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Chapter 57

Magic Tool Shop

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On the first day of arriving at the royal capital, I happen to meet with the lost child Rchan, and wander aimlessly around the street stalls for half a day . I wonder just how much walking I did on that day alone . I just wanted to stop and use short and repeated use of teleport that day .

 Maybe it’s better if I make a roller skater or something . But, there are a lot of gaps on the ground of the royal capital because of the stone pavement . I’m worried that the roller will just get caught in the gap . There’s no meaning in using it in Koryatt village since it has a lot of grass and soil on the road, but if it is this much, I wonder will it work .  If only the roller is bigger, I guess it’ll work .  

 In any case, I walked about while thinking about such things .

 And finally, performing a magic show near the street stalls, gathering attention from the people until finally Rchan’s oneechan came to pick her up .

 Yosh, it’s a happy ending . I also thought at that time to go back, but it appears that the audience will not allow me to do that . I was surrounded by a crowd of people, as I moved items one after another, storing them, and then taking it out repeatedly .

So that they won’t get tired of it, I even let the audience participate, and took out a knife from their mouth .

It appears to be a terrible charade from my perspective, but the audience loves it and throw copper coins one after another . There are also gold coins mixed in the pile, just where did those pastime nobles mingle with the audience .

 I was able to regain the money I spent that day with more to spare .

It seems that it would be possible to make a living in the royal capital just by performing magic shows once in a while .

And feeling exhausted just like that, the next day that I decided to quietly take a break at the in for the whole day .

As expected from the inn exclusive for nobles, the food is delicious and the specialty of the royal capital are also served .

 And most important is the wide and luxurious bath, that it can help treating fatigue .

It’s just that I don’t like the rustic magic tool where the hot water is flowing out .

 You have to hide that kind place inside the mouth of a golden lion .

And then I got my strength back on the third day .

Right now I’m lying on the big bed while thinking about what I should do today .

Ahー, this futon is so soft *fukafuka* . What kind of feather did they use inside of this I wonder .

Is it feathers from birds that inhabit this world I guess . Or maybe it’s cotton, wool, or something like silkworm, or maybe it’s from a monster that has plenty of fur, guess that’s most likely .

In this world, monsters are an existence that threaten the life of people which is seriously troubling, but I think it is precisely because of those monsters that this way, life has become plentiful .

 While fooling around on the futon, I come to my senses .

「That’s right, let’s slowly find out about magic tools today!」

My objective, to search for magic tools .

I wish I could make it by myself, but first I have to look at the real thing .

I got up vigorously, told Elnkaasan in a brief and rushed outside .

But then she said that there’s a place I absolutely have to go tomorrow, oh well, if it’s not a party then I guess it’s fine .

 The inn is facing the main street on the north side, close to the royal capital . So as soon as you go outside of the inn, you can get to the main street directly .

 A lot of people have already got to the north main street, horse-drawn carriage making noises here and there as they advance .

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Unlike Koryatt village, the place is overflowing with various people and things, there is no uniformity in clothes or race .  

Today the royal capital is also bustling with a mix-up of people, migrant workers, merchants, travelers, and adventurers who travel to various places .

 The quiet Koryatt village would be the best right now, but this kind of lively hubbub might not be bad once in a while .

 Basking in the morning sun, I’m going to grow taller with oomph .

I asked Elnkaasan the location of the magic tool shop, she said it is located on the northwest side of the main street, so I headed for that area as I was told .

After making sure there were no carriage on my left and right side, I started running as I weaved my way through the crowd .

 The northern part of the royal capital has the royal castle, it is also a clean place since many nobles live in that part, there are also a lot of knights patrolling the area .

There are a lot of high-class shops, but the number of townspeople’s houses is relatively small .

 If I were familiar with the royal capital terrain, I would have directly headed straight northwest, but unfortunately I’m someone from the country . Since I’m not familiar with the road in the royal capital, first I go toward the plaza, and from there I’ll move into the northwest street .  

 I mean, I’m afraid there will be something occuring if I were to use the back street or the small byway .

 Because every street extends out with the plaza in the middle, if you go through the plaza then it would be easy to recognize the place and you will not lose your way .

 Even then, Rchan got lost in those streets but Rchan is just four years old so there's no helping it .

「Ohー, I saw it on the first day from the carriage, but this is amazing isn’t it . 」

Arriving at the plaza, I raise my voice in admiration .

It was such a large space that it’s unthinkable if it were in Japan .

With the water fountain in the middle, the plaza spread outward in a circular shape with a lot of people sitting at ease on the benches .

 From old men sitting on a bench while scattering bread for birds, to those detestable couples, there are various people .

 I walk toward the center of the plaza, while curiously looking around the place *kyorokyoro* .

「Nn?  Was there such a stone statue here?」

When I mutter like so, the old man who was scattering bread talked to me .

「It is said that is the god of this world, it’s the God of Creation Misfrit-sama . 」

The old man starts walking using a cane as support .

 The surrounding birds spread their wings to fly because the old man started walking suddenly .

I wonder what is it . Is he a nosy ojiisan1 who likes to tease young people or something .

「So this stone statue is the image of the god of this world」

「That’s right . 」

Ehー? It’s that person isn’t it? That jiji2 I met when I’m about to reincarnate, right? But it is completely different from this statue, or rather did they beautify the thing or something .  

It doesn’t have the kind of face exuding dignity and vigor . Furthermore, it looks just like an ordinary jiisan one can find everywhere .

「……what’s wrong?」

「N, no, nothing?  I just thought that the Creator God is such a grand figure . 」

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 I wonder why? Did I say something that made this old man angry . For some reason I feel a great pressure .

「That’s right, that’s right . This figure is the mighty Creator who created this world . It is also by the grace of the Creator God that we can live . We have to express our gratitude to the Creator God as we live our lives everyday . 」

He nodded calmly, this senior citizen .

 It seems this old man views the Creator God with such an extreme favor . I wonder if he’s a believer or what? I’d like to refrain from religious involvement .

「By the way, if by any chance you’d like to sign on this paper――」

「Well then, please excuse me, I have something to do!」

 As soon as I saw him take out a paper, I escaped from that place and headed northwest .

 That was dangerous . I felt that I was almost naturally brought into a religion . I’m sure that he’s someone who aims for visitors from other places like me and invites them .

 Such a vicious thing to do with such a gentle face . What a frightening royal capital .

 After escaping from the religious solicitation, I followed the road .

Immediately after, I can see the general store, cafe, restaurant, and a lot of other stores lined up on the street .

 From clothes shop to bookstore, if so, there must be a magic tool shop around .

Nevertheless, I’ll just get tired if I walk around like yesterday, so I’m gonna ask the waitress-san who is setting signboard out on the street .

「Excuse meー」

「Yes what is it?  . . . . . . . what’s wrong? The shop is still closed you know?」

The waitress-san politely sat down to match my line of sight . She has brown hair tied at the back to make it easier for her work .

The type of pretty girl that still has her childlike features .

Is this the so-called city girl . Perhaps, she’s the mascot girl of this shop . I think it’s all right if it is this person . At least she ‘s not a religious solicitor I think .

「Is there a magic tool shop around here?」

「If it's a magic tool shop, then the closest one is after you take the next corner after that . But if you want to look for something a little expensive, then you can go to the north side . There is also a shop in the south side, but the quality is not as good, and I don’t recommend it since the layout of the place is like a maze . 」

 Ohー, not only did she tell me about it courteously, but she even gave me advice .

「Thank you very much . Do you work here?」

「Un, 『Fairy Wing』is a restaurant during the daytime, and it’s a bar during nighttime . 」

「Heー, thank you very much . I’ll come here if I have the time, okay!」

「Thank you . 」

Waving my hand whilst smiling, I went toward the place she told me .

 I think city girls are wonderful .

「Please excuse meー」


When I entered the magic tool shop and called out, from the inner part of the store a young woman and an old woman came out .

「Are you customer?」

「Ahーmou, it’s fine obachan3, just stay inside . 」

「Why are you treating me as if I'm a nuisance . 」

「That’s because you’re practically can’t do anything can’t you . 」

The oneesan pushes the grandma inside with a frank tone .

She has silver hair, and her age is around twenty years, I guess . All things considered, she has a very slender body .

 Her body might not lose to Eleonorneesan .

「 . . . . . . . . . what is it?」

「N, no, this is the first time I came to a magic tool shop . 」

 She may be able to sense it .

But, she got misled by my appeal that I came to a magic tool shop for the first time .

「Ah, is that right .  Eeto, can you circulate magic power?」

 Yosh, she got drifted away . 4

「Ah, yes . Since there is a magic tool in the estate’s bathroom . 」5



 Eh, what is it? Screaming suddenly like that .

「No, it’s nothing . 」

 Aah, maybe she thought that I’d be a fine customer since she recognized me as a noble . I mean, only rich people would have an estate .

「So for the time being, can I touch this place? 」

「Yes, it’s fine . But please be careful for the things that produce fire . 」

 And then I tried to put magic power into an object with a strange shape at the store interior .

 I wonder what is this . This box with a round disk .

 I pick it up with my hand and put my magic power in it .

 Then, the disk at the top started to spin .

 It kept spinning when I poured more magic power inside,and then it started to spin with increased momentum .

 Ohー, amazing .

「What is the use if this item?」

 I ask her out of curiosity .

「Eeto . . . . . . . that’s something I made, it just spins . 」

 The woman shyly answers my question .

Ehー? Even though this is such an interesting thing? 6

 If you fix a blade on this thing . A mixer powered by magic, but if you make it like a table, with the table rotated like those Chinese tables, then if you pour your magic power in it the dish will turn around, such a waste .

 This, can I just install this device under the floor of my home? 7

 If I turn it slowly, then the floor in the room could move automatically . But that is only if it is possible to do that . Then making an electric bike wouldn’t just be a dream .

「Uhー customer?」

Oops, got too absorbed in thought .

「How many of this item do you have?」

「Eh? Umm, including this then there is two of them . 」

「Then please those two . Also, do you have books about magic tools?」

「Eh?  Are you sure you want this? Then thank you very much! I think magic tool books are too technical and difficult to understand, but . . . . . . . 」

 The woman lowered her head, and then nervously answered .

「It’s fine . I want to make magic tools immediately!」

Umm, you may not be able to do it immediately . 」

「Why is it?」

「Only the beginner volume is allowed to be sold in the market, and if you wanted to get the next volumes after that you have to enroll in the Magic Academy . 8 」

 Wha . . . . what the heck!?

 And while I’m still in shock, the woman gave me an additional blow .

「In addition, with the technique of making magic tools, it is difficult to create something that can withstand it . However, since customer is still young, you can make it if you attend and study hard at the Magic Academy . 」

「Then around how old is the requirement?」

「Eーtto, it depends on one’s talent and hard work, but at least it is not impossible for customer to attend the Magic Academy right?」

 The woman said while opening the beginner volume of the Magic Tool book .

 A densely packed magic formation was drawn there, along with the explanation .

 Just seeing the amount of writing in the book will make you have a headache, this is unintelligible .

What the heck is this . It’s easier to use magic than this isn’t it .

Also, the students of Magic Academy are those ranging around twelve years old to sixteen years old right . Truly, my sympathy .

「I think I will just give up making it by myself . 」

「Ehー! How could! Please don’t give up!」

「It’s okay . But I’m going to make the most out of magic tools . 」

For the time being, I bought one book but well, I want to know of the know-how so I’m going to read it .

 If anything, it would be great if I can make one .

I listened to the young salesperson who is still trying to encourage me to walk the path of Magic Tool Maker, lightly ignoring her as I continue to rummage through the merchandise .

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