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Chapter 752: No-Liability Agreement!

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Zhao Yanzi’s Purple Green Treasure Sword was very fast, and she caught up with Hao Ren quickly.

The Lu sisters and Xie Yujia gathered around Hao Ren as well.

From the campus of East Ocean University, the young dragon cultivators and the royal princes of dragon palaces flew up one after another, following Hao Ren toward the Dragon God Shrine.

The news about the duel between the Third Lord of the East Ocean Dragon Clan and the East Ocean City’s Regional Inspector Su Han of the Dragon God Shrine had spread all over the region. Any cultivator in East Ocean City could go and watch the battle.

Everyone wanted to see the result of this rare battle between two peak Qian-level cultivators.

Instantly, a team of hundreds of cultivators gathered behind Hao Ren.

Bang! Bang… Dozens of generals shot out from the East Ocean.

Liu Yi in his golden armor was flying in the front of the team. After getting the news about the battle between Zhao Kuo and Su Han, he had hurried back from the West Ocean Dragon Palace to meet with the generals of the East Ocean Dragon Palace. When he saw Hao Ren flying over in the high sky, he rushed out of the ocean to follow him.

Zhao Kuo had reached peak Qian-level again. If he defeated Su Han, he would probably advance into the Heavenly Dragon Realm. The senior generals of East Ocean Dragon Clan were all excited and wanted to watch the battle.

These generals had spent years training soldiers and fighting battles; they had understood realms through fierce fights, and the lowest realm among them was Dui-level!

When they heard that Third Lord, the soul of the army of the East Ocean Dragon Clan, would have a public battle with a peak Qian-level inspector, how could these East Ocean generals not watch it?

Hao Ren led them around the Kunlun Mountain and flew directly toward the Dragon God Shrine.

An opening appeared in the big array formation of the Dragon God Shrine. When the level 3 inspectors who were guarding the opening saw Hao Ren, they stood aside and let him pass.

Hao Ren returned to the Dragon God Shrine not as an inspector but as the Commanding General of the East Ocean.

The young cultivators coming with Hao Ren were dragon cultivators in East Ocean City, and some of them were excited since it was their first time entering the Dragon God Shrine.

Xie Yujia wasn’t a dragon cultivator, but she had a mark left by a Soul Formation Realm cultivator. The Lu sisters were not dragon cultivators either, but they released the aura of the Soul Formation Realm silently for one second, making the two inspectors retreat to the side immediately.

Following Hao Ren closely, Duan Yao easily entered the array formation without being questioned.

Zhen Congming entered after them with his head held high. After him, the dozens of generals from the East Ocean Dragon Palace also entered in their flashing armors.

Due to Yue Zilong’s stomp when he captured Zhen Congming last time, the dozens of arenas on the platform had disappeared.

The flat round platform was made from white stone, and the black Dragon God Shrine stood in the center.

Today, a pale red light hovered around the Dragon God Shrine, and it looked to be a special array formation.

Meanwhile, the platform looked to be different from before with a powerful suppression engulfing it, giving the low-leveled young cultivators who came with Hao Ren a hard time to breath.

Seeing their pale faces, Xie Yujia offered these low-leveled cultivators some Essence Replenishment Pills.

These Essence Replenishment Pills were all level 4 pills. The young cultivators who had difficulty breathing swallowed the pills immediately and felt much better.

Boom! Zhao Hongyu’s colorful River-Mountain Qian-Kun Painting flew in through the opening, and about a dozen purple-robed elders had come with Zhao Hongyu and Zhao Guang.

Lu Qing and Sun Yun, the two elders responsible for businesses on land, were among them.

“Dad! Mom!”

Seeing Zhao Hongyu and Zhao Guang, Zhao Yanzi immediately went to them.

“Gongzi Hao, General Liu…” Premier Xia saw Hao Ren and the others and greeted them one by one.

At this moment, the people gathering on the platform mostly came from the East Ocean Dragon Palace.

This battle was between Zhao Kuo and Su Han. With the Dragon God Shrine supporting Su Han and the East Ocean Dragon Clan supporting Zhao Kuo, it was to some extent a competition between the East Ocean Dragon Clan and the Dragon God Shrine.

Beside the young cultivators who came with Hao Ren, some cultivators outside of the East Ocean Dragon Clan had also come. They were mainly senior cultivators of other branches in the East Ocean Region, including Elder Shi of Green Stone Mountain and other dragon kings or elders from the river and lake dragon palaces.

As to the cultivators from distant areas, they couldn’t enter the Dragon God Shrine even if they knew about this battle. Since Su Han and Zhao Kuo would fight the battle in the Dragon God Shrine, the shrine wanted to show some fairness by inviting the cultivators of the East Ocean Region. However, they couldn’t allow others in.

In fact, the news that two peak Qian-level cultivators would fight in the Dragon God Shrine to gain a breakthrough had spread all over the Dragon Tribe. The result of the battle would be known to the outside world immediately.

Hua… Hundreds of inspectors flew out from the black Dragon God Shrine.

Hao Ren noticed that Qin Shaoyang was wearing a golden robe as a level 4 inspector. Then, he relaxed a bit when he realized that Xu Ke wasn’t around.

There were level 4 inspectors in golden silk robes, level 3 inspectors in yellow silk robes, and more level 2 and level 1 inspectors wearing silver and white robes respectively.

Su Han was an inspector and thus represented the Dragon God Shrine. Besides, the battle took place in the Dragon God Shrine, which explained why the Dragon God Shrine put such great importance on this battle.

While the cultivators from the East Ocean Region stood on the side closer to the edge of the platform, the inspectors of the Dragon God Shrine stood on the side closer to the black Dragon God Shrine; a vast open space separated them.

At this moment, Zhao Kuo and Su Han hadn’t arrived yet.


A trace of nature essence fluctuation appeared on the array formation outside the platform.

Wearing a black leather armor, Zhao Kuo rushed into the array formation of the Dragon God Shrine like a black cannonball.

He landed on the platform, instantly leaving two shallow footprints on the ground.

Guang! A violent energy was released from his body.

Qin Shaoyang who had just been promoted to a level 4 inspector didn’t recover his realm yet, and he retreated about four steps abruptly and steadied his body against the stone wall of the Dragon God Shrine.

The low-leveled inspectors raised their hands to block this presence released from Zhao Kuo in a hurry.

“Third Lord! Third Lord!” the dozens of generals from East Ocean all shouted in excitement when they saw Zhao Kuo.

To them, Zhao Kuo had been the soul of the troops of East Ocean. Except for the failure in the Heavenly Tribulation, he had been invincible. After he lost his strength, he had re-cultivated to peak Qian-level, which was an excellent proof of his toughness!

Bang! Zhao Kuo shook his body, and the slim and long Black Dragon Spike slid down from his wrist.

On the top floor of the Dragon God Shrine, Yue Zilong who was in a black robe looked back and said, “Palace Master, Zhao Kuo is here.”

“Em…” In the open room, the Palace Master who had been facing the wall stood up slowly.

Yue Zilong looked at him in astonishment, not expecting that he would stand up. The other eight Deputy Shrine Masters were also stunned.

“This man is extraordinary since he has re-cultivated to peak Qian-level. I’m afraid that none of you is his match,” the Palace Master said.

The nine Deputy Shrine Masters remained silent.

Although they hadn’t fought with Zhao Kuo, they believed what the Palace Master said. However, they wondered how Su Han, who had just reached peak Qian-level, could battle Zhao Kuo.

If Su Han lost, it would bring shame to the Dragon God Shrine.

“It doesn’t mean that Su Han will surely lose,” the Palace Master continued.

He turned his body slowly and revealed his face. The deep-voiced Palace Master was a handsome man.

Looking to be in his thirties, he was a good-looking man with a manly presence from every perspective.

Seeing the Palace Master turning around and revealing his face, the nine Deputy Shrine Masters who had reached or were close to reaching peak Qian-level all looked anxious.

Ever since they entered the Dragon God Shrine and took their respective responsibilities, none of them had ever seen the Palace Master’s face or his strength, but they believed that his strength was definitely greater than theirs!

When Zhen Congming tried to escape last time, the Palace Master shot out a black light from the Dragon God Shrine and caught Zhen Congming with ease.

Today, instead of sitting there facing the wall, he had stood up and shown his face.

The nine Deputy Shrine Masters instantly tensed up.

The Palace Master walked to the window and looked down at the huge empty square below the Dragon God Shrine. After a few seconds of silence, he said lightly, “During this battle, no matter if Su Han wins or loses, lives or dies, none of you can interfere.”

The nine Deputy Shrine Masters bowed and took the order instantly.

Hiss… A sharp noise came from the distant horizon.

Wearing a colorful traditional dress, Su Han dashed onto the platform through the opening in the array formation on her longsword.

She leaped lightly onto the platform while the longsword slid into her hand with a movement unnoticeable to people around her.

Bang! She suddenly released her peak Qian-level aura.


Two pieces of silk cloths flew down from the top floor of the Dragon God Shrine.

Two copies of the no-liability agreement!

Zhao Kuo and Su Han caught the two pieces of silk cloths and spread them in the air. Then, they cut open their fingertips with their nails and pressed their red fingerprints onto the cloths.

Hua! Hua!

They tossed the silk cloths to each other to exchange fingerprints.

Hum! A black light shot down from the top floor and took back the two silk cloths before tossing them respectively to the East Ocean cultivators and the inspectors.

Su Han’s cold aura looked different than when she parted ways with Hao Ren in the Demon Sea. With her mystic crystal broken, the colorful Nuwa Stone had taken its place.

If she couldn’t elevate to the Heavenly Dragon Realm within one month, Qiu Niu would take back the Nuwa Stone according to their agreement, and she would die.

If Zhao Kuo couldn’t advance to the Heavenly Dragon Realm, he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his promise to his father and bring his father’s soul to the Dragon Tomb in the Heavenly Realm.

Hua… A copy of the no-liability agreement with Zhao Kuo and Su Han’s fingerprints on it flew toward Zhao Guang.

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