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Volume 5: Chapter 6 – Godlike Defense

The VIP viewers could feel the vibrations of the ground and see the meteors prepared to take a life at any time.

Normal players who hadn't experienced such a situation may even forget how to operate their mech.

The two Wargod No.1s, on the other hand, raced toward each other at full throttle, gracefully sidestepping meteors via intricate and challenging maneuvers. Since the Wargod No.1 lacked a shield a single meteor could be fatal and the shaking ground tested the limits of their balance.


A meteorite exploded into a cloud of smoke and Skeleton broke through the cloud, striking downward with his titanium-alloy knife.

At this moment, the ground below Magical Bird split apart and, under the strength of the aftershocks, his mech lost its balance.

His strike was direct and lethal; it was clear this explosive environment had no effect on Wang Zheng.

At that moment, Magical Bird used its arms to reclaim its balance and lashed outwards towards the side of Skeleton's vision.


The kick beelined straight from Skeleton's wrist and the strength of the clash would be enough to break his wrist if not, disarm him.

However, at that moment, incredibly his fingers flicked downwards propelling the knife downwards.

At that moment, the mech's fingers were moving at a speed beyond what vision could capture.


Both mech rebounded off each other


The ground sheared apart and the two mecha once again backed off and dodged the hail of meteors.

The audience was extremely quiet, each and every one of their mouths were opened so wide that a goose egg could fit inside. What the fuck happened?

The real Magical Bird, who was also sitting in the VVIP room, was similarly dumbfounded. He thought that the other party had spent two million just to use his name but it turned out that it was a top expert. If it were him, it wouldn't be bad if he could even bring out thirty percent of that strength.

Even ninety percent of the so-called experts would die in this ever-changing environment while piloting a lousy mech like the Wargod No.1.

Fawn and Little Suds looked at each other. Fawn, in particular, looked like he had drank one hundred cans of Red Bull. "Do you see that? That is a true expert. Of course I am referring to Magical Bird. The greatest geniuses often remain concealed. Those that are able to use Wargod No.1 are countless."

Fawn felt quite proud and elated.

As both mecha were evading the falling meteors, the bottom left of the screen was replaying the previous exchange.

When Magical Bird lashed out with his leg, Skeleton's mech's fingers had moved eight times in an instant to rotate the knife into a reverse grip all while offsetting the recoil of inertia.

That instantaneous retaliatory kick from Magical Bird had then been adjusted to skim past the titanium-alloy knife rather than clash with it head on.

Somehow such a savage kick still had room to make a minor adjustment.

In a single set of attacks, there had been three reactionary adjustments.

Little Suds tried to imitate what Skeleton did but her fingers very quickly jumbled up together. If it was already difficult in person, it was needless to state the difficulty of executing it with a mech.

Wang Zheng was delighted. Regardless of his opponent's identity, he was the strongest opponent he had ever met.

His opponent had a strong foundation and was extremely adaptable. It was clear that they had no lack of battle experience and maybe even exceeded Wang Zheng in this aspect.

This was what he had wanted!

The wave of falling meteors made the terrain even more complicated. The terrain was uneven with ravines, gullies and zones of ruptured fire intermingling.

The two mecha were less than thirty meters apart. After making no movement for half a minute, they simultaneously drew their laser rifles.

Such impossibly similar judgement.


As both rifles spat out lasers, both mecha evaded at the same time.

The next thirty seconds were a test of their offensive and defensive capabilities. Everyone knew of the ferocity of Skeleton's shooting, but Magical Bird did not seem to be at a disadvantage.

In high-rank arenas, Magical Bird was known for his long-range sniping.

However, firing from a close range and firing from afar were entirely different. If Magical Bird was this capable at it, he wouldn't merely be Diamond Rank but would be a god in the King Rank.

This person…isn't Magical Bird?

That question arose in the hearts of many, but it was no longer important.

The two mecha ultimately maintained a distance of thirty meters. The continued to endlessly execute a myriad of high level evasive maneuvers staying within 5 meters of their original positions.

Close range shooting was definitely exciting and dangerous. Not only did one have to hit the opponent, one had to avoid the other's shots. Frequency conversion steps were a must in disrupting the opponent's judgment.

There were many capable of that kind of movement, however, not when the current environment was taken into account.

In this kind of hellish environment, even walking would be problematic, not to mention frequency conversion. However, due to their stupefying concentration abilities, it looked like they were walking on flat ground.

Slowly, without anyone realizing, both mecha had started to inch towards each other. Their rate of fire had slowed as well since every shot required more and more caution. In their current proximity, the first to fire would lose the initiative, so the shot had to be lethal.

Lear smiled. The guy on the other side really thinks too highly of himself. Now that the warm-up is done, it's time to end this.

"Bo….boss, we've exceeded one million."

The operators looked, dumbfounded, at the number on the screen. For the VIPs to exceed one million, it could be called heavenly defying.

Within a short five minutes, a large number of onlookers had paid to become VIPs. The operators were full of praise and admiration for Solon. The environment simulation system had been big risk that had attracted a lot of instantaneous attention.

The unexpected part was that the hellish environment did little to affect the two experts.

When the mecha were ten meters apart, Magical Bird's actions suddenly changed.

His mech whirred and gravity seemed to lose effect on it for a moment. He made a sharp sidestep in about 0.2 seconds where the norm for the match had been 0.5.

Such an explosive increase was fatal.

Instantly controlling the momentum, light gathered around the laser rifle.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

In an instant, five shots exploded out of the barrel in an X pattern.

Everyone was stupefied. What the fuck is this?

Yasopp Close Range X Kill Matrix!

A perfect light circle!

In a 1.5 timeframe, a series of of shots interspersed half a meter apart in a X shape with the gun as the center point. It was a fatal close range gun move!

There was definitely no way to dodge this!

Fawn immediately jumped up, "Haha Skeleton, You've definitely lost this one for sure!"

The Yasopp Close Range X Kill Matrix was not merely shooting 5 shots in an X shape: that was something a lot of people could do. To perform the Yasopp Close Range X Kill Matrix , there were stringent requirements in terms of firing rate, angle and distance. If all these were performed perfectly, this would be a sure kill move.

On Earth, this was the first time such a move appeared in CT!

Displaying this move in the Earth Zone would make one invincible.

Skeleton did not attempt to sidestep as it was undodgeable in it's perfect execution. An attacker's limit was the defender's despair.

However, this was not Wang Zheng's despair.

With a bang, Skeleton's mech shot into the air, its engines whirring as it fiercely maneuvered.

However, it was hopeless. No matter how he operated the mech, there was no dodging this shot.

In the Skeleton Corps, everyone stopped breathing. Cai Hong and the rest were already suffocating.

Cai Hong grabbed his fists. This fucker is an ace in the military. Anyone that can execute the Yasopp Close Range X Kill Matrix would be a king in the army.

It might look simple but it was extremely difficult to do.

Who is this guy!

After displaying that killer move, all that was was left was to admire the opponent's demise.


One shot struck Wargod No.1's left foot and ruptured it. The titanium-alloy knife blocked another shot, causing it to fly out of its hand.

After performing such forceful maneuvers, Skeleton was unable to hold the knife firmly.


The hearts of Cai Hong and the others thumped, cold sweat running down their backs. Both parties were tied in mech operation. If an arm was lost, not all hope was.However, if a leg and a knife were lost, it would be over for sure.

A lot of people closed their eyes. Although it had only been eleven straight wins, many dreams had been fulfilled in that period of time.

However, all dreams must come to an end. It was just that no one had wanted it to come so quickly.

Solon's face was white. He had believed that everything was under his control and that he had won his gamble. He had never dreamed, however, that such an opponent would appear. In all of his years of service, such an expert unlike any before had chosen to appear!

Fuck this Yasopp Close Range X Kill Matrix!

In mid-air, the mech's leg had been tragically torn asunder, bursting into fireworks. This seemed to embody Solon's career and dreams.

Even though the knife blocked a lethal shot, the momentum caused Skeleton to twist.

Skeleton's Wargod No.1 looked like a spinning top that lost its spirit as it landed on the ground.

However, at that moment, warning bells were going off in Lear's heart. There were goosebumps covering his body. He'd only experienced such a feeling twice in his life and this was the second time.

Not good!

As the one legged mech touch the ground it seemed like a taut spring that had been loosed.


The engine of Skeleton's mech suddenly rumbled, its armor emitting a fierce groan, …this was Forced Control?

Laser Rifle!

Yes, he still had a laser rifle with one final shot. With Skeleton's aim, there had to be a chance!

However, at this moment, a meteor landed, obscuring the vision of both mecha.

Lear made a decision: he would never neglect his intuition; it could never be wrong.

As Lear made his move, his opponent fired a laser.

However, this attack had no angle!

Everyone had a feeling of hopelessness. This battle, like the last one against Johnson, required using terrain to the maximum.

Skeleton used it to attack during the previous match, but this time Magical Bird was using it in defense.

In such a tumultuous situation, a warrior's heart was as cool as ice.

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