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Demon King and the Hero 1, Along With the Lost Shield

This time it's a bit long.  TLN : That, it is. (1/3)

Before the morning practice, I won't have the strength if I don't have breakfast. Breakfast is very important.

In Japan, it was often said 『You can do without supper, but you can not do without breakfast!』 2

There are days when I don't get hungry that much in the morning.

At that time, I ate too much at the night before, I wonder if my eating habit is out of order.

But, if one continues to skip having breakfast then it will affect one's health in the future. It's important to keep a healthy lifestyle in order to enjoy a good slowlife.

Saa 3, today too, let's eat the breakfast that Bartolo made from early in the morning.

When I enter the dining room, I saw the figure of Elnkaasan gracefully sipping black tea.

「Good morning Elnkaasan.」

「Ara 4, Al. Good morning….today you also look energetic eh.」

Mother greets me while smiling broadly. Somehow, it feels like it's been a long time since mother says good morning to me.

Is Elnkaasan still half-asleep I wonder, at the same time as I sit facing her, Mother yawned.

My drowsiness? Such thing has completely been blown away thanks to Elenorneesan's love. And my conciousness nearly flies out.  I gently stroke my tingling forehead.

Because of Elenorneesan's Iron Claw, maybe the shape of my head might become like a gourd.

「Nee, Elnkaasan.」

「What is it?」

「Doesn't my head became strange?」

「What do you mean by that I wonder?」

「Deformed like a gourd maybe, or is there no dent anywhere?」

「It's alright. There is no place that is out of shape whatsoever…fufu.」

「Eh? Why did you laugh just now?」

「I'm not laughing……….fufufu.」

「You just laughed, absolutely! You laughed right!?」

Your body is shaking, and you just put your cup on the table awhile ago you know!?  Cause even if you try to hold your laughter in, it will still leak out right!?

「Alfried-sama. Please have your breakfast.」

Just when I was about to interrogate Mother, Sarah came carrying our breakfast.

As expected of Sarah, truly a capable maid. A good follow-up for Elnkaasan. Unlike the inferior maid Mina who can't read the situation.

Though, it's a pity that you didn't use such ability to help my interrogation.

「Thank you. Sarah.」

Can't be helped since breakfast arrive. I'll leave Elnkaasan's suspicious behaviour for now.

「It was nothing……………Pfft.」5

「Now Sarah laughed!」

「Noo, Sarah just sneezed.」

To my shouting complaint, Elnkaasan react to it with such a firm manner.

Elnkaasan's brown eyes clashes with mine from the front. 

(That's a surprisingly short and cute sneeze don't you think?)

(She's a girl you know? So she should mind it when she sneeze.)

A long silence descends on the cool dining room.

So it's like that. Since she's a girl, guess it can't be helped huh.

I sat down reluctantly from my previous state of leaning forward, and take a fork.

Elnkaasan nodded in satisfaction, and took a sip of her black tea.

It was such an unsatisfactory feeling, sneezing like that, though Sarah has already left the room.

In order to refresh myself, I take a little bit of things that seems to be a dressing and ate them messily with fresh and vibrant vegetables.

Since vegetables contains plenty of water, it allows the water to circulate throughout the whole body. 

The sourness comes out, and the sweetness of the vegetables that blends so well with the white dressings.


As I was relishing the taste of vegetables, the inferior (junior) maid Mina came into the room while humming a song.

It's a fairly unique and sweet song.

「Ah, Elnsama, Alf- fufuu !? Ahahahahaha ! Alfried-sama, what happened to you ! Your forehead ! 」

「Naa! Eeh? Mother!?」

「Mou, you can't say it Mina. You have to endure it.」

I look towards Elnkaasan in a hurry, then Mother began to laugh immediately after she can't endure it anymore.

「But that's because there is a handprint on your forehead mon!6 So of course I will laugh if I suddenly saw you !」

「Fufufu. I'm sorry for laughing so much. That must be Elenora's handprint right.」


I'll just keep them laughing as long as they likes and let those two go, I went straight to Elnkaasan and Nord-tousan's bedroom where there is a mirror.

In the big mirror, Elenorneesan's handprint is clearly imprinted.

What kind of grip strength was that! With such strength of course it will leave a distinct mark. Youuー!

Elnkaasan thoroughly laughed at me, Sarah too, and Mina. I wish they just tell me honestly.

Anyway, I'll use today's morning practice, since it seems that it is necessary to repay for her daily dues in full. 

And in order to do that, first I have to eat breakfast. Since I only ate vegetables.

You can't win against that person just by eating vegetables alone.

When I finished eating breakfast, I head towards the usual courtyard.

When I return to the dining room to eat breakfast with a serious look, Elnkaasan and Mina feel sorry and came to me to apologize.

「Al is so slow. You take too much time just for breakfast.」

You came out Demon King! I'm going to beat you―――

「What is it?」

「Please forgive me for taking so long.」

Damn! I was beaten back with just one glare. Don't tell me, I've been completely 'trained' already !? No, not yet. Alfried shouldn't have been trained yet. If it had been so, then I won't even have the strength to resist just like in the previous life!

「Don't start using strange speech in the morning. You need to warm up.」


I don't remember feeling anything out of place, so I went to follow Elenorneesan's back who started running.

「So, Al! How you've been?」

「Finally, you're late.」

Someone threw a question at me, it's Earl Melna and Rumba. It seems that the both of them are sparring straightaway, holding wooden sword in one hand and wipe off sweat

「Hey Rumba. I'm fine. Even if I don't ask, you seem to be fine too. Earl Melna too.」

「Sparring immediately ?」

「No no, that's impossible so no way. I don't think  I can win in a spar against Rumba. Besides, you're not good in adjusting your strength.」

If I got abused by someone with such a large build, then I would definitely get blown away with just one swing from his strike.

「Then how about me?」

「Earl Melna is definitely the same type of person as Nord-tousan right?」

「Well certainly you can say that I'm a noble from the military faction.」

No, it's not the kind of nobles faction who only knows how to fight without hesitation.  This Earl Melna.

「Well, rest assured since I also taught my children about how to use a sword.」

「Hmm, then I'll count on you later.」

「Chi, I also wanted to spar with Al. 」

「You keep on breaking my wooden sword, it's dangerous you know.」

Then the bored-looking Rumba put his arm behind his head, and directing his gaze to Earl Melna *Jii* (staaare~).

「Well said! Even though Earl-san also broke my wooden sword.」

「It was a bit hot at that time. So the damage got accumulated on the wooden sword the whole time…definitely.」

「Eh? I heard something I shouldn't ignore―――」

「Yes yes, stop dawdling and quickly do your warm up.」

「Eeh!? Cancel! Let me cancel the match!」

My wish didn't get through, and Elenorneesan pulled my arm.

Doing physical exercises, running and loosening up muscles.

In the place where I do the usual practice swing, Sylvio-niisan is zealously practice-swinging. No, he seems to practice by imagining fighting an opponent. The sort of training like shadow boxing I guess.

I have a feeling that today he got an extremely ghastly facial expression.

I wonder why? Sylvio-niisan always practice seriously. There's no doubt about it.

What the heck is Sylvio-niisan doing over there, I don't understand.

The one I need to defeat is Elenorneesan. Most likely Sylvio-niisan must have the same intention.

If it's the both of us can endure fighting against Elenorneesan, no we might even be able to defeat her. 

You'll see Demon King. Since we are completely different from usual today.

I hold a certain confidence inside my heart, so I start swinging my sword near Sylvio-niisan.

The shadow of Sylvio-niisan, as expected he can shield me from many thing.

When I finish doing the basic training menu as I always do, it's time for sparring.

Today's Sylvio-niisan only said a few words, his gaze is sharp, feeling as if on edge *piripiri*.

「Well now, shall we start the spar then.」

Nord-tousan said so after he shows up.

「Today, in order to confirm the ability of the three of you, so let's do it in round-robin format. And exactly in order for the fight of Al against Earl Melna, it's just the right time to measure your ability」


That's ridiculous! It's necessary to have a companion to fight with the Demon King you know? The hero among others – along with the sage, and the holy woman – they should be there aren't they!

「I understand  (Grin *niyari*)」8


Elenorneesan and Sylvio-niisan let out a wicked smile aimed at me.

I understand if it's Elenorneesan, but how come even Sylvio-niisan, I wonder if that smile is meant for me.

Somehow everyone is starting to go crazy.

Thus, my hope along with the shield 《Sylvio-niisan》, in order to fight against the Demon King 《Elenorneesan》 is lost.

「Well then, the first match shall be Al against Sylvio.」

Though I'm thinking that it's regrettable it doesn't go as I expected, I stand ready with my wooden sword and glare at Sylvio-niisan.

「Who is stronger?」

「Who knows. But generally, elder brother is stronger. Al should be better at magic rather than swordsmanship!」

「Aaー, Using the rare ice magic in order to cool fruit water, and making a box from earth magic and do some amazing things.」

「At the time he went to the forest with me,  I saw him send a huge ice pillar you know! By the way what's with the amazing earth magic? 」

「What, Rumba, you didn't come to yesterday's Reversi Tournament?」


At a place a bit further away from us, I can hear the voice of Rumba and Earl Melna talking with each other.

The two of them seems to be in a really good terms eh. If I'm not mistaken,  it was the first time those two met right?

「Then, begin!」

At the same time as Nord-tousan raise his voice at the beginning, Sylvio-niisan started to move.

I was surprised for a moment to the different-from-usual offensive stance of Sylvio-niisan, but then I deal with it without panicking.

The exchange of blows between our wooden sword continue to resound with a *kan kan*. 9

Still, for Sylvio-niisan to go on the offensive does not feel right. Compared with the usual countermove, his swordsmanship seems to be several times weaker.

「You're on the offensive today huh?」


I just asked a simple question, but Sylvio-niisan's expression changed bitterly.

And then, Sylvio-niisan attacked me even more vigorously by exerting more strength into his wooden sword than before.

His sword grazed all over my body, but I evade most of it somehow, and sometimes I fended it off.

Because I've been accompanying my sister as an opponent and whose offense came like a raging fire. Evading, dodging, I only became better at it.

「………why did his swordsmanship became such type…….I don't understand it.」

「……you're right Rumba」


「What is it the both of you?」


「Is that so?」

Sylvio-niisan's blow changes to large swing, I avoid it, and slip in to his chest.

But, Sylvio-niisan pick up his sword with a backhand grip and then thrust a counter at me.


「……a pity.」

A counterthrust came suddenly. The previous large swing is probably done on purpose. Since Sylvio-niisan started to assume a defensive stance, it has become difficult to attack.

As there's a distance between us, it's  just going back to square one.

All because of chasing after me? Well, I still have enough stamina.

Sylvio-niisan feels extreme fatigue since he keep attacking me, the chance is now huh?

I dash forward putting strength on my leg――

「Okay, that's it!」

With Nord-tousan's voice to rest, my leg stop.

「I haven't even taken a blow.」

「That's true.. But you don't have to take one, since this fight is to measure your skill after all.」

「Really, thank god. I'm tired already.」

「Me too. Al, I will land a blow next time.」

After saying that, Sylvio-niisan turn his back towards the field.  

「Today Sylvio-niisan is awfully aggressive huh. 」

「Ahahaha. Even Sylvio has some things to think about you know. Look, isn't Sylvio the eldest son. Of course he doesn't want to lose to his brother.」

「…….if somehow it continues like this, then I'll just be overtaken like in shogi. 」

Sylvio-niisan is a hard working person, so there's sufficient possibility for it to happen.

「Then Al, you have to work hard so as to not to get overtaken right.」

「…….but I got magic.」

「I'll say this just in case, but magic is banned when in spar okay?」

「Such thing!? Well, non-attribute magic then! If it's non-attribute magic then it's should be fine right!」

「Still not allowed.」

My request doesn't reach Nord-tousan, and I was dismissed with a refreshing smile.

「Well then, next would be Al and Elenora.」

Maybe she heard Nord-tousan's voice, Elenorneesan came energetically with her ponytail swinging left and right. 

Uwaaー, such a fine smile she's having.

「Why should I go first!?  There's Sylvio-niisan right!」

「Iya, that's because Al seems to be okay, so you should remain here to fight.」

When I turn towards Sylvio-niisan, I saw him wiping his sweat with a refreshing face. Then our line of sights intersect. Then Sylvio-niisan raise his thumb.

And then, he mouthed――

「……good……lu-……damn it! I got done in!」

「Al, are you ready?」

When I look back, there I saw the Demon King already prepared in battle position.

That gentle smile is scary. Her facial expression and bloodlust are truly doesn't mesh well.

「……please be lenient.」

I somehow managed to squeeze out such voice,

The Hero Alfried. Will challenge the Demon King!

「……for Al whose swordsmanship is specialized in surviving the battle, it seems impossible.」

「……yeah, it's impossible even if he's like a zombie.」

The Harvest Festival is by no means over…….

TL Note :

勇者, Brave (Hero) 夜は抜いてもいいけど、朝は抜くな, Japanese saying I guess, can't find it anywhere. Saa, it's like when you said 'now then'. Ara, you know, those lines housewives (Japanese women in general actually, feminine way of speaking) likes to say. クスッ (kusu), kinda weird to TL. Mon, ending particle to express dissatisfaction, can also be used to speak cutely (anime girls). ピリピリ. ニヤリ Sound of swords clashing..

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