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Volume 5, Chapter 18: A true warrior from soft shelled turtles

(NOTE: soft shelled turtles refer to Wargod No.1)

What the Earth audience most loathe is that type of peoples who are only powerful and domineering in their planet, and once they go out and fight with outsiders, they will be oppressed and bullied like a dog.

"We should wait and see." Little Suds is unable to comment any more about this matter, from analyzing their skill and data, it’s impossible for Skeleton to win, and almost all people come to the conclusion that as long as the Sword Storm Maiden is still in her peak condition then it’s impossible for him to win.

what peak condition?

Masasi and Athos looked at each other then smiled, for the last 20 years, their eight people were proclaimed as the Moon strongest.

The two mecha arrived in the arena wich resemeble an ancient times sowrdmen confrontation arean, in the pursuit of extreme speed, swordmen were using rapier, and Bright Moon 8th Generation achived such extreme speed, such Mecha isn’t suitable for head-on battles, and it uses its seperior speed and agility to strike down its opponent, this Mecha was equiped with the newest rapier, and it’s the produit of the Moon lastest technology, and it’s both extremly hard and flexible, and in extreme speed attack, the sword can bear thousand times its weight witout bieng damaged. and it can be used to deliver fatal attack without being detected.

Although it was a long time since Milu last time-fighting at CT, but this didn’t mean she didn’t fight in such period, although most of them were real battles. while fighting in CT she won’t have any burden and pressure, and she will be able to display power above her real level, and use skills that don’t exist in reality.

Mecha in CT have unlimited withstanding Ability, and as long as the pilot can support on, then there are infinite possibilities.

Wargod No.1 is indifferent regardless of who he’s facing, and you can’t look out any imposing manner from it.

The audiences are quite interested in this match, and although the opponent is using a high-end Mecha, but Skeleton already defeated many opponents using high-end Mecha.

"Quickly defeat her!"

"Quickly defeat her!"

The Skeleton audiences started roaring, to them, it’s unquestionable that he will win, and what they care about is how he will defeat her.

Some cool-headed peoples from the audience can understand their mood, it’s like what Fawn once said, they are self-hypnotizing themselves.

Does someone who never will lose truly exist in this world?

Indeed they exist, there are dead peoples.

As long as it’s a human, then he will definitely experience defeat, and it’s only a matter of time before he experiences it, and this is a truth that never once changed since ancient times, and because of this he stuck to his job, and he believes he will be the one who will laugh at last, although such process is quite devasting to his mind.

The match started.


The Sword Storm Maiden gracefully pulled her rapier out, and several sword beams appeared in the air, and the extremely fast sword wind formed a gorgeous sign.

this is a swordman greeting toward his opponent.

she struck nine times with her sword in one second.

Instantly a sword and flower sign appeared in the air, and this also demonstrated her current skill and progress, because in the past she was only able to strike seven times in a second.

This greeting is a polite gesture while also being a demonstration of her skill. and it also let those who were worried if her skill waned relieved.

In the audience, there are a group people that are quite calm and arrogant, they are the audience from the Moon, and many of them are pursuers of The Sword Storm Maiden, but Moon peoples are quite rational, and they rarely will be too obsessed with someone, unless he’s too exceedingly good.

In Moon. This match was also broadcasted, although it isn’t as popular as it is in Earth, because to them, fighting an Earth player is like fighting a newbie, and even those who are watching it, are only watching it for the Sword Storm Maiden, because it’s her first match after reappearing.

Wang Zheng pulled out his titanium alloy saber, and drew an X signal in the air, and exhibited a defensive posture, facing such extremely fast Mecha, attacking isn’t different from courting death.

"Um, little Skeleton imposingly declared the start of the fight, his X cross signal is quite imposing, although it’s nothing compared with the Sword Storm Maiden’s, He truly a firece fighter among all of those soft-shelled turtles!" Fawn sarcastically said.

Little Suds cannot help lightly laughing, Fawn and Skeleton have gone through many together, and everyone is already used to Fawn mocking of Skelton, and he’s always coming up with new ways of mocking him.

Seeing Little Suds confused, Fawn sincerely said , "Since Skelton is only a bumpkin who’s too poor to afford a high-end Mecha, I can help him and buy one for him, so that he doesn’t have anything to say if he lost while using a Mecha of the same rank."

Fawn remarks always attract peoples hostility, but he didn’t care at all about this, because even if he attracted more, will they bite him?

Milu interestingly gazed at her opponent, she thought he will first attack her, but he unexpectedly exhibited a defensive posture, but if she attacked, will he ever have an opportunity to show off his strength?

She launched her Bright Moon 8th Generation, and when she moved it, her agility made every pilot in the audience understood how lacking they were compared to her.

She didn’t use any fancy movement, and directedly thrust toward Wargod No. 1, and she almost instantly appeared before him.


The titanium alloy saber blocked her attack, but with a rumbling sound, the Wargod No. 1 was forced to move Backward by two steps.

This scene made the audience silent, what the f*ck? who said this Mecha is lacking in strength.

This strike strength was quite fierce, and the Mecha control depends on the pilot ability

Wang Zheng sweated because of this ferocious strike, an attack intensity is decided by the degree and intensity of impact, and strength is only one of the factor deciding the intensity of impact, and if speed is used well, it can also form a formidable impact, and his opponent is skillfully able to use it.

Wang Zheng recalled Zhang Runan, and it seems like the Sword Storm Maiden is also a female who surpassed many males like her.

Seeing Wargod No. 1 still maintaining a defensive posture, Milu continued with bursts of attack after attack, even simple attack become ferocious if they were used by Bright Moon, although it’s obvious she’s only thrusting with one hand, but it burst out with rumbling sound similar to that of heavy-type Mecha.

She continuously attacked Wargod No.1 and didn’t give him an opportunity of retaliating.

"Although Bright Moon is a light-type Mecha, but even such Mecha can burst out with heavy attacks."

"She can use heavy attacks safely if she uses the energy shield to cancel out the reflective energy."

"It is indeed true, but only few peoples can achieve such feat."

Masasi and Athos looked at each other and smiled, "it seems Milu skill went further on since we went out."

"It is natural, she is one of the Boss sparring partners. so even if she doesn’t want to improve her skill, it will naturally improve."

"I a little bit looking forward to the rest of match." Athos narrowed his eyes until they become like a crescent moon.

Bang bang bang bang

The Bright Moon Mecha nimbly moved around in the arena like a shadow, while unceasing thrusting toward him, and every thrust from it feels like a heavy strike, and Wargod No.1 cannot follow her rhythm.

If we said Bright Moon War Machine is a race car, then compared to it, Wargod No. 1 will only be like a tractor. He only has enough strenght to turn his head, and even turning his head felt too strenuous.

Milu is also a bit curious about him, because although he very well defended against her attacks, but her dozens of moves are only for him to familiarise himself with her rhythm, is he still not familiar enough with it?


Facing another attack of Milu, this time Wang Zheng titanium alloy saber directly chopped toward her.

The Bright Moon Mecha was forced backward by several meters, while Wargod No. 1 didn’t budge, and calmly gazed at its opponent.

At this moment. Milu finally understood, that her opponent was also giving her a time to be familiar with his rhythm, and they were both trying to give each other advantage.

A person using Wargod No.1 is so confident to this degree.

Milu was truly interested in him, she’s a girl, and generally female pilot doesn’t need to give their opponent an advantage, and now since her opponent is this “magnanimous”, then she will take a look whether he can block a serious attack from her.


Whoosh! Whoosh!

Bright Moon held it rapier and slashed two times in the air.

Masasi and Athos blankly looked at each other, they never witnessed someone so calm facing the Mecha Bright Moon, and he even let Milu attack him to her heart content.


Milu forcefully controlled Bright Moon to attack with speed surpassing its limit, and she rushed toward Wargod No.1 like a beam of silver light.

Its speed reached a level letting anyone witnessing it dumbfounded, and different from a moment ago, she didn’t frontally attack him, but she gracefully turned around him.

Arc Slide Step!

It was the first thing everyone thought off, but it’s unlikely because such steps are too simple for her.

Because what she’s using is Bright Moon Mecha.

An after image after another appeared in the air, and instantly they become three afterimages encircling him, when bright moon truly attack, it will let its opponent enable to look out its true track and place.

When Milu thought that she completely confused her opponent, she found out that Wargod No. 1 is still directly facing her.

She only slightly stopped, then continued displacing, Milu is capable of directly attacking him, but true experts are competing with their skill, and it’s unacceptable for her to fail to completely shake off an opponent using Wargod No.1 while she’s using bright moon.

Bright Moon instantaneously used arc glide step three times, and what appeared in front of the audience is a chain of silver afterimages, which formed an image resembling a blooming flower.

1 or 2 times Arc Slide Step are enough for one to become famous on Earth, but she instantaneously used it six times.

However, it seems like Milu failed in shaking him off, by using such rapid movement, she would be able to shake off most of her opponents, but this Wargod No.1 is always facing her, and she’s able to imagine the pilot inside the Mecha faintly smiling while looking at her.

It’s only a feeling, but her feeling isn’t mistaken.

After making such intense movement, Bright Moon didn’t attack but distanced himself from his opponent.

The audience were talking and whispering about this, and many players were shocked by bright moon nimble and quick movement, its speed is truly terrifying.

Why didn’t she attack? is she teasing her opponent?

The Prince and Zhuanlun Wang looked at each other, then slightly nodded.

Even if it were them confronting Bright Moon, they won’t carelessly attack it, and it’s already good for a mecha like Wargod No.1 to be able to continually face her, and as long as he didn’t attack he won’t expose any flaw, and if he did attack then it will be troublesome for him, currently Skeleton can only depend on pressuring his opponent mind, and as an expert she will continually look out for a flaw, and such strategy is his only hope for victory.

There isn’t any experts in the scene who was disappointed by Wargod No.1 performance, because all expert at his levels has their own pride, and it’s natural he won’t go and seek death by attacking in such disadvantage situation.

Wargod No. 1 can remain motionless, but it isn’t the case for Bright Moon, her pride won’t allow her.

Milu won’t be stumped by this, and in such confrontation, she knows that her opponent isn’t that easy to deceive, and since it’s the case, then she will truly come at him.

The Mecha Bright Moon exhibited a posture of attack, this is one of Milu custom, and it’s also many of Moon players custom, and they particularly pay great attention to such polite gestures, and in such manner, they can express their own pattern and arrogance.

Bright moon used arc glide step and rushed toward him, and different from the previous times, this time it truly attacked him and its rapier thrust toward him.


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