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Volume 5, Chapter 16: The formidable Miss Nan

Zhuo Mu believe that Wang Zheng is a good seedling whichshould grow and develop inside the army, when the collective training just started, the Headmaster ordered them to not randomly choose anyone to make up the numbers, Ma Xiao and the others potential is limited, and there isn’t any meaning in sending, so they give the four quotas to those who truly deserve them.

Beside Wang Zheng, Zhang Shan and Meng Tian also had a quite promising potential, and Zhang Runan was invited by Zhuo Mu, because she’s one of Ares College strongest peoples.

Wang Zheng was truly surprised, Zhang Shan and Meng Tian cannot help smiling, but didn’t say anything, Zhang Runan looked at Wang Zheng surprised appearance and lightly said "is there is anything strange if women participate when men aren’t competent enough."

Wang Zheng continuously shook his head like a rattle-drum and said "with Runan President Runan in our group, we will be even more powerful."

While speaking, he dragged Zhang Shan to a side and said, "why she did come?"

Zhang Shan smiled and said "we already experienced her strength, she’a true expert, if she was present during the exchange meeting, then we would have passed it easily."

Zhang Runan is the President of both the Fine Arts Club and females Judo Club, and she’s a genius specially recruited by the Commander Department.

While being bold and powerful, she still loves such exquisite art such as oil painting.

In a while, Zhang Shan while laughing spoke out all what he knows about Zhang Runan,

In the past, Ares College choose talented peoples based on their fame, and obviously Zhang Runan doesn’t have any interest in fame, but this time it’s different, in the exchange meeting they will only represent the college, and if they lost they will only damage the college prestige, but in this time competition they will represent the whole Earth.

Gu Te was determined to make things better.

Zhuo Mu and Luo Mu already become good friends, they are responsible for strengthening the training, one of them is a tenacious and firm soldier, and the other is a Mecha expert. and they heartily discussed it, moreover, their temperament is also similar, and they both prefer training focused on one single thing.

Except Wang Zheng who was too busy, the other peoples were daily training, naturally, they also brought some students with them, because they are too few peoples participating in the training.

In the past, Ares College wouldn’t allow such thing, but Gu Te also becomes more open-minded, and ignored such a thing, as long as they can train out talented peoples. all is fine.

Shortly after. Wang Zheng confirmed Zhang Shan words. Runan ability truly surpassed males. her ability in various aspect is quite tyrannical, and she isn’t inferior to any man!

She’s calm and resolute, and her commanding skill is quite astonishing. and Zhuo Mu praised her as an inborn female commander.

She’s and Meng Tian are completely different types of person, Runan should be weighted and examined with males standard.

After the training concluded, Zhang Runan directly left, and didn’t stay to chat with anyone. recently, Meng Tian is also somewhat busy, and it seems as if she”s also desirably maintaining distance from Wang Zheng.

Zhang Shan patted Wang Zheng shoulder and said "stop gazing at her, and leave your brothers a way out, you mustn’t take all the girls for yourself."

Wang Zheng helplessly shrugged his shoulder, he’s disinclined to explain, and he can’t explain even if he wanted.

He didn’t provoke anyone, and simply focused on his objective, he and Aina are similar to each other, they are both pursuing unrealistic thing. they were peoples from different worlds who shouldn’t run into each other, and their meeting only harmed both of them, maybe this is their destiny.

But it’s still uncertain if they can or not surmount the gap between them.

Yan Xiaosu was waiting for Wang Zheng, and when he arrived, they started chatting while eating, "Boss, I want to make that gamble with you!"

"Hehe, have you convince your father?" Wang Zheng said while eating big mouthfuls of noodles.

"Although my father isn’t cultured, but he believes in fate, so he looked for a fortune teller to divine for him, and the resultant was that good luck is ahead in it."

"ah?" Wang Zheng doesn’t believe this fellow nonsense.

Seeying Wang Zheng wasn’t deceived, Yan Xiaosu shook his head and told him the truth "my father inquired from all sides and assessed, and found out that those companies which want to participate in this project need to spill their all, and the rich ones aren’t qualified to enter in, and although at present the only compagny which is partcipating in it is OMG, but it’s one of the Earth bigbest company, and she at present only got 21% of shares , and as long as we can invest in, the extent of our share isn’t important, and what is important is raising our status in society, my father said that he wants his company to grow into a financial group."

Yan Xiaosu vividly imitated his father expression, and Wang Zheng can’t help smiling while looking at him.

In business, particularly one of higher scale, invisible assets are more important than money.

Although the Yan family main businens is only producing daily necessities, but they don’t lack money, and are suffering from lacking means of investing, and taking a step further on, the good projects all have a minimum threshold, if they don’t have adjacent status, then even if they have more money they can’t invest in, and there is another type of situation where you don’t have the right of participating in even after investing in, and would only be taken advantage of by big family, so such opprtunity of directedly participating in are quite rare.

Even if it come to compensating for loss, the wealthy and powerful OMG won’t care of it. and the entire Yan company will take a step further, and their share price will be largely raised.

Old Yan isn’t stupid.

"my father wanted to invite you to a meal, and properly thank you, but I told him, that you are busy, and to leave it for another occasion." Yan Xiaosu said with a smile, he understand that Wang Zheng doesn’t like such dinner party.

Wang Zheng smiled and gave him a thumbs up "since it’s the case, I will negotiate with Xiao Fei and strive for more benefit for us."

"Boss, I’m supporting you, bravely face her, and if it’s necessary, you must sacrifice your body and chastity."Yan Xiaosu heroicly said.

Wang Zheng immediately hit his head with a plate, this guy brain doesn’t think of any appropriate stuff.

"Boss, what I wanted to say, is that if by chance you need to sacrifice you body, I will make such sacrifice instead of you." Yan Xiaosu caressed his head and aggrievedly said.

Since Wang Zheng has a match in the evening, they didn’t waste time after eating, and directedly went to the Brothers Net Cafe, Wang Zheng started preparing for battle, and Yan Xiaosu called Solon and consulted him.

Yan Xiaosu knows how powerful is Wang Zheng, and he didn’t see anyone more powerful than him, but he’s walking in a limited road, Yan Xiaosu is a veteran player despite his weak skill in the level of a newbie, Wargod No. 1 has too many limits, and not only in the Energy shield. . The high-end Mecha all aspects are quite terrifying, and they are extremely popular because their strength is known to all.

At present, top-ranking players started appearing, so the following battles will become more and more difficult, and every win will be strenuous, therefore he must negotiate with CT. as a businessman, Yan Xiaosu understands what fate they will have in case they lost.

Wang Zheng is one of the investors in the space manipulation technology project, and Yan Xiaosu isn’t sure how much he can negotiate with them, but if Wang Zheng can also provide some funds, they will have more rights of speaking.

Yan Xiaosu wants to discuss with Solon a ‘big event’ of five battles.

Solon was extremely existed when he received Yan Xiaosu negotiations request, what he’s worried about isn’t Xiaosu request, but if he didn’t request many funds, because he doesn’t care about money, and only if it’s worth it or not, and if he can promote CT, as well as expands its influence,
What Solon most care about, is if the region he’s responsible for can create higher records, which will let him hold his head up inside the company.

Wang Zheng doesn’t have time to study such things, but Yan Xiaosu understood it well, because he was born in the Yan family, although the Yan Family company scale can’t be compared to CT, but their structure are almost same, and because of his skill in it, Yan Xiaosu would brag that he’s EQ is quite high.

They cooperated and divided up work, Yan Xiaosu continued discussing, and Zheng closed the door, and waited for the start of the match, the VIP room is very big, so Wang Zheng didn’t stay idle, and trained while standing upside down.

The Magical Bird matter already made it obvious that expert started using various ways to challenge Skeleton.

They thought that Throne rank expert or several Diamond Rank peak expert from Earth will fight him, and didn’t expect the first to fight him is a Diamond Rank expert from Moon.

Sword Storm Maiden!

She’s a player who once in one short month raised the fame of female swordmen in Moon, and in a very short time, entered the Diamond Rank, with an astonishing win rate, she excels at using the Mecha Bright Moon 8th Generation, and she was unrivalled in her peak, moreover even in team battles, she displayed incomparable leadership Ability, but when peoples were guessing how long she will take to enter the throne Rank, she suddenly disappeared.

No one has expected she will come back to challenge Skeleton.

This is the first time a Moon well-known player challenged one of the Earth players, so when the notice of match come out, it was extremely popular.

Like what Solon said, outsiders match are always valued, especially if they were from a region with a higher level of achievement.

The Moon was always the region with the highest level of achievement in Sol System CT, and they were proud of this, they have many experts, and they always occupied the first place in the competitions wich CT holds in the Sol System, , and if they weren’t divided into different groups, they may even always occupy the first three places.

Sword Storm Maiden is the player using the Bright Moon 8th Generation Mecha with the highest achievement.

This match wasn’t only given extremely high attention by Earth players, even some Moon players started paying attention to this match against a player from a “primitive land”.

Before the war started, these two players best previous matches were watched by a terrifying number of peoples. On Earth, Skeleton supporters were loudly exclaiming how he will surely and easily defeat Moon little girl, but those voices quickly quietened after witnessing her previous matches video.

Fawn and Little Suds already arrived and took their seat. as the host, they must give their guest some superior treatment, so they started commenting and discussing the Sword Storm Maiden skills and special traits.

As a girl, Little Suds is also fond of Bright Moon Series, Earth specialised Mecha for females are quite lacking compared to the Moon exquisite ones, but she’s only able to use the six generations one, operating the eight generations one is quite difficult and complex, and even in CT game, it’s still the same.

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