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The Reincarnated Princess’ Fear


 Loud noises continued to echo from above.
 I breathed in and restrained my bouncing heart to the sudden shock that came out of nowhere.

 'It's alright, Klaus will protect me.'

 The sailors were also fighting and Wolf said he would lend a hand after all.

 'I have to believe in them and do what I have to do.' I told myself and turned to face the person in front of me.

 Kurt’s fracture treatment was over. That said, it was just wrapping his leg and the sheath together as support.

 Besides broken bones and bruises, there was no noticeable trauma, but I was afraid to move him around so that's why he was laid down on the floor. To substitute a pillow, a folded cloth was used instead.

 His suffering was still clear as day however.

 Deep wrinkles formed on his brows, his red cheeks swollen and a thin layer of sweat coated his forehead. Perhaps from all the fractures and bruises he had wrought up a fever.


 Kurt struggled a small groan. Sweat fell down from his forehead as he waved his head around with a painful face.

 I brushed away his fringe and wiped his forehead with a cloth.
 The small scratches and cuts looked painful.

 I would love to clean the blood and mud off his wounds, but that's impossible until Miss Bianca return from the kitchen with more water.

 As I gently wiped the mud from his face with my index finger, Kurt's closed eyelids began to move.


 As if responding to my call, his eyelids slowly opened. At first there were no life in those eyes, but after a few seconds had passed, life returned to them and Kurt began looking around.

 Using his right hand, he traced the sheets with his fingers. Noticing that he was searching for something, I inadvertently took his hand. Grasping his hand with both of mine, a weak strength could be felt from him.


 Again, I called his name.

 His eyes moved towards the origin of the voice. I found myself reflected in his eyes. His lips started to move… But there was no sound.

 I wanted to grant him any demands he wished.
 There were only a handful of things I could possibly do right now, but even then.

“Please say it again one more time.” I asked him to repeat those voiceless words.

 But Kurt did not try to open his mouth. Instead he stared at my direction with his blurry eyes from the high fever.

 His right hand gently extended and somehow brushed my cheeks.

 His fingertips gently stroked my face that was confused beyond words. It was so gentle that one would doubt if there was really any force behind it at all.

 I would never brush away his hand, but it tickled a little bit. While staring at me who was worried about what to do, he smiled softly.

“The goddess… was here… all this time…”


 The little misunderstanding was drowned in the clamour upstairs.

 But before he could repeat himself, his eyes closed once more. The hand stroking my cheek fell down and his breathing became more audible.

 I wonder what he said.
 However, looking at his expression, I think that it was neither unpleasant nor painful.

 I gave a quick sigh, grabbed a bed sheet and covered Kurt with it.

“Mary, sorry for the wait!”

“Miss Bianca.”

 Miss Bianca who ran into the room noticed Kurt sleeping and hurriedly closed her mouth. I got up and took the tub she handed over.

“Sorry for all the ruckus.”

“No, it's good that you came back safely.”

“It's alright. It seems that the enemy haven't reached the lower decks yet… But…”


 While whispering to me, Miss Bianca made a rare sour face and diverted her gaze away from me.

 When I was about the ask her…

 The door behind Miss Bianca opened.
 Miss Bianca took my hand and pulled me behind her.

“Excuse us.”

“I'm sorry, Mary!”


 Mia said as she came in. Besides her stood a manservant with Miss Flora held in his arms.

“An injured person is sleeping. Please be quiet.”

 Mia apologised to Miss Bianca for being rowdy. The man gave a small bow towards me and walked towards the beds where he gently laid Miss Flora down.

 Miss Flora was scared out of her wits, pale and trembling. That figure of her holding her knees like a ball seemed to be smaller than usual.

“I was only hiding in the kitchen. I somehow tagged along. I'm sorry Mary.”

“I will also apologise. I was looking for anything that could function as a weapon or armour in the kitchen but they were all cleared out beforehand…”

 With an 'I am ashamed', the elderly gentlemen lowered his head.

“Where is her escort?”

 Certainly, Miss Flora must have an exclusive escort.

 In response to my question the old man opened his mouth, but Miss Flora's loud shout cut him off before he could say anything.

“Upstairs! He left me alone to go fight!”

“Miss Flora, please keep quiet.”

 Miss Flora who was frightened just now had her anger exceeded her fear. She ignored Mia's warnings and rolled up in her bed with tears of regret pouring out from her eyes.

“Even though he's just an escort! How could he leave my side at such an important time like this! I will tell Father when we get home!”

“Miss Flora.”


 I called out standing next to her. She glared at me with her teary eyes.

“Shut up.”

“Why the hell are you order-“

“If you make too much noise, it could attract the enemy.”


 Miss Flora who snapped at me swallowed my words after much persistence.
 If you look at her expression, one could tell she was not completely convinced.

“But… This is not right… “

 Muttered Miss Flora in a tiny voice. The little droplets forming in the corners of her eyes fell according to gravity.

 Were those tears because of your frustration towards the escort, or was it because of the situation you're in?
 It's probably both.

 I could not think of any comforting words for Miss Flora that was shedding tears.
 Resentment against unreasonable circumstances, even I wouldn't be able to come to terms with it either.

 My head knew that we were being attacked by pirates, but my emotions were still playing catch-up.

 'Why do you steal? Why do you hurt others?'

 I wanted to ask "How could your heart be filled with so much hatred?" As I am right now I could never calm anyone down.

 An awkward silence befell the room.
 But shortly after, a loud noise cut through the silence.


 The door roughly flung open.
 The first to react was Miss Bianca. She shielded me behind her and unsheathed her dagger.
 But what appeared was a crew member and not the enemy.

“Ah, my bad… You girls are hiding here, huh? I'll go somewhere else.”

 A sailor who entrusted his body to the wall said with a bitter smile.
 But his face was distorted in pain. Blood was dripping through his left hand fingers holding his wound on the other arm. The bleeding was making a red puddle on the floor.

“You're hurt!”

 Miss Bianca quickly stopped the sailor who was staggering away.

“I'm alright. It's not a big-“

“As if you are!”

 Miss Bianca frustratingly shouted over his voice.
 She pushed him into the room and sent me a glance. I replied with my gaze through the line of sight and pulled out an unused cloth from my bag.

“I will now treat you. Please sit.”

“Err, lil' Miss?”

 Looking at the arms of the embarrassed sailor, the affected area was the forearm on the right. Blood was overflowing from the wound. The cut must have severed an artery. Let's stop the bleeding as soon as possible.

 I was strangely calm that I surprised myself.

 Perhaps it was thanks to Kurt who calmed me down. I would also like to thank Wolf that knocked me back to my senses. But right now, I will focus on the treatment.

 Placing the hemostatic agent on the wound, top it with a cloth and press it down. The cloth soon turned red. I then added a second cloth.

“Miss Bianca, can you please hold this down?”


 Miss Bianca nodded and moved quickly. While she was holding that down I grabbed the bandages instead of the cloths.

“This will be tight so it might hurt.”


“W-Wait! What are you guys doing?!”

 Right when I was rolling the bandages, Miss Flora's obnoxiously loud voice could be heard.
 However, I couldn't afford to falter here, so I ignored it.

“Wouldn't the pirates come to look for him too?!”

“Miss Flora, please calm down.”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!! Look, if you don't kick him out right now- muhgufh?!”

“Please excuse our rudeness!”

 It was Mia who sealed up Miss Flora's rampant mouth with her palm.
 'Leave her to me! Please focus on treating him.' She looked at my confused face and said so.

 Not to waste Mia's efforts, I put more pressure onto the bandage then I tied it as tight as I could.

“Lift your arm up higher than your heart… Yes, just like that. It will be a while but please keep your arm like this.”

“Alright… Lil' Miss.”


“You're amazing.”

 Dropping the wet cloth full of blood, I raised my face to the sailor's words. His complexion was far from good, but his eyes were sparkling.

“Even though you have a tiny frame and a doll-face, your courage doesn't lose to even grown men. That's foul play.”


 'I wonder if I'm being praised.'
 I gave a weird sound as a response as I was caught off-guard and the sailor heartily laughed. It seemed that he didn't mean anything bad.

“…I don't believe I have that much courage.”

 I had only been at the receiving end.
 I was both being protected and spoiled. The reason I could stand here right now was because I told myself to get a grip.

 And I feared that even a little strike will send my stance crumbling down in an instant.

“U-! Release me, Mia!”


 A dry echo sounded.
 Miss Flora who finally pulled away Mia's hand from her mouth also swatted the other hand that tried to close her mouth again.

“Who the hell do you think I am? There's a limit to your rudeness!”

“I'm very sorry, but please keep quiet for now.”

“You insolent fool!“

 In contrast to Mia that calmly replied, Miss Flora's face was red with anger.

 What should I do? I would like her to be quiet, but saying anything now would just be adding oil to the fire.
 I glanced to my side and met eyes with Miss Bianca.
 Knock her lights out? She muttered something and gestured her hand as if striking a sword. Although it was dangerous, making any more noise than this was also unpleasant in itself.

“This and that is always that girl! Nobody ever listens to what I say!!”

 As I was contemplating how to handle the situation, Miss Flora pointed and shouted at me. My eyes widened in surprise and embarrassment.

“Miss Flora…”

“Don't you dare touch me!”

 Miss Flora cried even more as she brushed away the gentlemen's hand.
 Then she stood up and headed for the door.

“Hey! Where do you think you're going?!”

“I said don't touch me!“

 She even ignored Miss Bianca's calls and opened the door.
 I couldn't possibly let her go either so I grabbed her arm.

“No, come back!”

“Don't order me what to do!!”

 She knew that it was dangerous outside, but perhaps with blood rising to her head, she wasn't listening to anyone. I eventually got dragged outside along with her.

 The bustling noise sounded closer than expected. Too close.

 I raised my face and turned around. Behind Miss Flora – a looming shadow was coming down the stairs. I held my breath. The first thing I saw was a descending foot, then a wet sabre in his right hand dripping with blood.

 'We must hide!' The brain orders so, but my body wouldn't move.
 Miss Flora, not aware of the danger coming straight at us, was still trying to shake off my hand.

“It hurts! How long are you planning to grab it for?!”

 The man reacted to her voice and raised his face.
 There stood a beast with its rotten eyes shining as if it had found prey.

TN: Flora is cute. Change my mind.

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