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Published at 16th of June 2020 12:27:20 PM
Chapter 61

That Kid Again

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 Thereafter, Eric and I left the venue at once.

 I was scolded by Nord-tousan and Elnkaasan, while Eric received a fist from his obstinate-looking father.

 When I was asked why I did something like that, I said that was because ‘he looked down on the Slowlet’s territory!’. But the reason is a bit different from my feeling about the territory itself, but subconsciously, my body...

 Though it’s a fitting reason. Of course, Koryatt village that was located in the Slowlett territory is the best, so I was feeling irritated because of them being looked down upon, okay?

 But, are we having a fight? Thinking that it’s not good to let us go back just like this, they strictly told us to quietly keep company and reconcile with each other.

 I don’t know what will happen after this.

 While Nord-tousan was saying something like what kind of troubles if he were to bring Eleonora here.

 This might be what they called of truly having one’s back to the wall.

 Eric seems to be having the same situations, something like a screaming and a frantic explanation reverberated.

 It appears that the Sylford family has various strict upbringings just like those from knight’s descent...

 I would like to have an hour question session, as for why would that kind of person be born in such a family of knights.

And then, although the other nobles were getting along with each other at the edge while looking coldly at us.

It’ll be dangerous if we don’t stay quiet.

 Just now Eric’s father asked me 「Are you going to be a knight?」.

 When I strongly deny it, he looks disappointed and tells me to come to Sylford's territory if I’m interested.

And Eric’s expression at that time was that of gloating, so it must be something bad.

 Perhaps, I will be asked to train with them at that time.

 Absolutely not.

「Ahー, my eyes are still prickling.」

 Eric moans as he rubs hard on his eyes.

「There are a lot of chandeliers here, in this venue.」

「No, it’s probably your fault.」

「Come now, don’t say that. Let’s just get along here and eat some food, alright. Of course we shouldn’t fight.」

「That’s obvious. Because of you, I’ll end up forced to take out ten people when I get back. If I were to make more problem any more than this, I don’t know what I’ll be made to do anymore.」

 Fighting against ten people in a one-on-one fight continuously, and the fight wouldn’t end if this guy doesn’t take those ten people. Towards the end, Eric was complaining when he was beaten completely.

 What a Sparta. If, and if you don’t mind, would you take my sister with you?

 I reached out my hand for some food while sighing.

 Meat meat meat. This guy truly never learns.

「Eric, you also need to eat vegetables.」

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「Shaddup. Don’t talk like my mom. I don’t like vegetables. It smells like grass.」

 Are you a kid! Eh, rather, we are kids.

「Then you add this and eat it. If it’s like this, you can eat it now right?」

「Hmm? What is that yellow sauce? Is there a sauce like that?」

「There is, there is. Look, if you think that I’m trying to deceive you, then try this lettuce first. Here, I haven’t eaten it yet.」

Eric dubiously receives the plate of lettuce that I’ve already covered with mayonnaise. He doesn’t seem to like the vegetables, but he appears to be interested in the mayonnaise.

 Prodding his fork to the mayonnaise.

 Then, he stabs the fork to the lettuce and gingerly carries the lettuce toward his mouth.

 And then, Eric’s eyes suddenly opened widely.

「.......what is this delicious sauce.......if there is this sauce, then I can eat any portion of vegetables. I mean, I don’t need the vegetables. I can eat with just this sauce alone!」

 Eric said while his shoulder is trembling.

 Right now a mayonnaise-lover (mayora) was born.

 Eating quickly *baku baku* just like that, Eric came to me to ask for more.

「It should be at the table around there. Why don’t you look for them yourself.」

「You don’t even remember where it was! What a hopeless guy. I’ll find it! That was an all-purpose sauce that goes well with any dish!」

 Thus, Eric gleefully went on a journey to find a sauce that doesn’t exist.





  ×      ×      ×

「Yo Al, it’s been a while, eh. It’s great that you came to the party」

 As I was absent-mindedly standing at the terrace where one can look at the garden, I heard a loud and familiar voice.

「Ah, long time no see. Earl Melna.」

 It was Earl Melna, wearing a formal red suit with a wine glass in one hand.

 He also wear a red trouser making his whole appearance totally red, though it looks unexpectedly suit him

 The occasional black color that can be seen is emphasizing the red color.

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 We’ve played together at the Harvest Festival, but right now I have to be well mannered to the other party.

 I bow politely.

「Oh, please. You don’t have to bow politely in a corner like this. That aside, I heard about it you know? You’re going at it with that Sylford chap immediately, eh?」

「No, well I don’t know there’s anyone watching. More importantly, what do you mean immediately.........」

So rude. In that case, isn’t it like you’re making assumptions that I will definitely do something..

「Oh well, it’s common for those nobles with high pride to have something like a quarrel every year. As for you, what are you doing scrambling for a meat ……Ih, ihihihihii.」1

 Maybe he’s unable to bear it anymore, towards the end, he was talking while laughing.

 If this were Torr, then I would have smacked him and then pushed him off from this terrace, but since the other party is Earl-sama then of course I can’t do that.

 I mean, this time it is obvious that I did something stupid so there no denying it.

「.....just now, it seems like I heard something about pushing me off from the terrace.....」

「Well then, Earl Melna, what can I help you with?」

「How shameful.........fine then, today I have someone that I would like to introduce to you.」

 Earl Melna glowered at me with half-opened eyes, and he called a man over.

 At a glance, that man wear something like a well-tailored tailcoat

 Carrying a calm atmosphere around him, it truly matches his appearance.

 With a small mustache under his nose that creates a feeling of inexpressible familiarity.

「This person is the father of Rinalisan, the wife of Viscount Yurina, Duke Vladi.」

 Eh ? Viscount Yurina, who is that? Aah, since his wife is Rinalisan..... so it’s Lolina, huh.

「Nice t o meet you. I am Duke Lau Vladi. I heard about you from my daughter Rinalia, you see.」

 With a subdued voice, Duke Vladi bows lightly. I also lowered my head in a hurry *pekori*.

 Vladi-san said that, he listened to Rinalisan talking happily about the time she was staying in our estates at the time of the Harvest Festival, so he came to greet us..

 He has already greeted Nord-tousan, so now he came to greet me.

 To come and look for such a kid like me, I think this person is really polite.

「I’ve heard about it. That the popular reversi is made by Alfried isn’t it. I didn't know about it until I heard from my daughter. It made me always entertained.」

「Aah, no. I’m glad that you enjoyed it.」

「Hmm, when I look at you like this, you doesn’t seem like someone who fight using tongs, I don’t even get the impression that you’re a strange person.」

「Right? He’s someone who can calmly do something while playing innocent.」

 Oi, what do you mean playing innocent. I think Earl Melna is quite rude today.

 If, the spinning top becomes popular, I’ll stop selling it at Earl Melna’s place.

「You’re exaggerating. He’s someone who developed such a wonderful game you know.」

「Duke Vladi is truly a nice person. When the next game or implement is completed, I’ll deliver one for you before anyone else.」

「Oi, Al? Won’t you send one to me too.」

「Really? Thank you very much. There are various things happening recently, so I’m looking forward to the time spent with my daughters playing reversi and shogi. 」

 Duke Vladi laughs with a bit of gloom on his face. He doesn’t appear to be in good health.

「Is there something troubling you?」

「Oi Al kuーn? Are you listening?」

「……the truth is, I have many daughters. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, since with so many daughters I am able to have a good connection with the other houses. Not to boast you see, but my daughters are lovely――」

 Long. When it comes to his daughters, the conversations became awfully long.

 He’s talking nonstop *perapera*. This person is already a doting parent.

 Melna already went somewhere, saying that he will call over Duke Vladi’s wife.

 Like this, I become a patient, single listener.

According to Vladi-san, there are an abnormal number of nobles who came to talk about marriage.

 For the house of Duke, that kind of talk is not particularly unusual.

Because if someone can have a connection with a Duke house, then almost everyone will desperately ask to propose for a marriage.

In short, there are too many marriage proposals that it’s troubling.

 It would seem that, it was an anxiety particular to a Duke.

「Why did they come just to propose for marriages to my daughters.. What’s more, there are particularly a lot of marriage proposals from those in their middle ages.. Is a marriage with such an age difference like Rinalia and those old enough the craze right now?」

 Gradually, Duke Vladi’s words are starting to enter into a whirlpool of doubt, he seems to be getting discouraged rapidly.

 Someone please stop him and take him away.

 The moment I thought of such a thing, a voice was heard.

「Dear. You’re troubling Alfried-kun. 」

 I wonder if Earl Melna managed to bring along the Duke’s wife. Looking back as I thought of such a thing, there was a pretty girl with long, light brown hair reaching to her waist.

 Wearing a pink dress with large flowers sewn on the lower part of the dress, which brought her loveliness to stand out.

 What, is she Duke Vladi’s daughter..

 But even so, as long as she can stop the Duke then it doesn’t matter.

 I want you to quickly leave me alone.

「Aah, Noel . I’m sorry Alfried-kun. Just no, I’ve talked all by myself. Let me introduce you to my wife, this is Noel.」

 Ha? Wife? No matter how you look at it, I can only see her as your daughter you know.

「Pleased to meet you. Alfried-kun. My name is Noel Vladi (ノエル=ウラジー).」

Not caring about my bewilderment, Noel-san took a short step and grabbed her dress’ hem and bowed politely.

 With the same cherubic smile on her face as Rinalisan.

 Duke Vladi. You’re wondering why are there an abnormal amount of marriage proposals that drop in unexpectedly? 

 That’s because in this Misfrit Kingdom we live in, there are a lot of Loligents. 2



  ×     ×      ×

When I returned back to the venue, near the table with foods lined up, Eric strongly grabbed at me.

「Oi you! I can’t find that sauce from before anywhere!? Just what is the meaning of this!」

「Ahー, that mayonnaise is a sauce I brought, so you will not be able to find it here.」

 I answered like that while slapping his hands away.

「Whaatt?? Give me that sauce right now!」

「There’s no more!」

「Then you have it in your estates? Give it to me!」

 This Eric, he still eats. He’s still so rude. Eei, such a troublesome guy!

「No way! Even if I have a mayonnaise with me, I will not give it to you!」

「Youu! You have it right? Back when you offer me that mayonnaise, you’ve touched your pocket right! You have it in your pocket right? Give it to me!」

Saying that, Eric pushes his hand into my pocket. The feeling of his hand touching me *petapeta* is truly disgusting. Who would be happy if there is a man groping your pocket.

「The, there is none right! I mean, have you ever thought of just buying it? You mugger trying to strip me of my clothes! 」

 I think this is a critical situation to my chastity. Eric tried to strip my jacket off, while I tried to prevent him doing so as we wrestled with each other.

 And at such a disgraceful moment, a situation where only those ‘wicked people’ will be delighted to see, there’s someone calling my name.

「Ah, it’s Al! 」

「Wait up Rchan! I haven’t finished greeting those great personage you know!」

 It was Rchan, the lost child I encountered on the first day I was in the royal capital.

TL Note :

That’s how Melna laughs in the raw, I swear it. 紳士ロリコン. Just made it up. Loligents, lolicon gentleman.
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