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Volume 5, Chapter 19: The strongest defense

Bright Moon is executing extremely complex movement while attacking, Wang Zheng relaxedly faced her in the previous confrontation, but he feels quite pressured against her current rhythm where she attacks too much.

Attacking is always easier than defending.

While executing her consecutive attacks, she didn’t stop at all in the same place, and she’s using arc slide step many times, and every time, she will ferociously attack after she using this move, he will be done for if he didn’t block even one of her attacks.

Although Bright Moon is a light and agile Mecha, but its attack is capable of directedly piercing through its enemy, and with Wargod No. 1 frail defense, it’s absolutely capable of piercing through it in one strike.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wargod No. 1 blocked all of Bright Moon attacks, but she didn’t stop in, and used another arc slide step for the sixth time, then it fiercely turned around, but midway forcefully changed rotation direction and started another chain of fierce attacks.

Who will expect such move from her? but Wargod No.1 titanium alloy saber successfully and accurately blocked all of her attacks.

After another arc slide step followed by a heavy strike, she quickly retreated. Her last strike was only to borrow strength to swiftly retreat.

Milu started adjusting her breath, she didn’t expect she will face such calm and steady opponent in a place like Earth, she was able to put more strength in her last strike, but she didn’t because it seems like even so it would still be impossible for it to break through his defense.

Wargod No. 1 isn’t especially good at defending, but it’s the pilot.

Masasi and Athos are solemnly watching all of this, they paid more attention to Wargod No. 1 movement than Milu’s. during the entire process, most people were immersed in Bright Moon refined movement, and almost nobody paid attention to Wargod No.1 movement, and in experts such as Masasi and Athos eye. its movement is the most spectacular.

Its movement can be rated as a sort of art, every step and every movement just exactly happen to be in the right position, and his prediction of where she will attack is accurate and precise, Milu steps issue lay in the fact that it’s easy to judge it end where it lay, in another word, he already figured out Milu place and time of attacking.

He needs to make appropriate movements the moment he judged her path, and even if his brain can follow her, it will be useless if his control over the Mecha can’t keep up.

The Wargod No.1 choice is absolutely correct, his motionless and passive defensive is the most perfect defense.

Masasi and Athos feel like this person is worth for them to applaud at.

Milu is currently adjusting her breath, and her short hair is lightly swaying, it was such long time since she met such opponent. it seems like she must use her special move.

Although it will seem like bullying him, but she mustn’t lose.

Bright Moon raised its rapier and pointed it toward the sky, before lightly dropping it, it seems like this is a form of courtesy

The Moon audience become excited, this is the female swordsman most arrogant declaration of victory.

Its meaning is to inform the opponent that you will definitely not be able to block my next move.

The Sword Storm Maiden will use her unique skill which is famous in all of Moon: Azure Billow’s Melody.

An Azure Billow which will break through the horizon.

The bright moon moved out and turned into a beam of silver light, his engine energy was completely used, she deactivated the energy shield because in such attack she doesn’t need to defend and it’s also for saving energy.


Bright moon Like a ghost suddenly appeared before Wargod No.1, and it’s the only thing they saw, and after thrusting at him 12 times with its rapier, it vanished.

Although those 12 chained attack which she struck are quite powerful, but they have a rhythm, even the Azure Billow’s Melody had rhythm, it has a Chaotic rhythm.

..Countless arched sword light appeared and like a net enveloped Wargod No.1.

Those attacks are like joined arches with ever-changing direction, sometimes they come from his front, from his back, from his right, or from his left, They come from various directions as if she’s constantly teleporting, and it’s truly difficult to pinpoint her position, Her rapier shined with a brilliant light which completely enveloped Wargod No. 1

The audience who are in a live broadcasting room, Internet cafes, CT clubs, and even the passer-by all halted and watched such breathtaking exchange.

The Sword Storm Maiden used her invincible skill, Azure Billow’s Melody 64 consecutive strikes!

She unscrupulously used her Mecha strength, and while she’s moving at such extreme speed, she’s still looking for a flaw in her opponent defense.

Masasi and Athos expression become grave, because she already surpassed 64 strikes, and reached 81 consecutive strikes.

They looked at each other blankly, how can Milu have such huge improvement is such short time?

It isn’t true, she can only achieve such feat because she’s fighting inside CT.

She won’t be able to respire while forcefully controlling her Mecha to execute such move, and even peoples possessing X Ability will suffocate before completing it.

However, such feat is possible inside CT.

It seems like Milu took this match seriously.

As long as one is human, then he can be stimulated and stirred, and it goes the same for such rational and mild girl like Milu.


With a world-shaking explosion and sparks splattered everywhere, The match concluded.

Masasi and Athos face happily smiled, using 81 consecutive strikes in CT will be a valuable experience for her and of grand of help toward one day using it in reality, and along with her Ability promotion, she will be sooner or later able to use it in reality.

It seems like Skeleton can be considered as having made a good deed.

At this moment, the system sound resounded: Skeleton WON!

Before the Earth audience can respond, the Moon audience who were calm and steady unexpectedly created a commotion and there even some of them who started jumping up and down like a flock of ducks who lost their food.

This is absolutely impossible, Sword Storm Maiden consecutive strikes who were always invincible can’t be blocked by someone from earth, they must be playing some dirty trick behind-the-scenes!

It’s a unique skill capable of wiping out an entire team, and the Sword Storm Maiden once used it to instantly kill five Platinum Rank pilots, and because of such match, she becomes famous in all of Moon and advanced to Diamond Rank.

How can she lose when her skill become more powerful than in the past?

Compared with the impulsive actions of the Moon audience, the Earth audience who where always “crude” are quite calm, and everyone who once saw one of Skeleton matches already become used to such sight, why there are so anxious for, even though it will take some time for them to post an analysis video, but they will definitely soonly post a playback video in slow motion definitely, and at that time, everything will be clear.

Is less than one minute, the bright scene from earlier reappeared in front of people.

The Mecha Bright Moon ability was truly upgraded to the level of ghost and demon, and it can achieve flawless attack without any gap between, and Wargod No.1 can’t turn around instantly like it, and just from this point, the difference between them can be spotted.

But who said one must directly face his opponent to block his attack?

After less ten seconds, there wasn’t anyone who was still paying attention to Bright Moon lighting-fast Azure Billow’s Melody, and they were only paying attention to Wargod No.1 flawless defense.

It seems as if the pilot fused with the Mecha armor. because he’s able to make suitable block at every angle and every place, and they are no less than seven strike which he wasn’t capable of safely blocking, but he was able to perfectly block them with the littlest sacrifice, and all which was scratched and damaged of it are only some unimportant part, and although Wargod No.1 defense is weak, but it isn’t made of paper and it can give up some parts of it in necessary times.

When she was about to dispose OF Wargod No.1 in the 64 strike which was the strongest strike, Wargod No.1 directedly give up defending, and chopped toward her, as if he’s resolved to perish with her, and in such moment, she give-up attacking and dodged his attack, and her rhythm was disrupted by this strike, and when she arrived at the 81 strike, she’s already used all of her strength. and it’s too late to regret her decision.

The Battlefield situation can always change in a flash. and the brave were always those who win in desperate situations.

The 64th strike was the crux who changed the match aspect, and the Moon peoples can’t help sighting sight while looking at such sight.

They are exclaiming in admiration to Wargod No.1 defensive means, but in such opportunity, in Sword Storm Maiden strongest attack, she was too eager.

When she struck the 81 strike, Expert like the Prince can already look out that she will be defeated.

Wargod No.1 left hand grabbed her rapier, and his titanium alloy saber directedly pierced through her.

This was a Wargod No.1 only attack during the entire match.

He relaxedly waved his saber, and Bright Moon as if it comes over to meet its death rushed toward him

The entire audience quietened down while looking at this scene, because they are able to feel Bright Moon despair.

The Sword Storm Maiden fighting spirit was already destroyed, and she lost confidence in herself.

He posses a truly terrifying defensive ability.

The bright Moon Mecha hanging on the titanium alloy saber looked like a prey in an ancient wrestling arena, and Wargod No.1 is the king of Arena.

he appeared extremely domineering.

After experiencing so many matches, the Skeleton Corps members were already resolved to pursue the peak.

The saber is pointed toward the sky.

This is the Skeleton Corps signal, which means their path lay in the endless starry sky.

Solon quietly gripped his fist, he won, this is his first time winning a match against the Moon area.

He won his gamble with the Moon area president.

Money gain is only secondary to him, and what is important to him is that his position in Sol System CT conference from now on will change.

Who said it’s impossible to defy the heaven and change situation?

"Everyone, good work, I will double this month bonus.!"

Solon waved his hand, and the entire team started cheering and shouting “long live boss”.


Little Suds looked at the quiet Fawn and said "Old Fawn, it seems like you expected this result?"

"I thought the player Sword Storm Maiden is at that special time of the month."

The player in the commentators’ area fastly reacted and shouted at him.

"Old Fawn, It’s you which the great aunt is calling, so you should go home and drink milk."
(NOTE: in Chinese,the great aunt calling also mean menstruation period)

After seeing the play-back video, Masasi and Athos become a bit edgy? this person style doesn’t resemble Sol System’s and more resembles that of…..

However currently isn’t the time of discussing such matters, Masasi went to open the door of Milu room, and found the door closed.

"Milu, can you open the door?"

Masasi tried his most to make his sound seem gentle, but even after a long while? there isn’t any responses from the room.

They helplessly sighted, defeat isn’t terrible, but what is terrible is if you took it too seriously, her opponent controlled her and defeated her in a manner as if he was playing with her.

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