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Volume 5, Chapter 14: Only a top student can suppress a top student

"Tomorrow, we will have a special event, so invite her to our college."

"Yes, the three of us set up a plan for this." the three of them mysteriously said.

Wang Zheng directly jumped to the bed and said "Stop daydreaming, we already concluded leading her sigh-seeing today, and ended our duty."

Yao Ailun and the other two guys were extremely disappointed, but soonly were attracted by the gift, Yao Ailun, and Chen Xiu aren’t patient and immediately ran over to Skeleton Corps to show off, and brought many envying gaze.

Wang Zheng helplessly shook his head, and started to plan for the future matters, he must participate in Xiao Fei research, and even if they got sponsors, they mustn’t carelessly squander money, Wang Zhen isn’t stupid, with his current mastery in addition to Xiao Fei corps, and with the cooperation of professionals, he had a quite big assurance of succeding, accumulating enough capital for beginning is the most difficult step, and this is a good opportunity of obtaining it.

Now, he can only wait and see if Yan Xiaosu is capable of persuading his father.

He thought that he already completed serving Huiyin, and didn’t expect that after he entered the afternoon class, he received another assignement.

Lin Huiyin made Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu accompany her to watch a movie, did this big star come here only to play around?

Wang Zheng was truly speechless, but he’s unable to refuse it because it’s a political assignement of the school, let alone he happily eat to his hearth content yesterday. and Ye Zisu was extremely happy, Lin Huiyin is quite cute and amiable and doesn’t have those big stars bad temper or Aslan peoples arrogance.

After they heartily eat snacks and drunk Cola, Lin Huiyin choose one of these days popular films, A youth gift, it’s shoot by a quite talented director Wu Xiaolong. and it’s about understanding oneself and enjoying youth, and it’s a love story about pursuing love regardless of everything.

Ye Zisu watched it avidly, and in climax time, she couldn’t bear being existed. contrary to Wang Zheng who almost fell asleep.

Lin Huiyin took a look at Wang Zheng out of the corner of her eyes, and helplessly thought how can this person be this stupid?

After the end of the movie, Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu interaction were quite rare, but Lin Huiyin and Ye Zisu intimately chatted, and it seems like Wang Zheng is only interested in playing CT.

Originally Ye Zisu planned to lead Lin Huiyin to visit OMG, because Lin Huiyin expressed her interest in Mecha in her new MV, and it’s also to advertise her family business, but Ye Zisu suddenly received a call in Skylink that her father got hospitalized. and she must hurry back, and can only let Wang Zheng to entertain Huiyin.

"Cough cough. Miss Lin, I know that you are very busy, so if you want to go back. I will escort you back." Wang Zheng warmly said.

Lin Huiyin was silent for quite a while and didn’t reply.

Did he want to get rid of me this badly?

From her birth, there wasn’t anyone who doesn’t like her, and there are countless peoples spilling their lives only to be able to pass a moment with her, and although Aina is also a princess, but she assumed many responsibilities and didn’t enjoy being spoiled and pampered, contrary to Huiyin who was doted upon by myriad peoples.

Huiyin saw in Wang Zheng eyes something she didn’t see before, it’s impatience.

"Invite me to a drink" Lin Huiyin said.

Wang Zheng honestly went to a shop beside the cinema and bought a fruit juice, which made Lin Huiyin speechless.

How could Aina love such person?

Is it because he’s skilled in games or because he’s quite skilled in fighting.

My GOD, such person, if you simply took a stroll in Arslan street, you will meet many like him.

"Let’s look for a place to sit in, I have something I want to discuss with you."

Lin Huiyin comes here because she has a duty to accomplish.

Wang Zheng was stunned, is there even anything they can chat about, but it’s his responsibility to accompany Lin Huiyin, and satisfy all her request.

Wang Zheng cannot bring Lin Huiyin to Ares College, because she’s too conspicuous, if she was seen by that flock of wolves, she might not be able to come back.

Therefore, Wang Zheng brought her to Shangjing university, such elegant and refined place as Shangjing university, wouldn’t lack peaceful coffee shop, he went to one who looks quite decent and sat with her beside the windows.

"Wang Zheng, I want to ask you a question, what do you think of someone who knows well that something is impossible but still persist in it, is he clever or stupid"

"Stupid!" Wang Zheng firmly said while drinking a cup, what’s up with this little girl, did she want to chat about life with me?

"Indeed, one youth is limited and one must treasure the people in his side, isn’t this true?" Lin Huiyin faintly smiled and said.

This time, Wang Zheng realized that this little Miss is discussing with him another matter.

Although he knows that Lin Huiyin came from Aslan, but he didn’t think too much of it, but now when thought about these two days matters, it seems like she’s making opportunity for him and Ye Zisu.

"Who are you speaking for" Wang Zheng smilingly said.

Lin Huiyin cunningly smiled, "You can freely guess, and it isn’t important who I represent, you are a man, so you should be more decisive, and this would be better for both of you"

Wang Zheng started carefully sizing up Lin Huiyin, it seems like she resembles a bit to Aina, it was said that Huiyin origin is still a mystery, and that her origin are quite impressive, but it’s a matter of entertainment world, and nobody took them seriously.

"It’s definitely not Aina"

"Why are you this confident about that." Lin Huiyin said while her small mouth drunk a bit the of the kiwi juice, it’s truly has a strange flavor.

Wang Zheng shook his head and said "If it’s Aina, she will clearly and directly inform me, and she won’t waste time in such roundabout ways."

"You only recently got acquainted with my cousin, so how much can you know about her, but it’s truly not her, and on the contrary, she requested me to help in, but I don’t know if I should help or not."

Lin Huiyin carefully looked at Wang Zheng and paid attention to his expression change, and it seems as if he isn’t secretly delighted.

Only now did Wang Zheng knows that Lin Huiyin is that cousin which Aina mentioned, if Yan Xiaosu knows that what Aina will introduce to him is Huiyin, will he become insane from excitement

"Little girl, you are only this big, so leave alone adult matters." Wang Zheng laughed and said, he won’t discuss his matters with a child.

Lin Huiyin almost spurted her juice.

Little girl? little kid?

She, Lin Huiyin, a super genius with S grade genetic, was actually despised!

What era is this, did ability have any relation with age

"My older cousin is actually quite selfish." Lin Huiyin suddenly spoke out.

Wang Zheng was stunned, he expected that she will say something like there is a great difference between them, or he’s like he’s a toad lusting after a swan and so on, and didn’t expect she will say such thing.

"Did you thought it’s strange that I didn’t despise you" Lin Huiyin pupils seem like they had the power to see through peoples heart.

Wang Zheng subconsciously nodded.

"The reason is very simple, it’s because this matter won’t have any bad influence in my cousin, but you are different, your life may be ruined, and although I believe that the feeling among you are true, but they occurred in the wrong place and time, which will let its outcome become different, and the more my cousin isn’t willing to give up on you, the more you will be harmed, so why don’t you simply give up on her"

Wang Zheng can’t help admiring her, Aslan people are truly fierce, even such young girl has such ability to persuade peoples, and such special point of view.

Wang Zheng laughed and said "I and Aina are quite smiliar, we won’t , and furthermore, the of adults matters isn’t something children should worry about, you should better focus in your concert, many of my friends are your fans."

Lin Huiyin stared at him until her eyes become round.

She, Lin Huiyin, never been so much ignored and disregarded, and her invulnerable argument, was unexpectedly regarded as a child random talk, she was only kindly trying to solve their problem.

They aren’t young, so why they don’t they face reality and why they are this impulsive.

Aina mustn’t be occupied by any matters, in case such thing occurred, she would be forced to replace her and assume and shoulder heavy responsibility, and she isn’t willing to,

"Wang Zheng, you were extremely idle recently, and you aren’t even attending class, you barely managed to enter Ares College, so you should work hard to not be expelled." said Zhao Ling Feng with a tone like if he’s talking to an old friend, but his words were inappropriate.

Wang Zheng looked at Zhao Ling Feng, and wondered if this fellow took the wrong medicine, is he jealous of him because he managed to enter Ares College.

"Hehe, I wanted to come to compete with you in the baseball, but suddenly recalled that I don’t have your contact info." Wang Zheng indiferrently said.

Zhao Ling Feng face darkened, that day when he returned back, many people inquired from him about Wang Zheng, and he almost exploded from rage.

"He’s only a simple-minded guy who work out, only all brawn and no brains peoples will think about such things everydays."

"Ling Feng, who this is he your friend" Several girls curiously asked.

Zhao Ling Feng proudly smiled and said "In high school, I doesn’t have any qualification to become his friend, his genetic score is only 28, so I can’t enter his world."

The surrounding girls were stunned for a while, before bursting out laughing.

"Is it true,is there is a person nowadays who in the same level as an animal"

Although Lin Huiyin is young, but her experience is distinct, and normally won’t be angered, but facing such matter, she becomes a bit angered, who is this person, although he was in the same school as Wang Zheng, but he seems as if he won’t be comfortable if he didn’t step on other and show off.

"Zhao Ling Feng!"

From the stair, Liu Qing ablaze with anger ran over, and when she saw Zhao Ling Feng surrounded by girls, she clenched her teeth and said "you are truly a scoundrel!"

Zhao Ling Feng faintly smiled and said "Liu Qing, I said we aren’t suitable for each other, since you love sports then Wang Zheng will be a good match for you, he will properly take care of you with his trained body ."

Yesterday, when Zhao Ling Feng went back, he was depressed and in a bad mood, therefore he wanted to force himself on Liu Qing, only to be slapped off, what kind of person is he, there are many women who want to sleep with him, so how can he tolerate her, he immediately drove her out.

"If you want to imply that he’s simpleminded, then I will inform you, that compared to him, you are inferior to even a pig "

"Liu Qing, let it be, even if Ling Feng doesn’t like you, you mustn’t deride him, and this Wang Zheng genetic score is so high that it reached 28, we are truly incapable of competing with him."

Liu Qing disdainfully said "Wang Zheng is one of the creators of the spatial manipulation theory, and was specially recruited by Ares College Physics Department, and he also helped Ares College to win this year exchange meeting."

After they heard this, those several female students were petrified, and even Zhao Ling Feng was dumbfounded, how is this possible

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