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Volume 5, Chapter 17: The Sword Storm Maiden

The Sword Storm Maiden can completely display Bright Moon 8th Generation true strength, such Assassin-Type Mecha is quite suitable for performing a pentakill, and it can be a trump card that saves desperate situations.

(note: pentakill is five consecutive kills)

Skeleton also once performed a pentakill, but this isn’t the Sword Storm Maiden terrifying place.

The Sword Storm Maiden can use a set of chained Strikes to directedly and instantly kill five of her opponents.

The Bright Moon 8th Generation Mecha was displayed on the screen, it’s similar to a silver light chain, harvesting its opponent lives.

It’s an extremely fast Mecha, and its opponent can’t even see its shadow. and it posses terrifying silent attacks.

As a girl, Little Suds almost wanted to go and worship The Sword Storm Maiden, and it’s because of her that girls are able to walk with their heads held high. but she’s also for the first time worried about Skeleton.

She isn’t worried for him because he’s only using a low-end Mecha, because Mecha are like weapon, and one must use the one most suitable for him, and if one can’t control well a high-end mecha, he will only be seeking death if he forcibly used it, but it’s another matter if he can control it well.

Therefore, all peoples are worried how can he use Wargod No.1 deal with a person who can perfectly control such super Mecha.

If she were from Earth, he can still justify his loss as being careless or something of the likes, because in general males are always proud and careless facing females. but, she comes from Moon, so she will definitely not rely on luck to win.

The discussion area of major forums are quite lively, and all kinds of discussion were opened, but 70% of them are favoring the Sword Storm Maiden, while only 30% favored Skeleton, and they favored him only because the Sword Storm Maiden left CT for a long time, and it isn’t certain that her skill is still in the same level as in the past. but all of them believe that as long as she can use her lighting continuous Strikes, she will be invincible, because until now there isn’t anyone who was able to block such skill.

Bright moon series Mecha superiorities lie in its sharp attacks and fast speed, this Mecha ability is quite high, and its only shortcoming is its poor defense, but if it was properly operated, it won’t need any defense.

It’s a type of Mecha that compensate for its poor defense with its attack. and its defense is considered poor only compared to other high-end Mecha, and it’s still much better than Wargod No.1’s.

Inside the room, Wang Zheng is leisurely doing warming-up exercises in various postures, at time he felt his body soft like it doesn’t have any bones, and at times, he felt it’s hard and firm and has a false feeling that his fist posses the power to shatter space.

Bonehead said that such rough technique as Leaning Landslide is only for building a firm foundation, and it only trains his explosive force and stamina.

As for The five elements training, it only training his soul foundation, and he still needs to create moves and techniques to use his power himself.

In another side, Solon and Yan Xiaosu are intensely negotiating, and in end the Solon complied with Yan Xiaosu shares division a condition that they win all of the five matches, and if they lost their share will be cut in half.

Yan Xiaosu knocked at Wang Zheng door then entered it, and gestured an ok signal toward him, the match will soon start.

Wang Zheng wore the sensor device and entered CT.

In the Moon, Milu also wore her sensor device, she doesn’t need to go to an Internet cafe, because her spacious and comfortable room of 3000 square meters has all kinds of equipment.

Masasi and Athos are drinking beer while chatting, Masasi went to Earth, and Athos went Mars to inspect it, these two did their utmost to blend in those planets, and properly understand them.

From their observation, it seems like in the overall standard, Mars is still a powerful enemy of Moon, while Earth is too lacking, but in the history of the human race development. Earth was a very strange place, whenever it was almost forgotten, there will be several extraordinary characters born in it.

In human race long history of interstellar expeditions, they encountered two great disasters, the first one come from internal fights between the various influences within the Sol System, and at that time, a person named Li Feng appeared and alone saved Earth.

The second one is shortly after the human race started traveling beyond the Sol System, The Zagora race invaded the Sol System, and the human race was almost exterminated, at the time a person named Wang Dong appeared in Earth and saved the human race and after that Earth experienced a short magnificent and flourishing time.

However, along with the progress of science and technology, and the unceasing development of Milky Way System, especially after experiencing many other civilizations, the Earth influence gradually withered away.

Traditional Mecha which are manually piloted and genetic biological weapon, were replaced by a new generation of mecha created by fusing these two technologies.

The new generation of mecha not only could unleash the human body full potential but can also display the terrifying strength of mechanical weapons.

But, will Earth still abruptly rise another time?

In the past, Moon peoples were still considering such issue, but it was only in the past, now, Moon habitant already discovered that the Sol System is only a small group within Milky Way System, and it will be extremely difficult if Earth wants to rise another time like in the past.

Milu already completed the warming-up exercises, there isn’t, any Internet cafe in Moon, but there is a CT club, and It is always placed beside the sports clubs, and only from this point one can see the difference between Earth and Moon.

In Moon, they care more about the quality of fights that their numbers, and such situation of fighting several matches in succession are quite rare, and they mostly fight in moderation, and they can’t understand why Earthling lose match after match, then start cursing, and after cursing to their heart content, they continue on and fight another match, without taking the effort of analysing why they lost.

CT is considered a sport in Moon, while on Earth it’s considered a game. such difference comes from the disparity between their civilization, and they debated and argued several times because of this difference, although currently, they aren’t interested anymore in arguing over such matter, because in any case everyone has his own style of life, and what is worth arguing about is whose skill is higher.

The Earth players care more about how much wins you get fighting against outsider than how much ferocious were you against Earth players.

Solon and Yan Xiaosu had just signed a contract, and its price is quite high, but Solon can’t refuse it, Yan Xiaosu chooses a price quite close to his upper limit, and if he didn’t comply, they won’t be fighting for him. and it will be a quite grave hit against him because he already announced the match.

Yan Xiaosu can be considered a quite cunning profiter in negotiating business matters, but once he finished negotiating, his IQ will instantly sharply drop and return to normal, and he’s now chatting with a group of peoples inside the Skeleton Corps.

Cai Hong, Wild King and the others are now analyzing the Bright Moon Series characteristic, and they come to the conclusion that it will be extremely troublesome if they faced such Mecha, because such assassin type Mecha attack in 1v1 is extremely terrifying, and such Mecha are often only used to carry out special mission, because in large scale fight, assassin-type Mecha will be almost useless because of its poor defense.

“This Sword Storm Maiden already has a thorough understanding of the of Bright Moon Series.”

“Cai Hong, I heard that you were pursuing Little Suds?”

“cough cough, didn’t you thought that Little Suds voice is truly beautiful?”

“What the f*ck, Cai Hong, you are truly shameless, it isn’t only her voice which is beautiful, but her look is also beautiful. don’t tell me that you are using roping her in the corps as a pretense to approach her?” Wild King teasingly said.

They are many high-school students in Skeleton Corps, and Cai Hong who contrary to them already has an official position in the army become their target and was teased the most, In the beginning Cai Hong firmly resisted them, but he discovered the more he resisted and struggled, the more they are interested, so in the end he can only yield.

“Alright, alright! the match will soon start, so stop talking nonsense. Brothers, let’s go and oppress that little girl from Moon!”

“Cough cough, Little Xiu, you’re in the wrong, we must be courteous and polite toward females. Even if they were Moon females, so we should together sing a song to conquers them!” Yao Ailun loudly roared, in CT world, he’s truly completely unrestrained and wild

Yan Xiaosu also joined him and started roaring while hiding his voice under Ailun roaring so that he won’t be recognized, He does such because Wang Zheng is just in the room adjacent to them.


War map: The imperial arena

The Imperial arena is an extremely beautiful and gorgeous map, and it is quite to the liking of Moon peoples who like imperial family plots, for the past years, they quite envied and admired Earth noble places, that they unfortunately don’t have.

Empires like Aslan are quite far away from Earth, so they won’t be influenced by nor will they covet it, but the Moon is too close to Earth, and was greatly influenced by Earth, which let them inseparable regardless of what happened in them.

This also a type of fate.

“This girl Milu is quite ruthless.” Athos said with a smile.

“She only wants to have a look at his skill.” Masasi faintly smiled and said, in such complex map, Skelton experience and adaptation ability will be put to test, contrary to a simple map which only depends on the skill of frontal fight.

Milu is the one among them, who most studied various countries’ technique, and because of this, she’s a good at analyzing her opponent attacking style, and come out with suitable ways to deal with it.

She’s an eight-star military strategist.

Once a fight is related to their honor and dignity, the Earth peoples will always watch it.There is almost 1.5 million VIP observing the fight, and the number is still rapidly rising, and in the audience, many of Earth important character where spotted.

“My god, isn’t that the Prince?”

“isn’t the one beside him Zhuanlun Wang?”

The audience noticed a prominent ID with a sparkling crown in it. It is the ID of Earth strongest Throne. and only the Earth strongest player can inherit the name ‘Zhuanlun Wang’.

It seems like the performance of Skeleton picked the interest of these top experts.

The fight video will be quite magnificent after being edited, but those experts value more observing the fight at the scene.

Besides the strongest Throne players, many Diamond Rank players were present, because there is already many Diamond Rank who suffered defeat under Skeleton.

If he were using a Mecha of equal rank, then there isn’t anything special about defeating a DiaMOnd Rank, but Skeleton only used Wargod No.1 to achieve such results.

“there are many great characters who come, and even the Prince come.” Fawn quite surprised said.

The Prince isn’t a true prince, and it’s only his title because he occupied the spot of the strongest Throne for a long period, and his unique spear skill can truly be considered invisible, and everyone believes that he can only be imitated and not surpassed, and he’s the Earth true representative.

Both the individual matches and team matches contestant are of the strongest players, and there isn’t any side occupying any distinct advantage.

Even if they were pigs, after experiencing so many matches, they will surely learn to be cautious and prudent.

In the commentators’ side, although Fawn isn’t a pig, but he’s more tenacious than a pig, although his style still has a slight change.

“The player Skeleton is against the strongest opponent he ever faced, The Sword Storm Maiden never lost an individual match, and Moon peoples style is also more steady and sharp, so under such situation, he hopes the player Skeleton can bring honor to us and he shouldn’t by any means be an expert facing peoples of his homeland, and only a noob against outsiders.”

When Little Suds heard the first half, she even though that Fawn changed, but it seems like the crux is in the last half.

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