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   Sir Leonhard sank into silence with a troubled expression on his face after my simple explanation.

   I wanted to keep my lies to the bare minimum, so I only said I’d seen it in a “dream”.

   “Your Royal Highness,” Sir Leonhard finally spoke after an elapsed silence.


   “To summarize, you have knowledge of a future that may occur, but not of everything. This knowledge is limited to the people around you, and only within a certain time frame, so there are still a lot of unclear portions, and many things you have no knowledge of. You cannot predict when these many events you will happen. But your current actions have shown there is a possibility the future can be rewritten. Have I gotten everything correct?”


   It must have been an unbelievable story to told to.
   Although the story I’d given, I was shocked. If my friend had suddenly told me something like that when I was still alive in Japan, it would’ve been very hard for me to accept it immediately.

   However, from Sir Leonhard’s reaction, there was nothing to indicate him being lost. On the other hand, I became bewildered.

   He folded his arms and rested his chin in his hand. He looked down, like he was deep in thought, and said I see in a faint tone.

   “You knew the future. In order to divert the misfortune occurring to the people around you, you were forced to move on your own. You only had yourself and Klaus to rely on, and it would have been difficult to decide how much it you could permissibly explain. In addition, the disparity between the future you knew and…”

   “Wai-wait a minute!”

   Uninterested in listening to him continue, I interrupted him. The eyes he’d narrowed in thought rounded as he stared at me.

   “…what is it?”

   “My story, you believe it?”

   I was self-conscious of the absurd story I’d told him.
   Furthermore, I was a 10-year-old child. Even if he was putting a little girl’s wild tale in order, I thought it couldn’t be helped.

   “I do.”

   And yet, Sir Leonhard declared that without a hint of hesitation.


   “Well. There are several reasons, but the incident that happened half a year ago stands out as the best example. The plot to kidnap the wizards Lutz Eilenburg and Theo Eilenberg had been a confidential matter, limited to handful of knights within the order. The likelihood of someone leaking that information was not out of the question, but your knowledge in that situation was unfathomable. Because you acted even faster than we could.”


   “You had Klaus investigate Hilde Kramer, did you not? Around that time, we had suspected Niklas was a spy, but had not yet become aware of Hilde Kramer’s existence.”

   I see.

   Even if they’d obtained information, and could follow up on that lead, it was impossible to trace it.

   “Furthermore, I cannot believe you to be someone who would ever lie.”


   At his words, my conscience was run through with a knife.

   My heart was in stabbing pain. It made me want to apologize immediately.

   Instead, I chewed on my lips and endured.
   This was how I was going to proceed from now on. There was no going back.

   “Thank you…very much.”

   For that reason, I smiled as I thanked him. I had to say it.


   Sir Leonhard held quiet, smiling bitterly. His expression was conflicted, but he still looked at me warmly.
   Perhaps he’d noticed. That there was no way I’d explained everything, and everything had not been the truth.

   Even then, Sir Leonhard did seem like he would press me for answers despite my fake smile.

   “Your Royal Highness.”


   “If it does not hinder you, then I would like to ask, will there be an event that must be avoided at all cost in the near future?”

   The first thing that came to mind was, of course, “The Dark Lord’s Revival”.
   If I wished to live in peace, it was a flag that I must absolutely break down. But it was still not the right time to destroy that flag.

   “There is still some time before that happens, but right now there is something I must do without delay.”

   “Well, then. Is there anything I can do to assist you?”


   This was exactly what I’d been hoping would happen.
   I controlled my expression, and nodded strongly.

   “But this conversation…has taken much longer than I expected.”

   “That is true. Klaus should be returning any moment now. That man is not someone who can ‘wait’ if you tell him.”

   Especially when it comes to you, Sir Leonhard said, laughing.

   “I would like to arrange a time to meet with you again before long. May I speak with you when that time comes?”

   “Of course.”

   I sighed deeply in relief. As if I’d had to continuously had to brace myself until now, I loosened the hands I’d been unconsciously holding in fists. In the next second.

   ———BANG BANG.


   Like it had been perfectly timed, knocks came from the door.

   It was the capable yet bothersome, “cannot ‘wait’ if you tell him to wait” man, Klaus. My guard knight had returned roughly about five seconds after I promised to meet with Sir Leonhard next time.

   His timing had been too good to be true. When I froze, Sir Leonhard smiled wryly.

   “You are safe, he did not hear,” he said in a quiet voice as he walked past me to the door.


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