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Bath and Demon and Sometimes a Revolving Lantern

The time to harvest wheat began, people are moving energetically. Busily harvesting barley and other crops, and am happily harvesting with the whole family. Although some percentage of them will be taken as part of a tax, people smile's are bright. It seems to be a good harvest this time, the villagers will have some of the surplus (tax allowance).

Even if it is not a good harvest this season, it is fine since we store enough food for the sake of emergency purposes. In case of poor harvest, we can distribute it. We will somehow manage if we can grow the crops again.

It seems that there will be a harvest festival 5 days from now, though everyone is busy with the harvesting.

It is said to be held every year after all the harvesting is done and everything is settled. Koryat villager will gather together, and then celebrate for three days. This year it seems that the immigrants also increased, so it will be quite lively.

I heard that there are also Reversi, and Shogi competitions.

Bartolo will represent the Slowlet family and act as the chef for the village, so he is now busy helping with the maids. It would be hard to cook for hundreds of people.

It seems that people from outside of the territory will come this time, I heard that it is kind of impossible to come across an unusual dish.

Bartolo will face a difficult time.

While thinking so, I am spending my time feeling the warmth in my room. The room becomes warm if you let the fire using fire magic float in the air.

When the room warms up, as expected I'll extinguish it.

But, my body is already accustomed to summer heat, so I don't know whether  today happens to be colder even if it's autumn rather than winter , since I feel a bit cold.

So that's why today I'm wearing two shorts. This is okay. Um, it's fine (just right).

「Al. Time for sword training.」

Just when I'm being absent minded in my room while waiting for my room to get warm, Eleonorneesan came to my room. Of course  there is no knocking the door from her. Although it's staple in manga or anime for the hero to get a heroine, sadly there is no heroine in this house.

「Er. It’s cold today so I'll pass.」

「That's not good. You're won't get any  better if you're not improving yourself. 」

「What about the preparation for the harvest festival? Or the preparation to welcome people from outside ?」

「It's been decided so it's okay. Even if it's not the two of us can just keep practicing」


I resolutely shake my head while showing uncomfortable look to Eleonorneesan.

「If you don't change that disgusting expression on you face right now, maybe I'll straighten it by force?」

「I'll get dressed quickly!」

I'm bowing while consciously making a dignified appearance.

Even so, if my face 'rank' is low, if it get straightened… Eh? Will I become a handsome guy? No way, that's impossible! There is no such thing. Maybe my face is just swollen. Alfred, don't make any mistake on the way.

「Please hurry up. Before I'm going ahead with Sylvio.」

I only took of one long shorts, then I change to an easy to move long shorts that will be okay if it gets dirty. But today is cold, so is this okay I wonder?

When I go out to the courtyard, a little cold draft is blowing. The leaves are falling from the trees, being shaken by the wind while emitting rustling sound and fluttering about in the air like bubbles.

Their lonely appearance seeming to show that it is late summer.

「Al. What are you being absent-minded for, it's a bit cold today so I'll move carefully.」


Being called by my sister, Eleonorneesan, I rush over while shaking my training sword. Somehow Eleonorneesan and Sylvio-niisan were wearing short pants. I'm not crazy.

Is it like that? Elementary school boys, wearing short pants and struggling to look cool in the midwinter.

Then the girls will say 『Are you not cold?』then happily replying 『Not cold at all!』trying to look tough and ignore the cold, are you trying to get popularity from everyone?

「Anyway forget about Eleonorneesan, but Sylvio-niisan, are you not cold?」

「What do you mean with 'forget about me'?」

「It will be warm if I move around, so it’s okay.」

Sylvio-niisan answer with a fresh smile on his face while stretching. I ignore Eleonorneesan ‘s words. Because I felt like I'll get caught in trouble if I answered. Yeah, I got smarter.

「Ne? What do you mean?」

Stop using that kind of line. Because it's like a yandere.

「Are you ready? Let's run around the house a little bit.」

「Yes! Father!」

Father! You came at the right time. Today father look dazzling.

「Al is unusually energetic. Shall we run faster then?」


「Eleonora neesan. It's quicker if you just use sword to make Al listen.」

「That's true. 」

What are you saying Sylvio! I'm truly shocked, that I call him without honorifics.

I ran around the mansion, while praying desperately for Eleonorneesan to forget about it.

When my body got warm,I did the usual practice.

It's the first time I'm waving a sword, it's only been five months but recently the sound of the sword cutting the air is getting better. But father said, that my arms is still shaking. It's difficult to my body properly (as I wish it).

While next to me, Sylvio-niisan is doing the exercise with precise and beautiful movement. Since the physical strength between us is different, the gap between each swing is also different, making a good sound. 1  I guess Sylvio-niisan is thinking the reason while doing those movement. It seems that he was listening to Nord-tousan's advice often.

In the back, Eleonorneesan is swinging her wooden sword. I was expecting for her sword to be fast, but it's not sharp.

Then, as if she was able to read my thoughts from my gaze, after making a sullen face, her expression turn serious while staring at the leaves drifting in front of her.


Letting out a short voice, while at the same time swinging the wooden sword.

 ……hmm? Did she do something?

And then, the strike hit the leaf and cut in line diagonally both with vertical and horizontal shape, the leaf then split into eight part and flutter in the air with *harahara*. (flutterflutter)

Haa!? How come it's been cut into 8 parts while she just swung her sword only once?Certainly the sword is swung down only once.

I don't understand.

Looking at my shocked appearance, Eleonornessan seems to make a 'how is it'-face, so I decide to might as well just face her.

Eleonorneesan, what a dreadful child……

From now on, don't make me angry when I'm holding a wooden sword, or I will use this technique to cut you four times, is that what she's trying to say?

「Eleonora. Just now, what are you doing? Didn't I say it's not a technique that should be used to play around? 」2

「……I'm sorry.」

「Next time you do that, I'll give you a punishment. 」

Somehow Eleonorneesan became submissive. It is said that the road of martial arts can even make demon to become submissive. Feeling a somewhat deep emotion, I swing my wooden sword.

「Keep concentrating Al.」

「I'm sorry.」

I think that there are many Esper in this village.

After finishing the swinging the sword, now it's sparring time. Today I manage to avoid the father and daughter pair (Nord-tousan & Eleonorneesan). My opponent is Sylvio-niisan.

I need to return the previous unnecessary thing he said earlier.

「……Al.This is just a spar, why did you put such wicked face?」

「Really? Well then、I'll attack.」

Exhaling shortly、shortening my distance with Sylvio-niisan. I use the pose that father taught me until now and unleash a continuous attack. Even if it's a basic move that is easy to fend off, I can still use the momentum.

「Al can already start using that move.」

「Sylvio-niisan is as usual is good at avoiding.」

「It's a necessary technique to fend off Eleonorneesan……」

「That's true.」

「Father、Al is amazing you know to be able to attack Eleonorneesan continuously. 」

People can grow strong if they survive. I feel like it's not enough to face Eleonorneesan head on if I don't use magic. Let’s try it next time.

「Really clever. That repelling move can be a reference.」

「Ahaha、You’d better listen to father right?」

「Eh、Don't wanna. It will be just become a spar.」

If I talk too much, Nord-tousan will become angry, so might as well continue.

As usual, Sylvio-niisan, he's good at stabilizing himself. As expected of Sylvio barrier.

「……Al、I heard it you know?」

The sounds of our wooden sword colliding can be heard from our position, the sounds of the wind being cut, the intermittent sounds of dirt due to our movement.

And the sound of wooden sword breaking echoed in distant place.

*Kiiinnn*, it's not a sound that should be produced by wooden sword right? But if you look closely, both wooden sword have magic power clad on it.

Eleonorneesan use fire-attribute magic, though she's not good at magic. Wind wolf, and goblin, it takes about three fireball to defeat them I think. 3 Even if I taught her that magic consumption increases with each use no matter how small it is, I can't keep teaching everyday. 4 I wonder if she train somewhere without me knowing.

Nord-tousan has wind attribute, but I have never seen him using magic. How do you use wind attribute (in sword) I wonder. Though I'm gathering magic power now.

I don't want to spar while fighting against that (Nord wind magic-sword style).

「Sylvio-niisan. Now it's my turn to attack.」

「I understand. 」

So that those two don't drag us into their training, Sylvio-niisan and I keep sparring (sword style/technique) until training time is over. 5

As we finish training and sweating, I use water magic at the bathroom in the mansion, then heating the water with fire magic.

Using Eleonornessan fire magic, then Elnkaasan water magic to boil the water. But, since I can use both magic, it became my daily task.

Besides, I'm not confident in Eleonorneesan's fire magic. There was a time when Eleonorneesan heating water during the winter last year. Because at that time I somehow had some confidence in her, I put ice in the hot water and it melted.

 *Ssss~!* *Crack crack!*, it was quite hot. Thanks to that, the hot water cooled down, so I decided to heat a new one. In the meantime I was naked at that time and caught a cold.

As a revenge、I told Eleonorneesan that the preparation for bath is finished and that it's fine to get in.

Although the bath is a cold water bath.

While I'm going upstairs and gloating, I heard a cute scream

The moment I laugh, by relying on my laughter Eleonorneesan came and came charging at me. Only wearing towel on her body. It was my first time I thought that it was terrifying to see female skin.

Well, I'm already used to seeing Eleonorneesan's figure lightly-dressed, so I'm not imagining anything. Though usually she take off her clothes even if I am in the same room, saying something like lending her some clothes while barging into my room while wearing shorts. 6

Of course, those clothes never return, it became Eleonorneesan's clothes. Because I can see a part of her wonderful body shape with my clothes on, I guess I quite like that.

Well, I wonder how should I deal with Sylvio-niisan today. He's been saying unnecessary things about me. 

Thinking so, I head for the bathroom.

Pouring water, I scrub a cloth carefully then wash it with soap, the I drain the water.

Hmm, that's right Sylvio-niisan is a cautious person, so I create a big ice then melt it at once with fire magic, so as to generate steam.

It seems that in a cooking program I saw, there is an episode of steaming with dry ice.

If I do that in close distance, I will also get burned, so after making an ice bigger than me, I use fire magic and melt it at once.

Whole lot of steam came off, the hot steam is getting near my body, it feels like I'm taking a warm bath.

All set. What's next is only to make him get inside.

When I look for Sylvio–niisan, I found him at once in the hallway.

「Sylvio-niisan. You can use the bath first.」

With a smile, I encourage him to take the Arctic Ocean bath like the usual bath.

「Right, as always thank you. I’ll be right in.」

 I return to my own room with a smile on my face. I think he's probably took off his clothes about now.

By the way I didn't lie to him. Because no one said the bath water is heated. I only said that he can go first.

Now then, please enjoy the Arctic Ocean bath !

After letting Sylvio-niisan soak in the bath, I went to the second floor. 7 Looking inside the room, I saw the figure of Sylvio-niisan nonchalantly taking some clothes from the rack.

I look forward to what will happen, while waiting in my room.

「…♪ I'm excited.」



「Heyy! I thought it was hot water since it gave of steam!」

Even without listening carefully, I can tell from my sister angry voice that she's coming to my room.

Whayisthat! (kansai-ben) I'm not sure if the training is over or not, but usually I take a bath after I change my clothes. 8

Eleonorneesan comes upstair with *batabata* such rattling noise.

To say that one step is surely the same as the end of my life, but she's skipping two step at once. 9

When I take a peek into the hallway from the door, there was a demon wearing a towel.

The moment our eyes met, I felt a chill down my spine. The feeling as though my heart was grabbed my a hand and it tightened.

Even though you just came out from a cold bath, why is your whole body turn red?

Eleonorneesan glare at me with sharp gaze full of anger, so I run away.

While trembling in fear, I rebuke my own body and resolutely close the door.

Damn it! Why is my body trembling at such times! Because my hand is sweating, the doorknob slip off from my hand and the door open.

Hhiiiiiii!!! What are you gonna do with me demon!

「If I close the door then it's my win. If I close the door then it's my win. If I close the door then it's my win. If I close the door then it's my win.」

With self-suggestion I calmly close the door. I can't hear anything like demons’ footsteps any more. Even one second feels unspleasant. Life is about struggling in one moment!

Close it. It will be closed soon! My door.

Yosh! It's close…

「When I close the door it's my win….」

「If I strangle Al's neck then is it my win ?」

 It will not get closed, the demon's feet got in between the door.

That day, I feel like I saw a revolving lantern for the first time.

Author note :

Thank you very much

TL Note :

1. (俺より力が籠っていていい音がする。)

2. (エリノラ。今は素振りだよ? それにその技は遊びで使ってはいけないと言ったよね)

3. (ワインドウルフや、ゴブリンに効く程度のファイヤーボールを三発放つことが限界だろうか。)

4. (魔力は小さい頃から使い切る事によって増える、と教えても毎日はやってくれない。)

5. (俺達はあの二人に巻き込まれないように、端の方で稽古を続けた。)

6. (普通に俺がいても脱ぐし、パンツで俺の部屋に入ってきて服を貸せとか言うし。)

7. (俺はシルヴィオ兄さんの後を着けて)

8. ( 稽古終わったのか知らないけど、普通着替えを持ってからお風呂に入るでしょ!)

9. (その一歩はきっと俺の残りの命だと言うのに、二段飛ばしをしているであろう。)

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