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The First Prince’s Worries

* From First Prince Christof's point of view.

 I faced the mirror while fixing my collar.
 After a thorough check around the hem of my clothes, I glanced at my face and gave a deep sigh.

 The pale complexion and cold eyes are present as they always have, but with my recently thinner lines, it looked more delicate than ever.
 As a politician, I can’t have my face overcome with worries. The face of my father who throws out cold eyes left and right flashed through in my mind and my mood worsened.

 I diverted my eyes from the mirror and looked out of the window.
 In the clear blue sky without clouds, the dazzling morning sun was shining. There was no wind, therefore the sea would surely be calm. As I thought that, the face of my sister who visited this room last night turned up in my mind.

 Rose had definitely matured compared to the first time I've met her. But for me, she will always be my cute little sister.
 And that sister was going to a faraway country. Moreover, although she couldn't protect herself, only one guard was assigned. I was so anxious I could go crazy.

 'Don't go anywhere.' I wonder how many times I've wanted for you to be within my reach.
 But I couldn't say such a thing. I was not allowed to say it.

 'I shall depart tomorrow morning.' I was anxious, but in her eyes there was no hesitation. Even so, what will you do if I decided to get in your way?
 It is not my intention to hinder her growth.
 What I shouldn't do is to overprotect her, but to see her off with a smile.

 Because of the lingering anxiety, I couldn't get enough sleep. I can see dark circles painting itself under my eyes.
 I felt sorry for myself and breathed out another heavy sigh.

“…Well then.”

 I closed my eyes and shook my head.
 This isn't a time for sentimental thinking. Switch your feelings and start your work.

 I moved closer to the table to pick up the documents I had brought back to my room.
 After panning out the papers, I placed down an open book to keep it from rolling back up. A piece of paper was sandwiched between the pages.
 When my sister visited yesterday, I got caught off guard.

 I opened up the folded paper.
 The contents were spelled out with formality, as usual with a message from my brother. He sends them regularly while studying abroad in the neighbouring country. However, unlike personal letters filled with seasonal greetings for Rose, it's just merely his report.

 This usually arrives once a month. However, this letter came at an odd time. That means that there was something he wanted to inform me as soon as possible.

 The content was about how the First Princess of Raptor will be visiting Wind.
 It is said that she was to study abroad. However, her real objective was Wind’s First Prince. Raptor had been trying to form relations with Wind, but it seems that they finally sent their own princess.
 To make connections between countries, marriage is the simplest answer, but it can be a useful one.

 I still don't know how Wind will act.
 But whatever their move is, it's already too late. Although our country and Wind are allies, it can't be helped if this brew up some anxiety between us.

 The King will have to take some measures.
 And one of them will be marrying Rose to a Wind prince. Nothing is certain at the moment, but I am sure that Rose will not get a say in this if it was so.

 I can protect you, but that is merely not enough.
 In addition to destroying the future of that child, this will not be easy to find a solution to. If the situation were to change, Rose herself must make her move.

 Such a bitter story for a young princess.
 However, it is impossible to change Father's will using mere resolution.

 What a shame to marry her off just for the sake of some connections. If only she could show her achievements and other possibilities just to make Father think otherwise-

 'Knock knock'

 There were two knocks on the conicon door. I returned to reality once again.
 Shoving the letter into the book and putting it back on its shelf, I grabbed my documents and walked to the door.

“Good morning, sir.”

“Oh, good morning.”

 I greeted Leonhart who was waiting outside and took a glance at his face.
 I saw the same thing on his face as I did in my mirror.

 There were gaps under Leonhart’s outstanding eyes. It was extremely thin that one wouldn't notice it if they weren't this up close.
 Unlike me who is weak, I don't think Leonhart would have circles around his eyes from one or two night's lack of sleep.



“Were you busy lately?”

 I asked Leonhart while rubbing my eyes. He seemed to understand what I wanted to say and smiled wryly.

“It's a little embarrassing but I've been busy with some private matters.”

 With that, I opened my eyes wide.

 It is unheard of for Leonhart to give priority to private matters and postpone his work.
 Especially so as the Commander of the Royal Knights, his work is consistently piled up like a mountain. However, he always finishes them off with ease.

 Thinking about it, this is not something you see everyday. Speaking of which…
 What day is it today?

“…Did you have a safe journey?”


 Unlike his usual firm attitude, as if a child whose mischief had been found out, Leonhart nodded after a short silence.

 Apparently, my prediction was on the mark.

 He proritised his private matters first, even if he had to work through the night.
 If it was to see her… to see Rose off, then there's nothing more to be said.

 'Isn't that great, Rose?'

 I imagined my sister's face sailing across the ocean as I muttered in my heart.

 If I think about her journey from now on, I won't be worried, but just thinking that she travels with a smile on her face makes me feel a little easier.

 Please return to me safely, as soon as you can.
 Your unhappy brother had wished so for a long time.

TN: Comment below if I got anything wrong. Will fix it as soon as I can.

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