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Fruit Water Affects 1

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I won the Reversi match, now I'm finally advancing to the final round.

Just when I  thought – like the previous tournament, my opponent will be Celisan's daughter Carlsan – defeating that Carlsan, the narrow-eyed guy Yurina came up to the final.

Seeing his match against Carla, Yurina was the type to calculate two or three step ahead and steadily win the game.

Although unlike Sylvio-niisan, this is a worldly-wise opponent. Though I'm saying it's amazing, I can't win in Reversi and Shogi against Sylvio-niisan anymore. It's a bit frustrating.

That aside, now I'm in the final round.

The onlookers and those people who have lost in this Reversi tournament so far heard about the final round, and form a circle around the table where Yurina and I sit.

「Hey Roland, who do you think will win?」

「Ahn? It should be Alfred-sama wouldn't it? On the last tournament, he's also very calm against Carla 」2

「You're noisy. In the first place, Alfred-sama is the one who thought about  Reversi, so it's obvious that he's strong. 」

「But, that guy called Yurina manage to defeat Carla easily. So this match is undecided yet.」

「Hey, so you're telling me that I lost miserably coz I'm incompetent?」

「Can't be helped. It's a clear standard for us and easy to understand.」

「Yeah it's sounds simple.」

「So, which of them did you guys bet on?」

「「I bet on Alfred-sama 5 coins. 」」3


『I want to bet 1 copper for Alfred-sama!』

『This me is betting 2 copper coins for Yurina!』4

Which of these two will win, the villagers are happily discussing which person to bet on. I can hear voice of those raising the amount of bet like in an auction somewhere.

I don't mind particularly, but please spare me the (any) trouble.

「Pleased to meet you Alfred-sama.」

「The pleasure is mine, Yurinsan.」

When Yurina and I was greeting each other, Elman-san came by our table.

「Now, let's start the final match of the Reversi tournament.」


At the same time as Elman-san declare the start of the match, the villagers raise a loud and strange voice

What on earth is that?  A new fad?

「I'm going with black disks okay.」5

「Well I'm white then. 」

While still feeling bewildered with the villagers' strange yell, I place my disk. Now, how will we go from hereon? It's likely that Yulina will not place a simple trap. To get the better of the opponent's prediction, how many disks can be taken. I think it's going to be such a fight.

Even if one said that this is just a simple Reversi tournament, the villagers are watching the match while discussing to to extent that they're not making any loud noise.

「Hm? Even though you can only turn 1 disk, why did he put that disk in that place?」

「For that reason, Roland is a small fry.」

「It's 'cause one can't be too greedy and take the opponent's disk, isn't it ?」

「O, oh. So it's like that.」

「Well, you'll understand if you look.」

When it's halfway through the match, more time are needed ponder about the next move, and the time it takes for each of our disk to hit the board are prolonged. Up to here it's still unclear. As of now, Yurina has more disk. But, in Reversi one does not simply rely on such temporary number. I might have lost in the quantity if my disk, but my white disks are tightly placed on the corner, it's placed as a mass 5 as preparation for my next move. From hereon, you can say it's my turn to attack.

Yurin grasp a black disk, and his hand wander about atop the board.

「This is…」

Perhaps Yurina has realize it now. The place where I can attack is roughly in the shape of X on the board. Even if I attack elsewhere, my disks will take the edge.

That's right, I place Yurina in this X position. In other words, I'm directing my disks to attack his diagonally inward from the corner, one at a time. (Yurina is forced to take the X-position)

This is called the 'X move'. 8

My corner position will be taken.  

「The important mass has been held down.」

Yurina already has a narrowed eyes, but he's narrowed it even further and looking at the board.

「Oi, don't you think some amazing technique is triggered?」

「Fuun, Roland don't understand huh?」

「Tell me Westa.」

「Carla, explain it to this stupid Roland.」

「Westa, you also don't understand right?」

「……nah, just troublesome to tell you.」

「The heck Westa. As always, you got the habit of talking something stupid.」

「Haa~. Alfred-sama has somehow set up and lead Yurinsan to take the edge and corner」

「Is there such a move?」

「Nah, how many times have you guys been playing reversi, if you put one disk diagonally on the corner, you'll understand just how big of a trouble you're in ya'know?」

「Well somehow?」

「Of course I know that sort of thing.」

「I guess even Westa doesn't understand it either. The distribution of disks. Use your head a little will you.」

「「Feeling. Something important. That is our style of reversi.」」

「…why is those two become able to cooperate perfectly?」

I wait for Yurinsan's next move while listening to Westa, Roland, and Carlsan's conversation. I have a feeling that I see those three gathering and talk with each other frequently today.

Though they made peculiar combo, but actually it might be a well-balanced trio.

Roland brings out the topic and doubt them, Westa is escalating the conversation, mix some more story and half-truth, and Carla replied to them. (tsukomi)

How nice. You guys won't make people laugh aren't you. This Alfred will be the Producer you know. True, Idol are popular, but no widespread music around here, maybe the law is strict huh. I wonder what's the situation in the Imperial Capital.

「It's hard.」

Yurina frown while avoiding the X-position, then he place his disk on another mass.

 But it is still difficult. Putting it there, the edge will be taken and the situation will be more dangerous.

「Then here….」

「I can't imagine myself winning here.」

Yurinsan made a bitter smile while placing his black disk. He seems to make a face that is convinced of his loss, but he make a beaming smile despite nevertheless.

After that, by my calculation,  I manage to win smoothly with 51 – 13 point.

 Surrounded by the sound of the villagers’ applause, we stand up and shake each others hands.

「Thanks for the game.」

「I thought that I could hold on a little more.」

Certainly, Yurina’s thinking ability might be the best among the villagers. His prediction are also getting better wherever you put your disks. But, he don't have enough experience. Would he became like Sylvio-nissan if he became stronger even a little?

If there's time, I thought that I would let him play against Sylvio-niisan.

『Mine 2 copper coinsー!』 (Washi ワシ)

『Hehehe, with this I can drink even more.』

『Yosh! Time for a party! 

『Oh! Let's drink!』

『Celisan, ale, omelette, and some meat please. No sugar for the egg.』

The spectating villagers is making a lot of noise while laughing and ordering meals.

Because the order came simultaneously, Celisan and Carlsan became very busy.

「Yo, champion, want to eat some meal? I'll treat you ya'know.」

Looking beside me, I see Melna whom I fought in the second round sitting with his drawstring bag in his hand.

「Well then. I'll take you on your offer.」

「May I join you guys?」

「Oh, Yurina. You too, come come.」

Invited by Melna, Yurina and I sit on the chair. Are these two acquainted with each other?

Melna called Celissan, first he tried to order ale for three person, but was stopped by Yurina. Even though my mind is adult, unfortunately my body is that of a child. I might look like some detective, but my brain is not that good. 9

「Then fruit water, Alfred-sama will you eat something?」

「Spaghetti maybe」

Since the stalls are closed at night, I don't want to overeat.

「I'll order that too. Since it's said that this village is the origin of Spaghetti, I would like to eat a lot.」

「Well there it is, though Alfred-sama is the one who came up with it.」

「Is that true?」

Yurina look at me with a surprised expression. His eyes are narrow, it's hard to understand but from his raised eyebrows and the change in his voice so he should be surprised.

「Well now.」

「Then three servings of Spaghetti, a glass of fruit water, and two ale please.  Large portion for mine.」

Celisan replied with 『Yes』and conveys the order to Carlsan and prepare for the ale and fruit water.

As soon as the ale and fruit water arrive to our table, we toast immediately.

「Uoh, a good drink like ale is good after all.」

「Too bad mine is just fruit water.」

「Oh? You want to drink ale? Try it then?」

「You can't. Alfred is still a kid after all.」

「Oh that so. How old is Alfred now?」

「I'm six years old.」

「You’re calm for six years old.」

Yurinsan look at me with a surprised expression, and scrutinizing me.

「Well, all sort of thing happen in my house after all.」

Woman, older sister, maid, mother…eh, all of them are the same aren't they.

「Then you're having such dead eyes in those year huh…… must be hard.」

Melna patted my back gently.

「Another drink please.」

Yurin add another order, and give me a cup of fruit water.

Both of them are nice guys. Today, the fruit water taste sour.

Author note:

The focus and tempo of the writing style, it's obvious what the author favorite scene is.

TL Note : As usual, leave comment if you find some mistakes.

果実水が染みる. Going with the story content, especially at the end, I'm using 'affect' for title. Any other suggestion are welcome. Truly hate Roland's way of speaking. 「そりゃアルフリート様じゃねぇのか?前回もカルラ相手に超余裕だったしな」 賊貨五枚 (washi) Reversi piece should be called disks/discs. The author uses stone, but somehow it feels weird to me. Mass in Reversi mean a group of disk in a cluster. Not really sure about this X square thing in Reversi/Othello. Never play them. X-square. I'm not sure about the strategy and such in Reversi/Othello, so if you're familiar with them and find any mistake, please leave on comment. Conan reference.

Late chapter I know.

I just quit my job, and now I’m officially jobless. A great way to start a new year, sigh. Might not be able to release chapter every week, maybe one chapter every two weeks. Need to find some odd jobs here and there.

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