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Published at 20th of May 2020 12:28:12 PM
Chapter 59

Nobles Exchange Meeting

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 I don’t feel like having a party on my birthday somehow . And that’s how Alfried turns seven years old . Because of the party, the birthday celebration is now on hold . Though I think it’s fine that it doesn’t have to be celebrated year after year .

 As for today’s invitation, if I remember correctly the day of this gathering of nobles is organized by a Duke with the name of Ringrande .

 A Duke is a rank very high up in the nobility . One has to have a great contribution along with being a relative of the royalty . If I’m not mistaken, Viscount Yurina, I mean, Lolina's wife, madam Rinalia is also from the family of Duke I think .  scelusceleris . blogspot . com

 Since the Duke is the party organizer, it is necessary to greet the people of the Duke’s family . Because of that, they warned me to absolutely not make any mistake in calling other’s name, and that I should not be rude .

Really, Nord-tousan and Elnkaasan are such a worry-wart . There is no need to involve ourselves with people having such a high rank more than necessary .

 And my actions for today have been decided already .

 First, we’re entering the venue .

 Then Nord-tousan, and Elnkaasan will attract the people’s attention right?

 While Nord-tousan and the others are being surrounded by the people, I will withdraw from the scene and secure my position at the edge of the venue, eating the delicacies lined up on the table while pretending to be someone unrelated .  scelusceleris . blogspot . com

 Fufufu . . . . . . . . . it’s perfect is it not .

 And after things have properly settled down, I just need to put a smile on my face and then make rounds greeting people .

 As for the minor detail, they will be taken good care of by Nord-tousan .
 And then that would be the end of today’s battle .

「Al, what are you smiling at? Also, you’ll make your suit creases if you sit like that right?」

 Geh, it’s not like I’m going to make Nord-tousan and Elnkaasan scapegoat or anything okay? 

「……it’s nothing Mother . 」1

 I straighten the collar of my suit and sit up straight . I wonder if I look a bit more ‘noblish’ if I sit like this .

 However, why do I have to wear something so stifling . . Let’s just undo some buttons till I get to the venue then .

「Ara, there’s a pause when you answer . And the way you call me is different from the usual . 」

 Elnkaasan eyes narrowed .

 Mu . . . . . . . . . . . so sharp .

「No, this is practice so that I don’t call ‘Elnkaasan’ at the venue later . That is, I almost accidentally use ‘Elnkaasan’, so that’s why the pause . 」

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 Un . I’m not lying .

 By any means, it’s not because I’m impatient thinking about sacrificing you guys and to have fun after that .

「Certainly, that’s possible . Really, Al is so cute . 」

 When I answer like that, mother put her hand on top of my hand and gently――applying Iron Claw technique on meeeee!?

「Mother, it hurts . Something is going to entirely come off if you continue doing this . 」

「Ara, really . I wonder is this is the head that thought about bad things?」

「Ow, it, it hurts . But I didn’t think of anything!?」

 I don’t understand it . I don’t know why do I have to receive this kind of poor treatment!

「Don’t play innocent when you’re having such an evil smile okay . 」

「People should have the freedom of imagination . 」

 Resist, me . I won’t surrender . Even if I’m subjected to an unfair violence, I won’t change what I thought . To say nothing of the lack of proof, to come to such a decision just because of some speculation and wanting me to bend my knees . . . . . . . . . ahh, the Slowlett family name will died out! scelusceleris . blogspot . com

「I heard that you will offer me as a sacrifice and then you will take it easy . 」

「Tha, that’s not . . . . . . . . . 」2

 On that day, I couldn’t go anywhere until the party started .

 Riding the rocking carriage, it takes about ten minutes to get to the noble’s street from the inn .

 We’ve arrived at the party venue .

 So this is the venue of the House of Duke Ringrande .

 An elegant, white plastered three-storied mansion .

 Even though it’s currently night time, brilliant light leaked out from the window and there's cheerful music playing in the background .

 Light sources are installed on the table in the verdant garden, as it is also possible to bask in the illumination that can only be enjoyed at night .  scelusceleris . blogspot . com

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 There are a lot of nobles coming with carriages like us . There’s still time until the opening of the exchange, so the one who arrives now would be those with the rank of Baron or Viscount . It’s a rule that those with low rank should arrive promptly .  scelusceleris . blogspot . com

 All the carriages were smoothly accommodated on the premises by the Duke’s servants .

 We entrusted our carriage to the servant as well, and walked on the high-class carpet towards the entrance .

 The size of the venue grounds is overwhelming .

 This place is probably only used to hold special events like this, and the Duke’s estate would be even bigger .

 And by holding this kind of event regularly, I guess it will serve as a show of force, something like ‘If it’s just this much, our house has the influence’ .

 A boy who looks to be the same age as me is walking in front of me, seems like he’s nervous already *kachikachi* .

 His hands and feet are moving at the same time .

 Perhaps his father next to him notice that, the father smack on his head *pashi* .

 Then finally the boy started to walk normally .

 「Somehow I don’t like itー . To intimidate someone all of a sudden makes me ill at ease . 」

「How sharp of you Al . The people from the house of Duke Ringrande, are the type of people who were famous for being strong-willed . 」

 Elnkaasan answered my small whisper, with an expression that said she was impressed with me .

 I knew it, this person’s true nature comes out . Though I don’t know whether it’s on purpose or not .

「So every time there’s something happen, stay on the attacking side okay . Even though the opponent is the one who should be attacking, but the opponent is from a Duke family . Or, before being attacked, I think it’s better to give them a frequent, crushing defeat . 」 scelusceleris . blogspot . com

 Uwa, what’s with this person . . . . . dangerous .

 The words almost leaked out of my mouth, but we’ve already reached the place, so I endure it .

 At any rate, we must be careful not to leave any impression whatsoever to the people from the Duke’s house .

 And so with that kind of intention, we entered the venue .

 As soon as I enter the venue, it feels as if I’m entering another world isolated from the outside world .

Within the wide space that can accommodate hundreds of people, there are already a lot of nobles gathered, wearing gaudy dresses as if to assert their own existence .

Clothes that emphasize the body line, a magnificently decorated skirt with frills, people wearing dresses with elaborate embroidery .

 At first glance, it is clear that they are considerably expensive .

 A lot of chandeliers hung on the ceiling, the lights made the women’s accessories shine mysteriously, making their beauty more conspicuous .

 I’ve become tired just by looking at it .

 When the three of us entered the venue, the people’s gazes were gathering on Nord-tousan in a flash .

 Groups were gathering immediately, one after another .  scelusceleris . blogspot . com

 The young noble women who have been chatting amiably up until now cut their conversation short, and their atmosphere changed completely .

 Yosh, now that I’ve got the chance to withdraw . . . . . . . . . .

 Without making any sound in my footsteps, when I was about to erase my presence and retreat, my arm got caught .

「 . . . . . . . . . it’s the best timing to sacrifice others isn’t it . 」

 Elnkaasan seized my wrist while smiling sweetly .

 Darn it, even though I didn’t tell the detail of the strategy, such foresight .

「It’s been a long while isn’t it, Baron Slowlett . You hadn’t attended in any party recently . 」

「It is a pleasure to see you in good health . Viscount Kabol (カボール) . In the end, I am nothing more than a parvenu, consequently I am not very good at such events . Please forgive me for being disrespectful . 」 scelusceleris . blogspot . com

「You don’t have to be so modest . Aren’t you renowned as the Dragon Slayer in the royal capital?」

 Uwa, that word came out all of a sudden .

 After that, it will be Elnkaasan’s introduction, and I’ll be taking the full-brunt of their attention .

「Incidentally, is this person your son?」

 Viscount Kabol turned his line of sight and glanced at me .

「Pleased to meet you Viscount Kabol . My name is Alfried, second son of the Slowlett family . 」

 And I bow politely .

 I remember the name that I heard for the first time . I’m really amazing .

「Hou, so this is the second son? This is . . . . . . . you have a different air than Eleonordono and Sylvio-dono . 」

Such an impolite gaze . Scrutinizing me from top to bottom .

 Was it fine to be so candid like that? So I’m plain compared to my sister and brother .

 Though as one would expect, one would feel depressed when they’re being told that they have a plain look .  3

『……that’s Eleonorsama’s little brother?』

『That’s not true right? Such an unremarkable fellow!? I thought he was a servant or something . 』

『……compared to Sylvio-sama, I can’t say that they are similar . 』

 I’m sorry . But please don’t say it in such a straight way . 4

 I’m starting to want to cry .

 Nevertheless, those women’s eyes are so harsh .

 I definitely will not come near those ostentatious young noblewomen over there .

                                                      ×      ×      ×

『Oi, did you see it, did you see that movement at the beginning . Inside of this well-lit venue, he was about to erase his presence as if he was about to disappear into the dark night you know . 』

『Please forgive me Father . I was utterly unable to see it . 』5

『No, actually I was able to notice it by chance . He doesn’t appear ordinary just like his appearance suggests, he may have something different in him . . . . . . . . we will keep observing . 』 scelusceleris . blogspot . com

『Yes, Father . 』

TL Note :

The title can also mean 'Noble's Gathering'

Al is speaking in a formal way . Now Al is using Osakben, ちゃうねん . Like, when you use American English normally, then you change to British English, or Singlish la . Plain, but can also mean ugly, or unattractive . Author use ‘straight’, it’s more like being straightforward . Using formal language . Otou-sama .
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