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「… I wonder if they already left?」

After the Crown Prince’s troupe arrived at the Bastea Company, we decided to wait while having a tea inside a barrier.
… As expected, I got tired of waiting as I want to go shopping.

「Ah, I will take a look」

Byakko-sama slipped out of the barrier and went to check.
… You can slip through the barrier you erect yourself? I didn’t know. Let’s try it another time.

「Oh my, not good. Cristesama, I have forgotten to bring out the thing in question」

Suzaku-sama said so and fished out a small jar from her cleavage… no matter how small it is, it’s not at the size it could come out of there, right!??
Does that mean Suzaku-sama is able to use inventory? … I wonder?

「T, thank you very much! …? Huh? Sei, is this all you had…?」

Too little. This will disappear in a blink of an eye. Mainly by my consumption.

「Ah, I thought you might not be pleased with it, so it’s the part I thought of giving you as a sample. I planned to give you the rest if you’d like it, but…」

… No, no, no. What about not liking it!? It’s umeboshi from my past life, you know?
From the irritatibly sour plums to the honeyed plums, I love all of them greatly!
Moreover, if it’s the umeboshi of this world, then it would be strong in the preserving elements with no small quantities of salt, so they will be like the old-fashioned umeboshi no doubt! Uwaa… I’m looking forward to eating them too much.

「No worries. I will have it all」

Rather, wouldn’t it be better to leave this sample to Sei…

「Ojou. That troupe is apparently in the shop no more」

Byakko-sama reported as he dispelled the barrier.

「Ah, I’m glad. Then, shall we go?」

This time, Byakko-sama has already notified the palce where the thing is stored, so an employee was waiting for us.

「I would like to buy all of the umeboshi you have」

The moment I conveyed such, the employee’s behavior turned dull.

「Umm, I’m truly sorry. We have sold everything just a moment ago…」
「Eh!? Everything??」

What is the meaning of this, it has been hoarded until now without being able to sell, the umeboshi that was like a deastock until now has suddenly gotten sold out… what!?

「Y… yes. Just a little while ago, Ojousama’s Oniisama and his fried arrived and bought it all…」

The employee who thought it would be better to keep quiet about the umeboshi being a gift for her told her only about the fact that it has been sold out.

「Oniisama did?」

In that case, they might have bought it as a souvenir for me.

「No, the friend who was together with your Oniisama did」

… Eh? His Highness bought it!? … Does he intend to gift it as a souvenir to the royal family…?

… Your Highness? Did you buy it understanding umeboshi’s value??
If you bought it just because you thought it was unusual… I won’t forgive you!!!!

… Hmm, but it can’t be helped if His Highness bought it. I should at least hand a recipe for umeboshi to a royal chef through Oniisama… At this rate, they might think of it as not a proper food and throw it out. I won’t let Umeboshi-sama go to waste!

… I wonder if I could ask Oniisama to get me a little of umeboshi from His Highness…? This small jar isn’t enough… sniff.

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