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Harvest Festival

Most villagers have already finished harvesting wheat and other crops, and it's Harvest Festival from today on.

A once-in-year harvest festival that is an enjoyable time for villagers. At the time of Harvest Festival, almost all of the villagers does not work, but they celebrate this year' harvest by eating, drinking, and dancing. But when it's a poor harvest, the scale of the Harvest Festival is small, though it rarely happen. In the case of poor harvest, the festival will still be done and to wish for next year harvest so it would not become another poor harvest.

This year we got a truly abundant harvest, thanks to the earning and profits from Reversi, it became a grand festival. There are outside guests that will come such as Earl Melna (メルナ)  and Baron Yurina (ユリーナ), those two having some relationship with Nord-tousan.

 That's why, our Slowlet family is busy cooking and preparing to entertain them to show our hospitality.  

Because it's said that it will be done at night, I'll become even more busy.

「Oii、Is the vegetable still not done yetー?」

「Yes, Here here」

「The dish is not enoughー」

「Yosh, then cut the vegetables just like that.」


「Wait Mina, don't eat that since it's for our guest.」

I hear hectic noises coming from the kitchen and pantry.

Seems terrible.

For the sake of Reversi tournament , I went to the usual place, Celisan diner.

When I enter the place, about forty men and women have already gathered inside.

The women doesn't take much space, but guys like Rolando-ossan take up the space that is meant for two people.

「Will it get more crowded?」

「Hm? Oh, Alfred-sama you came huh. About 20 more people. 」

「More will come? More than this then people will not be able to get inside for sure.」

「We can use the outside somehow」

What's so funny, Ossan is laughing seeming already in festive mood.

「Ne, Celisan, can we set up tables and chairs outside?」

「Ah, it would be great if those dirty guys are lessened. I'm counting on you.」


 I got permission from Celisan who is preparing, to set some tables and chairs.

Those guys booing, they got silenced immediately by Celisan's glare.

Meanwhile, I set tables and chairs outside with earth magic.

My completed image is the outside-seat of a common coffee shop.

Since there is not much sunlight now, the parasol made of earth magic would just get in the way, so it is not connected now.

Complete table and chairs, confirmed.

Might be a bit pointed and unrefined but, the workmanship is about so-so I guess.

It may be lacking in style, but it would be nice if we just cover this with colored tablecloth. After doing that, there seems to be a sense of discomfort since the image is quite different when you compare it with Celisan restaurant.

「Magic made things easier huh ?」

Ossan crossed his arm beside me, talking with a young man with brown hair with a slightly intellectual appearance.

「No, that's….If it's magic of such scale I at least can not do it.」

「I have a fire attribute magic, even if I use magic with all my might then I guess I can use fire magic to light some firewood about three times a day?」

「It is strange if you to compare Roland and Alfred sama.」

「By the way, Westa can use water attribute magic right? How long do you think you can keep up?」

「Listen and be amazed. I can serve a bucket of water!」

「That so, that great eh. So when fire break out, you will not be able to extinguish it huh.」

「What do you know! Even if you do your very best, you're also the same aren't you!」

Two guys name Roland and Westa makes lot of noise and start to tussle with each other.

「Aaahhh. It’s dangerous.」

The chairs and the table made with earth magic are pretty hard you know?

「Just let them be. Good grief!」

「Roland and Wester are getting entangled with each other….. Getting entangled!」

「Look! As I thought! Roland is attacking and Westa is the one receiving!」 (Seme & uke joke, BL.)

「What are you talking about? From hereon is a reversal and he's determined to not receive Roland's attack anymore!」1

Oi that old man over there, what on earth are you talking about since awhile ago?

「You guys are noisy! Both of you! If you guys want to fight, do it with Revesi!」

 As expected of our leader, saying a good thing. 2

「O,oh, that's right. If it's Reversi I will turn all your disc color mine.」

「That's my line. Do your best before you met me, and try not to lose first.」

Roland and Wester are starting to boldly laugh together.

Looking at that scene , the old man also nod along *un un*.

What? What is it?  What's the thing settled in your world? It is a fresh experience for me.

Then when their line of sight met, both of them start to walk in a different direction.

Both Roland and Westa started walking in a refined way, the venue is right next to the restaurant you know?

Roland turns right at the corner, from the front entrance. Westa turns towards the opposite side of the and enters through back door.

『Hey you! I already told you that you can't enter from here didn't I!』

『U, uwaaa! I'm sorry! I'll go out soon! So please do not throw that ladle!』

Wao, Westa's complexion is bad. He seems to have a smart face but it is absolutely stupid.

After this Roland and Wester will not have wait for the afternoon, the both of them is eliminated in the first round in the morning.

The second round will be held in the afternoon after lunch.

I went and eat the food from the food stalls in the village square from noon. Aiming for this time to loosen the villager's purse, it sells the villagers' prided dishes. The profit itself is not big, but every house is trying to compete whose dish is more delicious and set up stalls.

If you go to the Imperial Capital, it seems that shops and stalls are lined up on the main road in a row, continuing till in front of the Imperial Castle

I wonder how many are there. Although I don't have any desire to live in the Imperial Capital, I would like to see it once.

While window-shopping here and there, I also visit each stalls.

「What shall I eat nowー」

Un, I feel like I want to drink a warm soup.

「Oh! There it is. That huge pot is soup eh.」

 Just now they put the soup in a wooden bowl, the stalls caught my eyes since the stallkeeper is about to hand over some soup to the customer.

I wait in line behind two customers.

Would you like our vegetable soup?」

A gentle-looking woman with blond, silky hair gently smiles at me.

「I will accept your offer gladly. One bowl of soup please.」3

And I also want to accept you.

「Yes, do you have money? It's three coin.」

「It's okay. Here it is.」

「I understand.」4

The woman smiles pleasantly along with her eyes, then stir the pot and scoop the soup to a bowl.

The hot soup releases steam, there are the scents of several sweet vegetables.

Looks truly delicious. When you look at the pot, you can see a little bit of meat mixed along with the vegetables in the soup. A little meat is mixed in vegetables. The ingredients themselves are common. Potatoes and carrots, cabbages and mushrooms.

「Here it is. Since it's hot, please be careful okay?」

「Yes, thank you very much.」

I cool the hot vegetable soup by blowing on it, then ate it.

The carrots are not too hard in texture, the taste of the soup is soaked firmly.

The taste of the ingredients are drawn perfectly, and the sweetness entered the stomach mildly. I do not think salt is used that much.

「It's very delicious.」

「Fufu, thank you」

It was a delicious dish that made best use of the ingredient taste. Let’s study the recipe with Bartolo when everything's calm down.

I return the bowl and spoon to the lady after I finished eating it in no time. In this village food stalls, bowls and spoons are used again.

Satisfied with vegetable soup taste, I returned to Celisan's restaurant.

「Will Carla's going to win again this time?」

After returning to Celisan's restaurant, the second round has already started in pairs.Those who get eliminated on the first round are watching from the side, becoming spectator rubbernecking.

「If we place this right here, won't we be able to turn over a lot huh?」

「Don't say such stupid things, if  you place it there, then the next move will get your pieces taken and theirs reclaimed. Therefore,  it's decided that it's better to hold down the opponent’s stone over there. This is why you're weak.」

Roland and Westa are still snarling at each other. You guys are really on good terms.

「You too, aren't you also lost in the first round?」

「Oh, that um,the other party was kinda bad you know. If it were another person, then it would be an easy victory.」

「Cenrtainly, That guy has a remarkable eye didn't he? Doesn't seem to be a familiar face eh? A new settler?」

「I don't know, he seldom went outside. 」

「I see.」

「By the way, to whom did you lose?」

「To a man who is eating omelet over there.」

「Is that person strong?」

「Nah, I didn't feel that way.」

「In other words, you were just weak right.」

「No way! You're mistaken! If I get serious now…」

The two people who make a fuss and bother the surrounding are being left alone.

I don't even remember all the villagers' face,  certainly I don't remember this person with remarkable eyes who won against Westa.

I get the feeling that something is strange, is it just my imagination?

Oh well. I can just confirm it since it will be my turn, I'll ask Elman-san (エルマンさん).

「Alfred-sama's next opponent is, the person eating omelet over there. If the both of you are ready, then please begin. 」

When I turn toward the place Elman-san pointed to, a man with a slightly large build came into view, sitting on a chair with big bowl between his thigh vigorously eating omelet.

「Miss, more of this!」5

「How much more are you going to eat! You have money right? 」

「Yeah, I have money.」

Turning his wallet upside down, with *jarajara* sound he took out silver coins. There are also gold coins mixed in.

Is he an adventurer the same as Rumba? He seems to be strong, and there are few people having gold coins in the village.

「Bu, but, you can't. If you order anymore than this then everyones' share will be gone you know.」

「Hm? Truly regrettable. Should just be satisfied with this huh. 」

 The man stood up while mumbling, then come walking to us where Elman-san is.

「So moderator-san, I heard my next opponent is here, is it this child here? 」6

「Ah, it is. Please start whenever you're ready.」

「Ooh, let's do this then kid. My name is Melna.」

The man is looking down at me and a nihilistic smile on his face.

「I'm Alfred. Pleased to meet you.」

I lowered my head with *pekori*, and head to the table preparing for the reversi match.

「Yoshh, I'll enjoy this.」

While moving my pieces with *pachipachi* I already knew deep inside, that Melna is not strong.

「Hoh? When I thought I took the edge, I receive a severe counterattacked. 」

Ah, the Stoner trap huh. Instead of taking one corner, he takes another corner.

「I see, the expertise is different in the home ground.」

「You're someone who came from outside of Koryatt village aren't you?」

「Ah, yeah! It's only recently that I travel to visit a lot of place from where I live. Even so, it's really as expected that my place can't compare to Koryatt village. I give up.」

Melna stand up from his seat while laughing *Gahaha*. The board has already mostly occupied by my white disk.

「Miss, one omelet!」

「You can't order that anymore. Order spaghetti instead.」

What a stimulating guy. Here I thought that usually people will be frustrated after losing to a child.

「That move and strategy just now is amazing, t is interesting and will be a good reference. It's been a pleasure to play with you.」

As I was impressed, a narrow-eyed guy stood next to me. 

『My name is Yurina』he says, the narrow-eyed guy name Yurina also order the same spaghetti as Melna.

Let's see, Melna and Yurina. I felt like I heard it somewhere before. Am I imagining things?

TL note :

Trying not on the uke-side, ahem. He's using 'okan', literal tl is mother, something like leader of the pack-thing Literal tl is 'I will receive it' This person is using feminine way of speaking Jou-chan まとめ役さん
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