please don’t glaring at me like that.

 She took a large sigh when I gave her a wry smile.

「........haa, well fine then. Anyway, she seems to be having so much fun that day. Please be careful whenever you're uttering such strange remark.」

「That is, I’m sorry.」

「I don’t know if there is another chance that the both of you will meet again, but please be mindful of the words you say in front of that child.」

 She suddenly pointed her finger at me *bishi* and then she went back to the venue.

 Well, it’s going to be a short visit in the royal capital, so I don’t think that I will meet with her that much.

 When in the middle of thinking like that, she came back along with the sound of her clacking shoes *katsukatsu*.

 What is it now. Are there still any more complaints..

「Come to think of it, I haven’t named myself yet. My name is Shelka Misfid (シェルカ=ミスフィード). A member of the Duke family who are among those supporting this country since its founding.」

 ........why did I get involved with those from Duke’s family today.

 Also, I’ve heard about the name Misfid before.

 More precisely, I think it is the author of the magic book.

「My name is Alfred Slowlett. The second son of the Baron family who governs the Slowlett territory.」

 I have nothing more to say any more.

After hearing my unremarkable self-introduction, Selka only answered with 「Oh」, and this time truly went back to the venue.

 So that means, Rchan’s name is Ranna Misfid (ラーナ=ミスフィード), huh..........

 Oh well, Rchan is Rchan, calling her like this is fine isn’t it.

 When I returned to the venue, I saw the listless Eric.

 Compared to Rchan who seems to be fine, he must have been at Rchan’s mercy.

 Since I’m thirsty, I ask for water from the waiter.

 I tried to ask for a liquor, but there’s no one to turn to. As one would expect from the servant of the Duke’s house. Gotta pull myself together.

As I look at the glass of water, wondering to myself if this would turn into red wine, Rchan runs up to me *tete* and holds my arm.

 Un, Rchan is Rchan after all.

 Let’s just act as usual and not worry about her connection with the Duke’s house.

「Alー! How long will Al stay in the royal capital?」

「I told you not to casually hold a man’s arm !」

 Rather than saying ‘hold’, I would like it if you say ‘hug’ instead. Is it just a little girl holding my arm.. I don’t think it’s something to get worked up about.

 But I guess, if you’re part of a Duke’s house it might be necessary to speak with dignity.

「But it’s not the first time I met with Al right?」

「Even if it’s not, you still can not do that.」

「Then who should be okay?」

「Tha, that is, like family member.........or maybe spouse..」


 It seems that for the four years old Rchan, she doesn’t understand what Shelka’s talking about, she tilted her head slightly to the side and asked an honest question to Shelka.

 Truly, that’s a really profound question.

 Shelka is at a loss of what to say, and her gaze wanders about as if she had no idea of how she should deal with this, but well I’m drinking the water so that I won’t get dragged into it. A little while back, she told me that I shouldn’t say unnecessary things and she just warned me about it.

 Similarly, Eric also asks for water from the server.

 That guy also has a quite good sense of danger, huh.

When she realized that she wouldn’t be able to get our assistance, she appear to be distressed, but then she answered in a harmless and inoffensive way.

「Spouse is, those of the opposite sex that you like……」

「Uーn, don’t understand.」

 Surely, I think it must be an expression that is a bit difficult for a four years old to understand.

「 put it simply, someone who kiss you.」

 Waーo. Shelksan explained it as simple as possible, huh.

 Hmm, with this will somehow Rchan understand now..

「Then, it’s alright you know! I’ve kissed before you know?」

「Hee? With whom?! Truly?!」

 At this moment, Shelka’s expression changes and she starts shouting.

 Heー, I’ve heard that young people nowadays are more precocious, does it even reach another world..

 As I watched the interesting development take place while feeling like a third party, I held the water inside my mouth.

「It’s with Al!」

 The water inside my mouth spurted out fiercely.

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